35 Evergreen Bollywood Songs for Children (And For The Child In You)


Here in this article, I have listed down 35 of my favorite evergreen Bollywood songs for children. I am sure your kids will love to listen and dance along.

Yes, they indeed are! Why do you think nursery rhymes have always been super hit among these tiny tots and even as adults we remember them so well? Mind..if you ask me poetries of middle or senior school, it is all a hazy memory 😛


Songs have always been an essential part of human life. Since they can be listened and hummed repetitively, they are easily learnt by children.

I have grown up listening to a lot of Bollywood numbers and almost all of them are on the tip of my tongue till date. Now when I sing them to my little one, she enjoys it to the extent that she has picked a lot of them by heart.


35 Bollywood songs for children to dance to and sing:

It brings out the innocence, a lot of learning, emphasizes on relationships and makes the bonding even stronger. I can go on playing them all day long. The lyrics are composed without any offensive language and every word touches your soul.

These songs bring back a lot of memories from my childhood especially the birthday parties wherein audio and video cassettes were a rage. Be it playing musical chair, passing the parcel or musical statues – these songs were so common and our hot choices too.

#1. Lakdi ki kathi – Masoom-1983

lakdi k kaathi

A poetical rhythm with classic lyrics exhibiting the joy of childhood, this song has always been popular amongst kids till date. My childhood summers in Kerala were generally spent performing this song to every uncle and aunt and today my audience are the tiny tots. Thank God…. the performer in me is still alive and living.

#2. Hum bhi agar bacche hote – Door ki awaaz-1964

hum bhi agar

Can any birthday party be complete without this song played over and over again? Ahhh…. I got a plethora of memories to table spread. This song depicts how even adults love to join the kiddy celebration, get nostalgic and profoundly miss their fun – filled childhood.

Sweet and simple lyrics. Great singing by the legendary Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bhonsle.

#3. Chanda mama dur ke – Vachan-1950

chanda mama dur k

Sung by Asha Bhonsle, this number shows how a mother pampers her son to make him eat his food with all her affection and love. The coaxing and cajoling truly takes your heart away. Indeed, old is gold.

#4. La la lori doodh ki katori – Mukti -1977

lalla lalla

Lullabies or Loris in Hindi are our first encounter with music. They are simple, soothing songs which calms and eases the kids. It doesn’t need any musical accompaniment to make it look better, just the lyrics are enough to soothe the baby. This evergreen and so popular Bollywood lullaby has always topped the charts.

Heartfelt gratitude to R D Burman for giving us this beautiful and soft composition.

#5. Rona kabhi nahi rona – Apna Desh – 1972

ro na kabhi na rona

Want to bring smiles to your little darling crying for a broken toy?

Play, perform or sing this song, see the tears fading away paving way to squeals of laughter and delight. Rajesh Khanna portrayed the song so well making it a great hit amongst the young crowd.

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#6. Chakke pe chakka – Brahmachari – 1968

chakka me chakka

The story revolves around an orphan who takes care of several other young, abandoned orphans and this song with cute lyrics depicts them having fun on their drive in a jam-packed jeep. It also shows that money can never buy happiness. Love, feelings and moments are all what matters the most.

#7. Aao bachon tumhe dikhaaye jhaankee hindustaan ki – Jagriti – 1954

aao bacche tumhe dikhaaye

A song to tantalize the patriotism in our little ones and grow the seed of love for our country, India. Independence day and Republic day celebrations at school were never complete without these songs.

In fact it remained on our minds and tongues for days together, post the celebration too.

#8. Ichak daana bichak daana – Shree 420 – 1955

ichak daana

Learning made fun in villages, the open sky schools exist till present times. As a matter of fact, even the modern end schools also resort to this open air teaching method in the presence of Mother Nature and other social surroundings. This melodious track shows how a teacher teaches her students through this lovely lyrical song and makes the session even more interesting.

#9. Chun Chun karti aayi chidiyaan – Ab dilli door nahi – 1957

chun chun karti aayi

This 50s movie will move your heart out.

A story of a young boy who sets out to meet the Prime Minister to plead his father innocent. On his journey, he meets a stranger who develops strong affection and regard for his purpose. This song is to cheer – up the young lad who is dejected by his life’s misery.

Great hummable beats and rhythm with charming lyrics to capture and rapt the audience.

#10. Nanha Munna rahi hun – Son of India -1962

nanha munha

I can’t forget the fancy – dress competition where my brother was dressed up like a soldier marching on to this number on his pre-primary Annual day celebration. I was in fits of laughter to see him dressed in an over – sized uniform.

#11. Nani teri morni – Masoom -1960

nanai teri morni

A little girl’s singing and dancing to the tunes is all that I remember about this song and yes of course, whenever I played Antakshari I knew when to kick start this track…no prizes for guessing my lousy stuff 😉

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#12. Phoolon ka taro ka – Hare Rama Hare Krishna – 1971

phoolon ka

This is the best brother – sister track which makes me emotional wherever on the earth I am.

No matter the string of fights and arguments we have, at the end of the day I know my little tall bro will always be there for me till my last breath.

#13. Chanda hai tu mera suraj – Aradhana – 1962

chanda hein tu

Oh my Bollywood mummy, isn’t this your favorite song?

Considering the fact that you named your sonny Suraj. Anyway, my household sagas are never ending since the four of us are entirely different characters come together. Ok…personal stuff apart, a cute song which every mother will relate to.

Thumbs up to Shri Anand Bakshi for this amazing, touching, warm lyrics and Lata Mangeshkar for her exceptionally melodious singing.

#14. Bacche Maan ke Sacche – Do Kaliyan -1968


A lovely song which pours out the innocence of children and their existence. It talks about their purity of heart and honest expression of emotions. This piece is a medium to spread the beauty and magnificence of the golden era of childhood.

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#15. Kabuliwala – Kabuliwala – 1961


A very famous story written by Rabindranath Tagore. I am sure most of us must have read this in our school days. The story of a special bond between dry-fruit seller and a little girl. This title track is very touching and an emotional number which refuses to leave our soul.

#16. Sa re ke sa re ga ma ko lekar –  Parichay – 1972

sa re se gama

Can a great singer like Kishore Kumar ever go wrong with his compositions?

An evergreen song which can be hummed on way to picnics and other outings with our bacha party. Sing once and I am sure it will not leave your tongue for days coming by.

#17. Haina bolo bolo – Andaz – 1971

haina na bolo

Children play a pivotal role in binding relationships and pulling it stronger. One such song when love takes a backseat in your busy parenthood and our little angels do all the hard work in reviving the romance. The blushing says it all 🙂

#18. Nanhe Munne Bacche – Boot Polish – 1954

nanhe manne

This song is not only for children but a song for the country which talks about a freed self from the manacles of expansionism. The path was difficult but it epitomizes the resolutions and aspirations of young India in those times.

#19. Aao tumhe chaand pe le jaaye – Zakhmee – 1975

aao tumhe

A fairy tale song sung to a little girl with beautiful imagination taking us to a different world altogether.

#20. O Paapad wale panga na le – Makdee – 2002

papad waale

An anthem for every naughty girl, this is my so-so-so much loved track. And a confession that this used to be my song to irritate my brother and other friends when I had to get my way out. Hehehehe! 😛

#21. Mera gaana hai bahaana – Halo – 1997

mera gaana

I always wished for a pet dog which is still a wish and not come true. This is a story of a little girl and her miracle in the form of a street dog whom she names Halo and finds solace to her loneliness.

A super fun song with her pet and gang of friends. I bet you can’t hear this song just once and shut it down, it is sure to stay.

#22. Tai Tai phisss – Chillar Party – 2011

tai tai

A rocking tapori track for every child and the child in us. This is sure to make you tap your feet and your body go – move it, move it….

#23. Jadoo Jadoo – Koi mil Gaya – 2003


Children make friends faster, even if it means an extraterrestrial body. They have all the knacks to befriend anybody in the universe.

A song portrayed by a group of close friends with an alien having magical powers. One of the super hit songs of the current age.

#24. Bum Bum Bole – Taare Zameen Par – 2007

bum bum bole

How I wish all the art teachers were as charming as Nikumbh Sir!!

Have you read the post on 5 teacher characters from movies which have influence us?

An artsy – craftsy song with great lyrics and beats, I will not forget to mention the signature step as well. Bum Bum Boleee  🙂

#25. Chanda Chamke Cham Cham – Fanaa – 2006


The tongue twister song for children, I am still a zero in catching the lyrics out here. Kajol and Aamir did such a wonderful portrayal to the song and made it even livelier with their performance. Of course the little one and Rishi Kapoor were the icing on the cake.

#26. Dhire se aaja re – Albela – 1952


A lovely lullaby with a hint of melancholy, that is, if you have seen the movie. Sung by Lata Mangeshkar and C. Ramachandra, this melodious and soothing song can get your kid to sleep without you having to struggle!

#27. Chuk chuk rail chali – Sone ki chidiya – 1958


Kids and trains! I don’t think I know any kids who don’t like trains. Though this song doesn’t have much about trains, it is a fun song nevertheless.

#28. Papa jaldi aa jana – Taqdeer – 1943


This one is for kiddos whose dad is away on work most of the times. This gem is about three kids who miss their dad who has left home in search of a better job.

#29. Re mama re mama – Andaz – 1971


Almost missed this one and a few good souls pointed that out. So here it is! A fun song where the dad (Shammi Kapoor) is singing to his daughter. The fact that it is sung by the legendary Rafi saab that makes it a double delight!

#30. Atkan batkan dahi chatokan – Barood – 1960


Seeing this, most of you must be reminded of the song from the movie Rajneeti. That peppy number has made us forget about this melodious track sung by Lata Mangeshkar for the movie Barood. This one surely is a classic song for kids.

#31. Akkad bakkad – King Uncle – 1993


This delightful song is from the movie King Uncle with Jackie Shroff playing the titular role. It’s about how an orphan helps to change a stone hearted industrialist and helps him see the error of his ways. This song has been sung by Alka Yagnik and Sudhesh Bhonsle.

#32. Daadi amma – Gharana – 1961


Sung by Asha Bhosle & Kamal Barot, this song shows two grand kids trying to pacify their grand mom.

#33. ABCD – Hum saath saath hain – 1999


I doubt if there is anyone who doesn’t know this song. This song had found its way as a picnic and antakshari staple. Did I also mention it is a fun way to introduce letters to your kids?

#34. Ta ra rum pum – Ta ra rum pum – 2007


The title track from the Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherjee starrer is delightful both in terms of the track and the picturisation. The family is shown frolicking with a family of cute cuddly teddy bears. It is like a scene out of a fun children’s tale.

#35. Hum ko man ki sakti dena – Guddi – 1971


Thought I will end this list with a prayer. May there be many such good songs in the future that kids can enjoy. So on that note here is the famous prayer from Guddi that catapulted Jaya Bacchan to fame.

Hope you enjoyed reading the Bollywood songs for children. Which is your favorite song out of these? Is there any other song you would like to add to this list?

Let us help our children to create a chirpy, joyful childhood with wonderful memories to cherish when they grow up.

Till then, Happy Humming Happy Singing!


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    You can add new songs like “It’s magic” – Koi Mil Gaya and many more rather tan Black & White movies.
    Kids want to dance and not to go to sleep after listening these songs.

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    you missed Rail gadi song sung by ashok kumar from ashirwaad one of best song for children . mere pass aao from mr natarwalal sung by amitabh bachan

  4. Hi, you could add King Uncle movie songs as well..taare aasman ke and akkad bakkad bambay bo..those are beautiful songs too.. thanks 🙂

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