Ask Me – Response Part 3


ask me - response part 3

Hi Hows weekend for you? Mine is hectic, I have been attending Wordcamp Mumbai for the past 2 days andenjoying every moment of it :)Ok today’s post is Ask Me – Response Part 3.

  • Please give instructions on preparing Manna Ragi for my 8th month old baby. I had ordered it online and should get delivered soon

Take 2 Tbsp. of ragi powder, dissolve it in water . Once done , switch on the gas and keep on stirring until it becomes a mash kinda cooked form. You can add more water or jaggery to it. Once the mixture starts coming off the sides of the vessel, You can switch off and let it cool. Manna ragi porridge is ready to be served 🙂

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  • Should I wash my 2-month-old baby son’s hair everyday. Also application of oil and shampoo on daily basis. 

No, you can wash his hair twice a week or on alternate days if the hair is sweaty . Application of shampoos on a daily basis is not good as it contains loads of chemicals. Please stick to oiling and shampooing on alternate days.

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  • My baby is now 10 months old. Is it good to give her pomegranate juice and shall I start giving smashed eggs to her? Is it good to give raw tomato, apple, pineapple, mango etc to babies or should we boil all these?

Yes you can give pomegranate juice to a 10 month old baby. Pomegranate is rich in iron, potassium, magnesium and other nutrients. You can start this during lunch time for your baby.

Smashed eggs in the sense, scrambled you meant ? Yes egg yolks can be given with butter , but no egg whites till 1. Raw fruits and veggies can also be given when thoroughly cleaned and washed.

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  • My prince is 3 months old. Which is perfect time to start giving him a solid food. Can you please suggest what to give as his first food?

Hi foods other than breast milk or formula can be started from 6th month. This is because the digestive system of babies become matured by 6 months.

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  • My baby was a 30 weeker and birth weight was 1 kg now he is 9 month old and he is only 6 kg. Need diet to put on weight can you please help me.

Hi momma don’t worry about his weight unless and until your pediatrician raises his concern. If he is active and happy no need to worry at all. In addition you can provide high calorie healthy foods in his diet to increase his weight.

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  • My daughter is 5 month old. what type of solid foods can I give to her?.

Just wait for another month until she turns 6 :). Then you can introduce the food one by one as per the food chart for 6 month old

  • How often a baby’s diapers must be changed? Do you keep Anshika diapered throughout, at the day care?

A diaper should be changed every 3- 5 hours even if its not soiled. Anshika is without diapers in her daycare as the daycare lady doesn’t believe in using diapers throughout.

Hope you liked this article. Will be back tomorrow with another post. Till then Chao and yes Happy Holiiiiiiiii !!!


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    • thanx for this information i want to know about about 3 month old baby whis thing is batter ;my baby not sleep whole night plz tell me what can i do for it. plz give me solution

      • Shumaila,

        Babies till 8-9 months do not sleep through out the night. We do not have any other way than to have patience.

        You can start dimming the lights after the night feed and make no noise till he sleeps. As babies cant differentiate day and night, they do not prefer to sleep at night.

        Try incorporating a routine like after 8pm no one plays with your baby, dim the lights and make him sleep. He will slowly start getting into the groove.

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