9 White Lies as a Mother I Love To Tell My Daughter


my 9 white lies as a mother

When I was a little girl, believe me I was one good story teller and my listener fans were a couple of my friends who didn’t last long (**winkey smiles**). How can I not mention my one and only younger brother, who was by default the victim of all my fabrications!! Here in today’s post I tell you about my 9 white lies as a mother.

“It was drizzling one sunny evening and my 5 year old brother wanted to play in the rain. Just to resist him I blurted out,”If one goes out on a sunny rainy time they turn into a donkey”. He was smart enough not to consider it initially but I cooked up a long story just to make him believe my stuff and by the time I was successful, the drizzling had stopped ” 😛

I sang “Noorieieee” holding a candle in an irritatingly shrill voice, with a white veil over my head, going from one room to another and scared the hell out of my brother. I continued till he agreed to get my things done. How I enjoyed being a sadist!!

9 White Lies as a Mother I Would Love to Tell:

Now after entering motherhood, I actually smile remembering those stories I made up at such a young age and now it is inspiring-cum- assisting me in dealing with my 22 months old Jianna. Not that she so grown up to understand a lot of lies, neither can I use them up to a great extent but yes, I can say that I have started the game of fibs.

Funny, you may call it but I am sure there will be many like me and specially the elder one of the siblings who enjoy the upper hand on this arena.

9 Lies Mothers Love To Tell:

The repercussion of scolding a little one is zero because they won’t understand anything of it. So little white lies are something which come in handy in situations where toddlers or kids get boisterously naughty and adamant.

Listing down the 9 white lies I tell my daughter Jianna which helps me a lot from troubles.

1. Cartoon characters sleep at night:

This lie I generally use when I want to lull my baby to sleep and she demands cartoon channels on. In fact, these days I use a lot of cartoon characters’ names to get my little one do her stuff in a jiffy.

2. Koku will take you away:

There are times when Jianna simply cries (read fake cries) and I know they are just without any reason. So Koku (an imaginary character) is that creature which will come and take her away if she doesn’t behave well.

3. Don’t touch cockroaches:

Jianna is a big cockroach fan. She doesn’t fear touching them and enjoys them around her whereas I am completely the opposite. Though I am not afraid of them but I simply hate their sight. So I tell her ‘don’t touch cockroaches, they will bite your fingers off ‘. This works most of the time 🙂

4. If you don’t eat your food, doctor will inji (injection) you:

Touchwood, Jianna is not a fussy eater. She has her food well provided she is hungry, keeping fit and happy. There are times when she is purposely naughty and plays with her food so it is during those times injection comes to rescue.

5. Day care aunty will give you cake its her “Happy Birthday To You” get ready fast:

Who doesn’t love cakes? And how I wish, this statement to be true, every time I use it for my munchkin! My job begins early, 7:30 AM. I have to be at work that early, so you know how early Jianna must be up and what variety of stories I have to cook up instantly.

6. Curd is actually ice-cream yum yum:

I started this little white lie as a joke and now she has curd with absolutely no hassles. Some lies are actually yum-yum 🙂

7. Wash your hands otherwise butterflies will come and sit on your hand:

Jianna calls moths as butterflies and she fears when they come near her. To instill titsy-bitsy hygiene, just imagine butterflies and moths help me. Little Miss Monica (of F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ fame) in making 😛

8. You should always pee in the bathroom, otherwise Bai will take away all your toys:

I was tired of swabbing the floors and washing her heap of soiled pants. I keep repeating this statement and pretend giving one or two of her toys to our maid if she pees on the floor. I won’t say that I have tasted cent percent success, guess I am half the way.

9. Medicines are fruit juices:

Making her have those colorful syrups during the times when she was down with viral fever was a dragon task. Juice being her all time favorite was my way of getting her have the medicines on time.

Silly lines but they are my life savers and I get my things done easily. They shall keep growing with age. Soon they will be in the joke-books of my life making me laugh and at the same time making me cry. Share with me your silly fibs with your little ones.

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  1. I so identify with this, once my daughter asked me where does the metro train goes to sleep at night and who tells it bed time stories? I did invent something as well 😀

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