10 Things to Know About Raw Banana Powder Porridge (Plus the Recipe)

A mom writes into me,
Hey Sangeetha, I just saw this in the local Indian store here in the US. However, I have no clue how to use it. Could you please share some recipes or uses of raw banana powder. Also, how good is using raw banana powder as compared to using normal yellow bananas?

This post is my answer to all her queries and 10 things to know about raw banana powder porridge. The raw banana powder is also known as ethakaya podi, ethakka podi or pachakaya podi.

raw banana

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Raw Banana Powder Porridge:

1. How can I use raw banana powder?

Raw banana powder can be used to make porridge for baby .

For babies under 1 year old, you can prepare porridge in boiling water. For one year plus baby, milk can be used preferably cow or buffalo milk. For those who use formula for their baby, it can be used in the porridge.


2. Can I use it for my 6 month old baby ?

Yes absolutely.

In fact in Kerala it is considered as the first food for a baby. But it would be great if you introduce vegetable, fruit purees and then start with raw banana powder porridge.

Make sure you start making this porridge initially with water, if your baby is exclusively breastfed. For 1 year+ toddlers, cow’s milk can be added.

3. How do I make raw banana powder porridge?

Sterilise all the bowls and spoons used to make and feed baby food. Wash your hands.

Add 2 tablespoons of raw banana powder in 1 cup of water or milk.

Stir in the powder so that it do not form lumps. When the powder dissolves completely in the milk or water , switch on the gas stove.

Stir in medium flame until the porridge is cooked. Add jaggery to it and stir until it is melted. Switch off the stove and add a teaspoon of ghee to it.

Once cooled a bit, can be fed to the baby.

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Raw Banana Powder Porridge
  • Raw Banana Powder - 2 tablespoon
  • Jaggery - 2 teaspoon or ¼ of a solid jaggery piece
  • Water or Milk - 1 cup
  • Ghee - 1 tsp
  1. Mix raw banana powder with milk / water until it dissolves
  2. Switch on the stove and heat the mixture on medium flame
  3. Once it starts cooking add jaggery to it
  4. Switch off the gas and add ghee
1. Sugar can be added , but refrain from using sugar till your baby is 1 year old
2. You can add palm sugar also instead of jaggery
3. Formula milk can be added instead of boiling water if required
4. How can I know if the porridge is cooked or not?

If the porridge starts coming off from the sides of the pan in which it is cooked, then it means that the porridge is well cooked.

5.  What else I can make with raw banana powder?

You can make awesome banana halwa with the raw banana powder. Make the porridge first and keep stirring until it forms a thick paste. Pour it into a greased plate. Cut into squares when cooled. A healthy evening snack or breakfast is ready 🙂

You can also check these 13 kerala banana recipes for babies and kids.

6. Can I buy raw banana powder from the market?

Yes you can. In fact I had given the reviews of Double horse raw banana powder available in market

7. How can I make raw banana powder at home?

You can refer to the post for it here

8. What are the benefits of raw banana powder?

Raw banana powder is power packed with carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. It is a source of energy required for babies, toddlers and even adults.

9. How good is using raw banana powder as compared to using normal yellow bananas?

Normal yellow bananas might cause cold and cough if used in winter. They contain more carotenoids, which is converted to Vitamin A by our body.

Kerala Bananas are rich in carotenoids and can be taken even in winters. Raw banana powder is made from Kerala bananas. So all good qualities incorporated into one I can say :).

Raw banana powder when combined with milk and ghee helps a baby to put on weight. You can also read the 15 foods for weight gain in babies and kids.

10. When all can I give raw banana porridge to my baby?

Anytime you want. But I prefer it for breakfast, as it makes an excellent filling breakfast item for my daughter. Its better to give once a day to baby or kid.

Hope I have answered to almost everything with respect to raw banana powder and porridge. If you still have doubts, please feel free to ask me in comments.


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  1. Hi mam this Prathima. Iam giving banana powder for my 1year baby daily in morning time. Can I continue for to 2to3 years as his breakfast

  2. Sangeetha i go though ur article. I made powder by using ‘kadali’.ididnt get ‘kannankaya’.this i can give for my 7 month old baby or not?

  3. Hi my baby started omitting and she is restlessly crying from evening after having this banana porridge. What to do. She omitted everything how to give and she is 9month old

  4. Hi . I did not know about making porridg and giving itto baby. My son is 6month completed and sinc 3days i strtd wd banana powdrr and i dint knews v should boil it.. i just mixed the raw powder with water and gav a teaspoon..for three days .. will there be any complicatin ? He has passed motion 3times .. after that ..

  5. Thanks Sangeetha, I have purchased a Banna powder from Vedagiri Herbals , It is natural products … I like it very much and made porridge for my baby.. Very Nice….

  6. Hi sangeetha
    My MIL prepares this banana powder for my kid. She adds 1 cashew for each banana and 1 cardamom for 4 bananas. Is it fine??. I will start giving when my baby turns 6 months old. Now he is 4.5 months old.

  7. Hi Sangeetha

    My baby is 2 years old as his immunity power is low he remains in cough Nd cold and does not want to eat anything. Pls tell me can i give Raw banana powder as milk powder without cooking it. As cooking makes it thick and is difficult to use in milk bottle.

  8. My baby is 15 days old. I’m not lactating enough and she always seems hungry. We are currently giving her formula food. But someone suggested raw banana powder. Can you suggest if it’s OK to give it to a child this young? And if yes, in what quantity?

  9. Hai mam, Now she become 6 month old.i think she don’t like the taste of the Kannan kaya. She didn’t drink..and she is very small size. She want food.bt she didn’t drink it..I’m very confused..mam, what can I do for my little girl????

  10. Hi sangeeta,
    I am a new mom and my baby is 7 months old now. I brought kannan kaya powder from kerala. But seems that my son doesn’t like the taste as I am not adding sugar in it. What else can I add to the banana porridge so that he eats it? TIA

    • Hi sangeeta,

      I have four months old baby, my pediatrician suggested giving banana powder porridge for him. Can i give this banana powder porridge for him in the evening times i.e after 7PM.

  11. Hi Sangeetha…very nice recipe,

    Ma baby s 10 months can I add raw banana in kichidi…..coz she s not eating it as porridge… So please do reply..…thank yo in advance Sangeetha….lots of love to yo an anshika…?

  12. dear sangeetha

    i am preparing powder of all dal ,wheat ,ragi,jawar,rice and preparing it in the form of kheer & feeding my 1 year old daughter every morning and evening ..can i add bana rich powder to this powder while making kheer

  13. Thanks for the reply Sangeetha.. :).. Whether orange juice is good for constipation? .. Which fruit puree is good to start with? Could you pls provide the recipe if you have?

  14. Hi Sangeetha,

    Thanks for the receipe… My daughter s 6 months old and i started solid fodd with raw banana powder.till then she was having only bm.but she got constipation once she started having kanan kaya powder porridge..do iu kno any home remedies for constipation,

    • Biji,

      Start with vegetable purees for your 6 month old baby and gradually progress to foods like raw banana powder porridge by the end of 6th month. Lots of fibre at the start might have made her constipated. Start with mild vegetable soups and fruit purees to avoid this.

      Give her raisins boiled water at regular intervals. Prunes can act as laxative too.

  15. Hi sangita. I hd visit ur blog just 1st time, really. …u r sharing very nice n useful information to all mother….i hv 1 question…my baby boy is premature…he was just 1.5kgs at his born….every month his health is not well he got cold & fever…so Wt can I do for his good health….& I can not found kerala banana….so cn I use regular raw banana instead of that….?my baby s wait is also not satisfying…..he is 9 months old now n he is just 6.750gms.so Wt cn I do?? pls sangita I m very confused & very worried abt my baby pls let me know…as soon as possible…..thank u

  16. Hi sangeetha.
    This is viji. Thank you very much for giving valuable information regarding baby health care. I have small doubt in prepare porridge food using banana powder. We have to use raw milk or boiled/hot milk?. One more doubt horse double banana powder we may use for 2 years baby?. Kindly need ur reply. Thanks.

    • Viji,

      We have to dissolve the powder in raw milk and let the mixture cook well. You can also use it preboiled milk and let the mixture cook. Yes banana powder can be used for babies and toddlers, even adults can have it as breakfast.

  17. Hi Sangeetha,
    Glad to find this recipe.I live in the US and I do not know if this variety of raw banana is avlbl here…Can I just use the raw plantains avlbl in the market?…Instead of drying in the sun, can I dry roast the banana pieces and then powder?…

    Thnkxx in advance.


    • Anusha,

      I havent tried roasting and then grinding. So cannot comment on it. Kindly ask someone from India to do it and send it to you across. You can go ahead with the ready made ones too.

  18. Hi mam

    Can u pls suggest me whether the raw banana powder can be used for an year if it is kept in air tight container in refrigerator.as I m worried its being prepared this year march…or can we use it for yourself to make a halwa.there is no change in either color or taste.pls reply

  19. hi mam.. my daughter when she has born.. she was very fair.. day by day she has become dark… my friend refer me nendrapazham which give fair complexion. . is it true.. or what shall I give for my daughter to improve her complexion. .. she is 6 months old now. .

  20. Hi Sangeetha, Its a relief to see your post on giving raw banana powder to babies.
    I’ve started giving raw banana powder made porridge for breakfast to my son and I’ve notice the change of color in his poop from that day.Its dark green( army Green ) in Color, is this expected while babies feed on banana’s?

    • Reshma,

      It’s common for babies to have the poop similar to the color of the food intaken.

      However can you tell me the age of your baby? Continuous green poop can be indication of sensitivity to raw banana powder..

  21. Hi Sangeetha,

    Can I add jaggery and ghee to 6 month old babies food? I am not adding sugar and salt directly to any of the food for my babies.

  22. Subhashini on

    Hi , can I give this banana porridge for my 4.5 month old baby . Please advise . She is very lean as she was kept in phototherapy for few days . Currently she is on BM And formula .

  23. Hi Sangeeta! Thanks for sharing this information. My baby is about 2.5 months old and is purely breastfed till now. Is it safe to give the banana powder as the first solid food ever? Or is it better to start with something lighter and then move up to the banana powder gradually. How much powder is recommended for a 2.5 month old..


  24. Pingback: Which food can be given for 8 months + baby , a sample food chart for 8 month old baby , baby food recipes, whoelsome baby food recipes,baby food

    • Hi Aparna,

      Don’t be confused 🙂 What you can do is prepare formual milk and keep aside. Mix banana powder in boiling water , then you can add the formula prepared when the gas is turned off thus ensuring your baby gets the goodness of both milk and banana powder . Hope you are clear now 🙂

  25. Hi sangeetha,

    Read many of ur posts, they are wonderful and very much useful. I jus have a doubt, Can we give golden banana raw to the baby rather than powdering it? My baby s 8 months old. Thanks

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