5 Cartoons That Shaped Our Childhood


cartoons that shaped our childhood

My blogging had been irregular for the past few weeks; thanks to my laptop that crashed. I took my friend’s laptop home which was due for repair. I along with my hubby browsed through the videos in that laptop and found a series of Talespin cartoons. We became so happy that we watched the entire series at a stretch. Unknowingly we were drawn back to our childhood days where in we were glued to the cartoons in Doordarshan then. In today’s post I take you back to those days : 5 cartoons that shaped our childhood.

5 Cartoons That Entertained Our Childhood: 

1. Tom & Jerry:

cartoons that shaped our childhood

Tom and Jerry is one of my favorites. The cat mouse fight is a laughter riot. Though it is a silent cartoon, I never felt the need of verbal communication in it. Even today I love to watch Tom & Jerry when I feel stressed.

The traditional cat mouse fights are evergreen and I can watch the same show again and again 🙂

There is no minimum age as such but its best suited for kids of 5 years and above.

2. Duck Tales:

cartoons that shaped our childhood

Remember the “Har Din Har Pal Bantey Hai Naye DuckTales (woo hoo), Khele Khatron Se Har Pal Yeh Hai DuckTales (woo hoo)” song?

Who will forget Uncle Scrooge and his three little naughty nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie? Magica the spell always tries to put uncle scrooge and his nephews in danger. But Uncle Scrooge with his brains and help of launchpad escapes every trap 🙂

Even though Uncle Scrooge is fanatic about his money, his love for his nephews is much more than that.

Every episode of Duck Tales gives out this strong message: money can be earned back but if we lose people we can never get them back. Best suited for kids of 4 years and above Duck Tales is definitely a treat for eyes and heart 🙂

3. TaleSpin:

cartoons that shaped our childhood

Papa bear is the best pilot I have come across in my life. If you give an assignment to him, no matter how difficult it is, Baloo will 100% deliver it on time. His boss Rebecca (Ritika Mahalingam in hindi version) always leads him into danger giving him dangerous assignments but at the same time cares for him a lot.

The endeavors Baloo and Kit go on together are full of thrill. I used to enjoy every episode with full fun and enthusiasm. TaleSpin can be thoroughly enjoyed by kids of 5 years and above.

4. Aladdin:

cartoons that shaped our childhood

You know even the introductory song “Arabian nights..like Arabian days..” used to fill my heart with happiness and thrill 🙂

Every episode comes in with yet another interesting story. Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie’s magic, Abu, Kalin’s and Yago’s pranks!! I just love the way Genie transforms into a car, worm, bomb and even a wall every time to fight against the Jaaduey enemies 🙂

 I think its ideal for kids of  6-7 years and above.

5. Jungle Book:

cartoons that shaped our childhood

“Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai, Arey chaddi pahenke phool khila hai, phool khila hai… ” this jingle is still in my ears.  I remember I was glued onto TV just to watch Mowgli 🙂

Bagheera was my favorite too. The whole forest, mountains, the various animals and the love for Mowgli its a treat for any child. Every episode reveals how as a family the entire forest helps Mowgli and his friends from danger every time 🙂

A good series for kids more than 7 years and above.

Well these were the 5 cartoons that entertained and shaped our childhood. Which one was your favorite and why. Please share with me.


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  1. Hello; well i can’t argue with your list. mine would be different depending on when in my life you are talking about. i have had the pleasure of being an uncle to several batches of nephews and nieces. so my personal five growing up would have been rocky and bullwinkle, underdog, scooby doo, fat albert, and speed racer. some of the others that i have been exposed to sometimes by choice and sometimes because i just did not know where the remote was include the power rangers he man, g i joe, transformers, ugio, picachu, batman the dark night, etc. and looney tunes didn’t make my top five but would have been number six. and i can’t see tom and jerry but when it comes on cartoon network i will leave it on because those shows have such great music. thanks for sharing. keep the great memory enducing posts coming, max

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