Heard of These 10 Weird Pregnancy Cravings ?



Remember the old movies (referred to Malayalam or any other South Indian ones) in which the heroine starts craving mangoes and masala dosas. Only then the audience come to know that the heroine-newly married is a mom-to-be. But why do women crave certain foods during pregnancy? What are some of the weird pregnancy cravings?

Pica is the term used to refer to such weird cravings during pregnancy. Pica means no or relatively less nutritional value. In this post we will see the 10 weird pregnancy cravings and its indications.

weird pregnancy cravings-210 Weird Pregnancy Cravings Commonly Used:

Some say the nutrition/vitamins lacking in the mother’s body get transformed into cravings for  food items like sand, chalks, gravel etc . But there is no scientific proof for all the cases, though it indicates some deficiency.

Some women crave for chocolates, ice creams , some like me craved for plates of rice and fish curry. There are many who have weird cravings too.


Seriously ? Yes many women crave for hot green chillies during pregnancy . They know its bad for their health but can’t control it as the body craves for them. Strange isnt ? Even I can be counted here. I craved for the green spicy coriander chutney loaded with green chillies during my pregnancy phase .

Indication : The spiciness in the chillies/ any other hot foods help to cool off the body by excessive sweat produced . May be the pregnant women’s body needs to be cool .


I had read that singer actor Beyonce Knowles craved for tomato ketchup during her pregnancy. She had it for breakfast , lunch and dinner too 😛

Indication : Low level of sodium in pregnant woman’s body


Cravings for chalk, dirt etc can be termed as pica cravings.

Indication :  Underlying physical or mental illnesses and iron deficiency of a mother to be, Calcium deficiency


It’s reported that certain women loved to/ craved to drink the gravy or liquid of pickles especially the vinegar ones.

Indication : Low level of minerals especially sodium in the body


Yes many women loved to chew on ice during their mom to be phase. May be they found relief in chewing it or the numbness it gives to the tongue and mouth.

Indication : Anemic or lower level of hemoglobin


This is truly a case of low sodium level or mineral deficiency. Many women revealed that they loved to smell the bath salts or any other mineral salts during their mom to be stage.

Indication : Mineral deficiency


A typical pica craving . We can see even babies and kids craving for sand / gravel. Singer Britney Spears had this weird craving for soil along with fried chicken when she was pregnant with her second son.

Indication : Mineral deficiency like copper and iron.


Some women love to smell the sponge freshly washed with soap where as some craved to eat/chew it !!

Indication :  Mineral deficiency


One of the terrible and hazardous cravings during pregnancy . Some crave for the smell of fragrant soaps , essential oils and bubble baths.

Indication : Iron and mineral deficiency


One of the weird cravings during the preggu phase. Like many other pica cravings , it is harmful for both the mother as well as the foetus. Medical studies have proved that 80% of this pica craving is associated with wives of smokers.

Indication : Linked to iron deficiency

Though most of the these cravings are harmless, some like cigarette butts, laundry detergents etc can pose hazard to both mother as well as the child. Well these were the 10 weird cravings during pregnancy.  You tell me what did you crave for during your pregnancy phase ?

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  1. During my 1st trimester had cravings to eat something BITTER . So i used to eat dried turkey berry and bitter gourd. When i had sensation to throw-up i used to eat oranges but it caused heartburn. this is so weird.

  2. This is really weird….hehehhehee!!!
    In my 1st Trimester I craved for plain rice and Kadhi, Dahi-vada and Pao-bhaji since I had a hell lot of morning-evening sickness.
    In my 2nd and 3rd Trimester I craved for everything – specially Tandoori Chicken, Mutton curry, Dark Chocolate infact I didn’t have much severe cravings.
    I took a lot of advantage of this so-called CRAVING fever….. 😉 😉