5 Ways to Potty Train Your Baby or Toddler


ways to potty train your baby or toddler

Anshika is 20 months old now and she is not yet potty trained. I had concerns over this issue and talked about this to the daycare Taai as well. She says it takes time and Anshika will soon understand on her own , though she tells us once she has done the job / when she is about to pee. However when my Amma came here , she focused on how to potty train babies the right way and from the start , something I missed out on . This post is on the 5 ways to potty train your baby or toddler.

There are many articles on the right age, the right time and the necessity/requirement for potty training. But according to experts the right age for potty training  girls is from 29 months and 31 months for boys. But I have seen parents toilet training their babies right from 3 months or so which I think is a very good 🙂

My niece is toilet trained right from her 1st month. She doesn’t poop or pee on bed sheets or at odd hours :).


1. Taking baby in  the arms for peeing/ pooping

Well this is an age-old method told to me by my Amma , which she had used on her three kids including me :). A baby would be taken in arms in such a way at regular intervals so that he/she knows it’s the time for potty/urination. Quite strange eh ? Yes even my mother in law agreed to this as she had used the same method on my hubby when he was a baby 🙂

The main advantage is that babies tend to know the time for urination/pooping and this clock sets in as well. Plus the bed sheets or clothes are not spoiled 🙂 Imagine there were no diapers at that time , and this method could have helped them a lot.

I have heard about making noises thereby signalling baby to poop/pee. Like when you take the baby to poo/pee , noises like ‘shoo’ or ‘ssshh’ can give signals to the baby to poop or pee.

However it takes a lot of patience and practice for the above mentioned ways 🙂

2. Taking baby on the legs

Ok this method is followed by my sister in-laws. I remember I had gone to their place in Chennai during my school vacation and had seen her placing the baby in her legs keeping a newspaper / plastic bowl so that baby could drain his bowel or pee. Afterwards the baby is washed with plain water and dressed.

No need of diapers and no bed sheets/ clothes soiled , how easy isn’t ?

3. Potty trainers

Make your baby get used to commodes or toilet training seats. Make him/ her sit on it when she poops or pee. This will make the baby understand that it’s the time for urination / bowel movement. Gradually the transition to toilet seats can happen 🙂

4. Using baby toilet seats

Baby toilet seats were installed in Anshika’s previous daycare. Those were so cute and so baby friendly :). A toddler (1.5 yrs starting) can easily sit on it without any support , flush once the task is done and clean their hands in the baby friendly wash basins as well.

I liked this idea a lot and potty training in a right way including washing their hands were taught there in that daycare.

5. Communicating about potty training

This can be applied to toddlers who could communicate or signal when they have the urge to do potty or urinate. One of the toddlers in the daycare signals when he has to pee/poop. He is taken to the washroom then . Taai tells me that it helps her a lot 🙂

So these are the 5 ways to potty train your baby or toddler. Hope you liked this article. If you have any other tried and tested / heard ones please let me know in the comments 🙂


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  1. My daughter id 8 months old. She trained in pee in the bathroom but she is crying when i take her to a bathroom for a potty. What should i do??

  2. the first two methods need lot of time and patience. my 2 month old pees again and again once he is awake. He takes long naps and starts peeing once awake. he never pees in the bathroom. Once he is on bed, he pees and poops, as if it is his place for doing these acts. 🙂 Actually, when in bathroom, he is too engrossed in the interiors that he forgets to do what he had come for.

  3. Method 1 and 2 I had used with Liya since she was a month old. So, you know I could completely potty train her at month 6. She loved sitting in the potty seat as soon as she was ready to sit alone. The tip I give to mums is that the earlier you start potty training the faster they get used to. 🙂

    • Same pinch my princess is 19 months and whenever i take her to toilet for potty she is engaged with tap water and all ……and doesnt do the thing ….she does pee when i take her to bathroom at regular intervals..nut diesnt tells or signals on her own abt potty/pee…

  4. yamuna balamurugan on

    yes da u r right we use the leg method , once she is awake we take her to toilet nd make her to lay on legs and ask her to pass she ll finish , even for urien my amma will open tap and ask her to go she ll do . thanks to my mom for such a good habit

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