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A mom asks ,

Should I give baby foods like cerelac or pediavita to my son? Is it safe? Is such products necessary for getting all required vitamins and minerals?

My son is 9 months old. He is only 7.750 kg. His birth weight was 2.750.I am really concerned about his weight and people keep on telling me how lean he is. He is breastfed. He has 3 solids a day. For solids I give him ragi,oats ,rice and all vegetables and bits and pieces of whatever we eat. He doesn’t like to eat fruits 🙁  Apart from his weight, he is a very happy and active baby. He now stands and walks himself holding on to furniture. He has no teeth. Please advice me whether I should add formula milk or cerelac to his daily diet

Dr. Nitin Deshpande’s Reply 

You have a healthy, averagely growing baby, and there doesn’t seem to be a reason to worry. Your son is growing normally. A baby is expected to double its birth weight by 5 months, & triple it by 1 year. Your baby’s weight i.e. 7.75 kg at 9 months, seems to be good enough. He is expected to reach 8.25 kg by 1 year of age.

Your son is active and playful, hence it is not a situation to worry. As far as feeding is concerned, you are giving him the right stuff. Introduce as many new varieties of food as possible. Breastfeeding should continue till 2 years of age. In case the baby is not being breastfed, formula milk may be used. Do not use plain or only cow’s milk till 1 year of age. You may use home available milk in food preparations.

              In semisolid foods, give him

            Continue present food items

Teach him to eat everything, so that he learns to eat normal adult food by 1 year of age. You can give him solid/ semisolid food 5 – 6 times a day. Rest of the feeds should be Breast milk, or formula milk.

Cerelac is not necessary, if he is consuming a good variety of foods.

Among supplements, Calcium & Vitamin D supplements are needed at this age of rapid growth. Multivitamin preparations may be prescribed by your Pediatrician, after assessing the baby.

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  1. yamunabalamurugan on

    hi da my baby is birth weight is 3 .250 and now she is just 7 at 9 mnth , she is poor eater . i just wan to know is she normal.

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