Dos and Dont’s of Pregnancy: What To Do and What Not To


dos and dont's of pregnancy

15 dos and don’ts of pregnancy to be considered:

Every baby is unique, so is every pregnancy. We will go through a whole lot of new experience in our journey to motherhood. There are a whole lot of things which we would learn in our own way.

Once you are pregnant you will be poured with advices from everyone around you. Now my task today is to mention about a few dos and don’ts of pregnancy which we might miss out.


#1. Stay happy:

This I would say as the first and foremost mantra for a happy pregnancy. Of course pregnancy blues or mood swings might hit you. But always stay happy.

Let your friends and family know if you wish to get a baby shower. This is not yet a custom in India, but it’s the one of the best parts of pregnancy. Well you have all rights to get one!!

#2. Gynec visits:

It’s advisable to visit a gynecologist and get your blood levels checked once you start planning for a baby. Get your thyroid as well as a routine checkup done to make sure you are healthy and thus you can avoid miscarriages to some extent.

I was hypothyroid and my Gynecologist doubled my dosage to avoid any risks in pregnancy.

#3. Prenatal tabs:

Definitely your gynec would ask to start taking the prenatal tablets at least 3 months before you plan to conceive.

I used to take a combined tablet with 2 pills, one for folic acid and the other one was fish liver oil supplements. Folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube defects like spina bifida or other risks like cleft palate/lips and other heart defects.

Trust me it’s difficult to have it, but I didn’t want to take any risks and hence I had it every day without failure.

#4. Exercise:

You can continue your mild exercise even if you are pregnant.

Swimming is the best exercise to do while you are pregnant. My gynecologist advised me that I could even continue my dancing if I take care not to fall down. Well I was too scared for this one. So all I did was continue the walking and the prenatal yoga.

In some cases the doctor would advise a bed rest, so always check with your doctor whether it’s fine to do mild exercise.

#5. Diet:

Diet is the most important aspect for a pregnant woman.

You should take care of the below mentioned during pregnancy phase

  • A glass of milk daily
  • Avoid junk foods
  • Avoid extra spice and deep fried food
  • Lots of water
  • Intake of whole fruits rather than fruit juice

You can also refer to the ideal food chart for a pregnant woman and 10 foods to be avoided during pregnancy.

#6. Prayer:

Reading your holy book or any other good books daily boost your confidence. Have this personal time of yours with God to gain the courage and strength for a safe delivery.

#7. Pictures or journal:

I love everything about photographs.

Make a beautiful journal from your day 1 in pregnancy. Trust me it’s a nice experience to watch them over and again.

Make sure that you take a picture of your beautiful bump either professionally or otherwise. Well it’s not mandatory that you post it in Fb or any other social media.

Pictures are beautiful memories, check online sites and you will find lot of ideas to capture your beautiful bump.  

#8. A small vacation:

Even if it’s your first or third baby your life is going change all over again after the little one’s arrival. So why not take a small break and get yourself some leisure time along with your spouse?

7th month or before  is the best time to do this.

#9. Attend a prenatal class:

If there is a prenatal class or session hosted by your hospital or near by your home, you should definitely attend one.

Antenatal class or prenatal classes help a pregnant woman to be prepared for labor room and taking care of baby post delivery.


#10. Let negativity get in:

Do not let the negativity (if any) bother you. Just ignore all the negative talks and thoughts. It could be your mighty boss or noisy neighbors. As I said just ignore and stay happy 🙂

#11. Gender test:

It’s totally up to the parents to find out whether your baby is a he or she.

Most of the countries excluding India do the gender test in the 5th month and let you know whether you are having a gal or boy.

Girl or boy wouldn’t make a difference to the parents; but the people around comes with a lot of suggestions/ benefits of having a boy over gal or otherwise.

Why not wait for the surprise bundle of joy? Trust me it’s definitely worth the wait!

#12. Go out of budget:

Yes you have all reasons to be happy, but not a spendthrift.

Invest on maternity clothes and other pregnancy pre requisites with the help of budget planning so that you won’t end up wasting money.

Do not spend money unnecessarily as you will need it more when baby comes.

#13. Compare:

Do not compare your pregnancy with your friends’. There might be similarities but it’s not going to be exactly same as your friend’s.

#14. Panic:

Don’t panic whatsoever in pregnancy.

It’s common to get spotting or bleeding in the first trimester. Not every bleeding is miscarriage. But yes consult a gyno asap.

I cried badly till I reached hospital when I got spotting during my first trimester (unnecessarily!)

#15. Love making in the crucial months:

Gynos recommend no sex during the initial 3 months and last trimester of pregnancy. This is to avoid unwanted pressure to the uterus/ baby, fake labor or any other problems that may arise.

Share with me in comments one do and don’ts of pregnancy that you observed/have been following.

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  1. Hi.. Is there anything one can do to make sure they will get enough milk supply for their baby during pregnancy period ?

  2. Very informative article Roshni. Yes, it is really very necessary to take proper care of oneself during pregnancy. Various things need to be kept in mind like eating a balanced diet, also regular visits to the doctor is also extremely important.

    • Thanks Aarti for going thru 🙂 we tend to ignore few of the important points 🙂 this is just a guide for a happy pregnancy!! Happy parenting!

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