Why I love shopping from babyoye.com?


shopping from babyoye

I started my online shopping when I was pregnant. I had good experience with almost all    e – commerce sites. But babyoye stands in my top priority. Why I love shopping from babyoye.com ? Lets see.

I had bought my Medela mini electric breast pump starter kit from babyoye. When the order arrived , I opened the package just to see the insides , but never bothered to check whether it contained everything they promised in the starter pack. I came to Mumbai and thought of using the breast pump for the first time . I sought help of my hubby in arranging the parts ; he asked me in between ‘Where is the motor ? This won’t work without motor “. I got panic , checked in the box, my bag everywhere but couldn’t see the motor. I rechecked the package of Medela , it was written that the motor is included in the starter pack.

“I should have checked when I received the package” , I thought . I felt sad , that I had spent around 9k for a breast pump that too without a motor :(. But somehow gathered the strength with the help of hubby and called the customer care of babyoye. An executive named Mr. Farhan attended my call and I babbled everything I could . He asked me to wait for sometime , as he wanted to have a recheck of the deliveries done in the past months . Moreover he apologized on behalf of babyoye ; if any such thing have had happened. He assured me that the entire product would be replaced or I would be provided with a new motor.

Ok , like any other customer , I too thought that those were the cheesy, comforting lines of a customer care executive. But bang on , he responded as promised within an hour or so and told me that it’s the mistake from their side ; the vendor had forgotten the motor while packing . More than anger , I felt happy , you know why ; because Anshika was fed entirely on BM and I was looking forward to this breast pump.

Farhan called me again confirming that the vendor would deliver it at my Mumbai address though my actual delivery address was that of Kerala. 1 day passed , the delivery didn’t arrive. Meanwhile he kept following up with me. Voila ! On the second day by 11.30 AM, a guy came with my motor and asked me to check if its working too. It was a golden moment for me , holding the motor from the box, as if I was holding a tournament trophy 😛

The delivery guy apologized that he had gone to a wrong address the day before .A call from babyoye came confirming the delivery of the motor as discussed.

What I loved about babyoye ?

  • Excellent and prompt customer service !! The service provided by Mr. Farhan is what we refer to end-to-end communication in today’s world . He took the responsibility and attended to my matter with maturity and integrity . It’s what as a customer , I look forward to from a customer service . I am sure all of you would agree to me.
  • Easy navigation
  • Delivery as per the date
  • SMS and mail confirmation
  • Tracking of delivery available
  • Free shipping above 500 INR
  • COD, debit,credit card payments available

What is the suggestion from me to babyoye ?

A bit of caution while catering to the vendors , an extra check , a recheck maybe in packaging section . If the customer had gone abroad and experienced same thing like me ; babyoye would have lost a potent and loyal customer.

What I learnt from this ? 

Always check for the delivery package , open it , tear it and see if everything is as per the package claims.

Thank you babyoye team for reminding me that customer is always valued in first place 🙂 This is why I love shopping from babyoye

Have you tried babyoye.com ? How was your experience ?


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  1. I have bought from Babyoye a few times and they've always delivered the product in good condition. But it takes a little longer to reach my address in Kerala; Firstcry delivers much faster. But these two are my favorites for kiddie stuff!

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