Thyroid During Pregnancy

thyroid during pregnancy
Thyroid ? Thyroid during pregnancy ? Wondering what are the symptoms and medications/ precautions available ? Then this post is a must read for you.
A couple of months back, my Aunt and Mother-in-law who are in their late 40s were diagnosed with Thyroid and 5 of my friends (all in mid 20s) during their pregnancy. In a world where greying of hair happens early, wrinkles starts showing up at a ripe age, Youngsters getting Heart Attacks, Joints and Back aches are no big deal, I am sure this wouldn’t have sound weird because times have changed and in this toxic-mechanical generation anything can happen to us rightly proving “AGE NO BAR”.

It is nothing new that we all, somewhere or the other, are suffering from nutritional deficiency as our hard-line farming applications have washed-out the soil, fruits and veggies of nutritional value. We eat lots of processed food which is considered to be “lifeless food”.

For eg. – Eateries made out of refined flour (Maida), Processed (Canned) vegetables, fruits & meat, Confections, Soft Drinks, Salad Dressings, Mayonnaise, Cheese etc

 Our contaminated neighborhood is incomparable and knowingly unknowingly play a 
 major role in making us helpless to various diseases – 
• Pesticides, Insecticides, Heavy metals like lead, mercury, aluminium etc found in 
• Non-organic food has taken the front-seat
• High levels of chlorine, fluoride are found in water
• Household cleaners which prove to be full anti-bacterial formula
• Intake of antibiotics which make us vulnerable to petty diseases 
 Thyroid is a gland located in our neck that produces hormones required for our metabolism since it helps in breaking of proteins and processing carbohydrates, vitamins and other minerals. Thyroid dysfunction is generally found in women as compared to men because we are more prone to hormonal imbalance. Pregnant women are the softest target since hormonal changes are at a greater pace during this phase.
There are two conditions of Thyroid , 
 1) Hyperthyroidism (Excessive hormone production) 
2) Hypothyroidism (less hormone production)
In Hyperthyroidism during pregnancy phase, we are likely to get pregnancy related high bloodpressure and in Hypothyroidism the baby is at a risk of neurological problems. This is the reason as to why thyroid has become a kind of compulsory test to be undergone because if detected, the levels or the range can be monitored and can be smoothly tackled with proper medication given at the right time. The test is called the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) test.
Symptoms of Thyroid 
1) Even after ample of sleep and rest, we are experiencing difficulty to work throughout the day then it can be a warning bell.
2) Swelling in our neck or anything different from the usual should be given attention to.
3) Weight loss in Hyperthyroidism and Weight gain in Hypothyroidism 
4) Change in Voice – usually it gets husky or heavy
5) Brittle hair, scaly dry skin 
6) Irritability, depression
7) Indigestion
8) Joints and muscle pains – though such pains are pretty common but if this is a symptom along with the above mentioned.
Here is a lifestyle / diet we can adopt to take care of our Thyroid or at least curb down the 
risk of developing this condition:
  • A healthy balanced diet 
 A balanced diet is enough to provide all the required nutrients like – Iodine, Selenium, 
 Iron and vitamin A – crucial for healthy hormone production. 
  • Having Selenium-rich foods 
 Since Selenium balances the hormones in your thyroid, it is good for us. Few Selenium 
 rich food – mushrooms, garlic, onions, eggs, beef liver, shellfish, wheat germ, sunflower 
 seeds, sesame seeds etc.
  • Limit refined sugar and starch
 Excessive intake of refined sugar and starch disturbs our internal balance leading 
 to weight gain / Obesity, high cholesterol levels, thus causing hormonal imbalance 
 especially in females. 
  • Limit polyunsaturated oils
 Corn Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cottonseed Oil & Flax seed Oil. My aunt says – Coconut oil is 
 one of the best oils for Thyroid condition.
Even though I am from the South, I personally don’t like using coconut oil, except for certain authentic southie dishes ; so what we can do is – Add just a teaspoon of it in our regular food.
  • Limit the intake of raw goitrogenic foods

which include  broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, sweet potato and mustard greens. These foods hinder in Iodine absorption and in our metabolism. Cooking these veggies reduces or removes their goitrogenic function. Some fruits like – pears, peaches and strawberries and dry fruits like – Almonds, Brazil nuts, Peanuts, Walnuts, Cashews are also included in this category.

 Bottom line is to eat in moderation; excessive intake can be injurious to health. 
 P.S. – I have personally heard using Fenugreek (Methi) seeds in our diet helps in preventing thyroid.
 Above all this information, please consult your Physician / Gynac if you suspect any 
 hormonal imbalance. Self-diagnosing is not a good idea – tests and treatments done under able hands can make a positive difference to your health.
Hope you liked this post on thyroid during pregnancy.  Please share with me your views and thoughts 🙂

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  1. I got thyroid during pregnancy i am taking medicines from that time, my daughter is 9month old now should i stop taking medicines now?

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