10 Movies To Watch When You are Expecting


movies to watch when you are expecting

Last week I met my friend after a long time in FB. I remember I was pregnant the time he got married , so couldn’t attend his marriage function.

His wife is expecting now and he asked for a help from me. He is abroad and his wife is at her native. So he wants to send some gifts to her at this stage and he doesn’t know what to buy for his preggu wifey 🙂

My first choice was big stuffed teddy bears ; he has already gifted it 🙁

How about gifting books , that too pregnancy related , he said a big NO ; as she is not an avid reader .

Huh hmmm… So I thought for a long time making him wait for even loooongerr time and arrived at this , why can’t he send a collection of must watch movie DVDs during pregnancy ??

BINGO ! He liked the idea , but asked me ‘ How can I know which movie to watch during pregnancy ? ‘. Well , yeah he was right . How can he know which movie DVDs to go for ? I took a paper and pen and wrote down every movie that I liked during my preggu phase, filtered, revised and send the top 10 must watch movies to him.

Got the feedback from him yesterday that his wifey enjoys watching those DVDs again and again!! Eyyyy….happy dance :):)

So my point is , why can’t I share that list with you mom to be/s here.

10 Movies to Watch When You are Expecting

1. Finding Nemo (English )

Yes yes , if you are / aren’t an animation fan , you will enjoy this movie to the core. All scenes are represented superbly and I just love the way a simple story is narrated and the affection between a dad and son.Hmmm..Senti and tons of fun!!

2. Welcome (Hindi)

If you like comedy and understand Hindi , then this is a must watch ..no senti scenes and rona dhona , it’s just awesome fun , it tickles my funny bone even now when I watch it .

3. Tangled (English )

Thinking of your hair loss during pregnancy ?? Wanna see the beautiful  golden locks of rapunzel which glows when she sings and could heal wounds? Tangled is a must watch movie here.

4. Baby’s Day Out ( series) (English )

Who can forget the chweet baby from the baby’s day out series ? Revisit the fun and thrill while watching the baby escaping each time from the kidnappers.

5. Honey I shrunk the kids (English )

Superb movie..takes you into a wonderland of small things !! Must watch movie for an adventorous trip

6. Pink Panther (English )

Oh my god, I end up crying with laughter whenever I see this movie. Must watch for the unlimitedrib trickling comedy  which keeps you hooked onto your chair till the end.

7. Madagascar series (English )

You want to relive  your friendship?? Madagascar is the excellent choice for you . Love the bond b/w Marty , Alakay, Gloria and Melman!!

8. Kya kehna? (Hindi)

Ahhh this is the movie which made my eyes flooded with tears!! I had watched it long back, when it was released , then it was a bakwaas Senti movie for me, but I don’t know what magic it created when I saw it again during my pregnancy, the story moved me so much especially the scenes where the pregnant Preity Zinta says NO to abortion and plans to go ahead with her baby alone!! A lesson and boost for many moms , whose family life is uneasy.

9. Home alone  (English )

Gem of a movie! The boy in the film blows you away with his wit and clever moves. I just love the hotel scenes in it with the hotel employees involved, Ho Hilarious is the word!!

10. Kungfu Panda (English )

‘ There are no accidents ‘ ..the mantra of the film ,  quite entertaining, I have seen this movie for about 25times!!

Well these are the 10 movies I loved watching when I was pregnant along with my little pie inside, if you have any other films you loved to watch , do let us know 🙂

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