Ethnic Wear For Girls From Anshika’s Wardrobe


ethnic wearAnshika is a tomboy . She hates hair band, hair accessory , bangles or anything girly 😛 . We have felt that she is more comfortable in rompers or tee-pants with no accessories. Initially my hubby had a tough time accepting it , as he wanted his girl to be the one who loves dolls , wears pink cutie frocks with matching hairbands and shoes. But Anshika threw the hairband away , pulled the matching accessories and cried asking us to get her off the frocks 🙂 . She loves her shoes though . From then we have always bought the dresses that she felt comfortable in. Back there in Kerala, Amma wanted Anshika to be in pattu paavada / pavadai for my brother’s wedding. I was hesitant shopping for them as I knew Anshika’s dislike for girly wears . But Amma , sis in law and brothers had got enough collection of patty pavadas for her already . This post gives you a sneak peek into ethnic wear for girls from Anshika’s wardrobe.

1. Kurta Dhoti in Jade Green and Shimmer Cream

ethnic wear for girls

It was my brothers engagement and we didn’t get enough time to do shopping for Anshika. We knew that she won’t wear a frock , instead we opted in for this one. The green stone adds to its beauty and I love the dhoti , it’s just fab :). Costed us 855 INR

2. Reddish Orange Brocade Pattu Pavada

pattu pavada for girls

This one was bought by my brother from Pothys. I love the colour,brocade work and the cotton knots on the shoulders . Quite comfy and light , it costs close to 1000 INR

3. Rani Blue Red Zari Pattu Pavada

ethnic wear for kidsThis one was Amma’s choice. It is of the full pavada kinds where in you have the cotton white jackety upperpart attached to the skirt itself . So Anshika wore it as it is without the blouse . Simple and beautiful , it costs 625 INR

4. Pattu Pavada with Bead and Thread Works

pattu pavadai

This beautiful pattu pavada was bought by my sis in law . It has a small brocade piece on the neck, bead works on the body , hands , hips and pavada (skirt) . It costs 625 INR.

How about your angel’s pattu pavada collection ?


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  1. Hi Sangeeta….I want to buy few paatu pavada (single peicwe) for my neice..I need to send to US…Any idea where you can get them? Please let me know..I need to send them to US before december 5th 🙂

  2. Hello
    I realize this post is already a couple of years old, but I am desperately trying to find/buy traditional indian silk outfits–pattu pavada, dhoti kurtas, etc EXACTLY like the adorable and beautiful pieces you’ve posted– for my baby girl. I am US based. Any chance you are still selling outfits, and how may I go about purchasing? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  3. i was looking for shops/online stores where I can buy this for my girl. Generally, I saw ethnic wear for girls only above 2 years. Any suggestions from where can I buy them? (Pothy's , I know..anything else?)

  4. Nice pieces there Sangeetha! I have a few churidar kurtas and one cotton lehenga for Aanya which look good on occasions like Diwali. I prefer to buy cottons only and nothing very blingy which might make her uncomfortable.

  5. Great fashion, my little cousin has birthday next week – I will see if I can get her something like this. She would look really cute in this clothes

    • Sure Laura ..Please try gifting this and lemme know how your lil cousin responded 🙂 Welcome here and Thanks alot for commenting on Bumps n Baby …

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