Reader’s Question on Spitting of Swallowed Food and Rapid Weight Gain of Baby


A reader asks :

My baby s 7 months old. He is both formula and breastfed. He had a lot of gas till last month and he used to spit up a lot. Around 20 to 25 times a day. Is it normal? I started solids by 5th month as he was refusing formula bottle.He is having good weight gain. Now he is 11kg. Is it over weight?? Whether its a matter to worry in this age?? And a general question too.Can we use the normal plain full cream curd to babies or any other baby brands there?

Dr. Nitin Deshpande’s Reply :

Regurgitation of food or bringing up or spitting of swallowed food is a common phenomenon in babies and infants. There are some babies, who have a tendency to throw up or ruminate, more than other babies of the same age. As long as the baby is gaining weight adequately, & is otherwise active and healthy; there is nothing to worry.

In order to reduce regurgitation or reflux of food,

  • Feed in an upright position.
  • Give more solids & semi solids, as compared to liquids.
  • Burp the baby properly after every feed.
  • Try to make mealtimes enjoyable for the baby, as crying during feeding encourages vomiting or regurgitation.
  • Avoid bottle feeding a much as possible, as kids tend to ingest a lot of air during bottle feeding, so this leads to gases and spitting up of feeds. Switch over to wati spoon or bowl spoon feeding.

Your baby is showing signs of more than normal weight gain. Gradually, as the baby’s mobility & activity increases; the weight gain will show a downward trend.

So, you need not be anxious about your baby’s rapid weight gain. Heredity also plays an important role in growth & weight gain.
Full cream curds can be given to babies without any problem. Fresh home-made curds is a good option. Fresh cream can be used in certain foods to enhance taste, and to improve calories.

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