25 Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period


The journey from a mother-to-be to a mother is beautiful and incredible. In this post, we shall discuss about early pregnancy symptoms before missed period and how far these symptoms get unnoticed.

Pregnancy symptoms before missed period

When do pregnancy symptoms start?

Usually, symptoms of pregnancy appear during the first week of conception. But many fail to notice it as for most mothers; a missed period is an early sign of pregnancy.

The early signs of pregnancy can be noticed before a missed period too. One can take a pregnancy test but if it is taken early the answer may not be entirely true. A missed period can be caused by other conditions aside from pregnancy, so it is not always a definite sign.

It has also been observed that pregnancy can result without the woman experiencing some of these symptoms.

25 Pregnancy symptoms before missed period that might go unnoticed:

Pregnancy symptoms are different for every woman. Here are some of the most common early pregnancy signs to look out for before a missed menstrual cycle.

#1. Implantation bleeding


A light bleeding or brown spots is called implantation bleeding. It tends to happen in the early weeks of pregnancy.

I had the spotting lighter than normal periods which occurred during 1 or 2 weeks following conception.

Do ensure that the spotting is not a cause for concern by keeping a check and consulting your gynecologist if unsure.

#2. Sore breasts 


Sore breast is a concern that is noticed in the early stages of pregnancy.

You may notice that your breasts begin to look bigger and may become sensitive or sore. They may feel heavier than usual too. It may feel just like how it does before a period, but it could be that you are expecting.

#3. Darker areolae 

The areola is the area surrounding the nipple. The color of the areolae varies from person to person. But the areolae tend to get darker during pregnancy. The change in hormones is what causes the change in color.

#4. Fatigue


A woman may suddenly feel extremely tired after doing small chores. This may start as early as the second week after conceiving. You may feel sleepy all the time, but that is just the body getting ready for the big change

Most of the women continue to experience this during the first trimester.

#5. Morning sickness

This symptom is also known as nausea or vomiting associated with pregnancy, is a common symptom.

Morning sickness indicates sudden nausea, vomiting, or weakness you feel as soon as you wake up in the morning.

#6. Food cravings


Food cravings are due to pregnancy hormones.

Many women experience food cravings. Some experience a kind of vomiting sensation due to the smell of some foods. During my pregnancy period, I had a lot of cravings for aloo-palak (Potato and spinach Indian dish) and spicy foods.

#7. Food aversions

When it comes to pregnancy symptoms, food cravings are often talked about. But did you know that some women experience a kind of vomiting sensation due to smell of some foods?

The aversion could be to food items that they didn’t have an issue with earlier. For instance, some women feel nauseated by the smell of food tempering.

#8. Weird metallic taste in the mouth

Some women notice a metallic taste when they are pregnant. Once again blame it on the hormones going crazy. If you have it and are wondering if it is here to stay, the answer is yes/ no. In some cases, it disappears after the first trimester but in some cases, it sticks throughout the pregnancy.

#9. Loss of appetite

Between nausea, aversions, and whatnot, it is no surprise that some moms-to-be lose their appetite.

So have you noticed a sudden dip in appetite?

#10. Frequent urination


If you need to pee(urinate)more than often, it could be because of a hormonal change, which occurs during pregnancy. It can be considered a symptom of pregnancy.

#11. Abdominal bloating

Abdominal bloating can also indicate pregnancy. Your clothes might feel tighter around the waist. If you experience a lot of bloating during periods, then this symptom may go unnoticed.

#12. Constipation

Constipation is difficulty in passing stools. My gyno advised me to drink lots of water and eat a balanced diet when I was finding difficulty in passing stools.

During pregnancy, the body of a woman produces hormones called progesterone. It slows down the bowel movement resulting in constipation during pregnancy.

#13. Mood swings


This is one of the very common pregnancy symptoms and can start from the first trimester itself. Mood swings are due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.

#14. Ptyalism Gravidarum

Simply put, ptyalism is an excess of saliva that can lead to drooling. Ptyalism Gravidarum is what the condition is called when it occurs during pregnancy. This, like morning sickness, should disappear after the first trimester. It is linked to morning sickness and nausea and is nothing to be worried about.

#15. Dizziness

If you have seen movies, a scene that shows a newly married fainting will be followed by a scene where sweets are distributed. Jokes apart, why does pregnancy cause dizziness? And is it something to worry about?

The dizziness is brought on by reduced blood pressure, which is caused by a dilation of blood vessels.

#16. Pimple or acne


Pimple or acne is a result of increased hormones in the body of pregnant women. I had severe pimple problems and I was advised by doctors not to prick it.

#17. Fever 


High temperature or fever is also a sign that needs to be confirmed.

During the initial days of pregnancy, the whole body readjusts to accept a new life into its system. It could result in a fever as the immune system takes time to adjust itself.

#18. Excessive discharge from the vagina

Keep an eye out for any change in the vaginal secretions. An increase could hint at pregnancy. But if there is a change in color or smell, then let a doctor know.

#19. Shortness of breath

Some moms complain of shortness of breath. If you are noticing this symptom despite not having undergone any change of weight and are completely healthy, you should be considering getting a pregnancy test done.

#20. A heightened sense of smell


If you noticing a sudden increase in your ability to ‘sniff’ out even the faintest of smells, you could be pregnant.

#21. Feeling hot

During pregnancy, the volume of blood increases and so does the blood flow. That means the blood flow to the skin increases too, making you feel flushed and warm. Ask yourself this, are you feeling a need to crank up the AC even when others aren’t. It could be a sign.

#22. Headache


Again, blame it on the hormones. If you keep getting headaches and have the symptoms mentioned on this list, it would be wise to get a pregnancy test done.

#23. Back pain


To be able to accommodate a tiny human inside you, your body needs to make space. This is done by the loosening of the ligaments. Don’t worry, the hormones will do it for you. But that can also cause a bit of a backache.

#24. Gas

As I mentioned before, the changes in hormones can cause impact the digestive system. So apart from nausea, constipation, you can feel gassy too.

#25. Cramps


It might feel that you are going to get your periods, but then it won’t show up. The cramps could also be the uterus getting prepared to accommodate the fetus.

Early signs of pregnancy before menstrual cycle from my experience:

Two years ago in my case, being in the Middle East away from parents and relatives I was unaware of these early pregnancy symptoms before missed period.

I felt tired, had a severe headache and mild spotting which I mistook as the start of my menstrual cycle. But then I missed my periods.

Within a week of a missed period, I took a home pregnancy test and was sure enough that I was pregnant. A blood test was taken afterward to confirm my pregnancy.

How did you know about your pregnancy? Did you notice any of these pregnancy symptoms before missed periods?  Please share with me in the comments.


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  1. I have a thyroid problem..present thyroid is normal condition and also we are trying to pregnancy..but thyroid symptoms and pregnancy symptoms how to differentiate..?

  2. Majji priyanka on

    Hi this is Priyanka….. I am married being almost 2 years… Complete… Before 1st yr I got pregnant but 3 month ending miscarriage baby heart beat not started….. Now complete 2 yr of my marriage now I am planning no Jan 2018 steel not getting period and home test medical test also complete negative report…. Steel no period and I have a pcod promble start on my miscarriage…. Steel not clear my pcod…. Full sickness vomiting my health was not good and properly 1 day was so good on my health 2 days not good why pls tell me and solve my promble

  3. Hi… this is priya.. i missed my period on 21st oct.. i felt most of the above symptoms… but i took home pregnancy today.. it is negative.. why??

  4. Sonal Pancholi on

    The circumstances u have written here I m feeling like same, but I have still one question that it is necessary to have sex after I missed my period ?

  5. Today is my 29 th day of my cycle.i am getting cramps in my stomach.we r trying for pregnancy.i am taking treatment.is it pregnancy cramps r not

  6. Yes I did notice some of these symptoms like bloating, headache and loss of appetite but this happens to me during PMS also. So I was confused. But yes I got a news in 2 weeks after I missed my periods.

  7. I had mensus in 2months in correct manner. But i feel certain problems like pregnet ie vomtting, headache.back pain .so i consult a docter and she said its gas trouble. But now i press my breast some water come. What is the problem .pls repky mam. Do mensus at the time of pregnency???

  8. Hello mam…I have completed one year of my marriage.my periods are regular…we r trying from 5 to 6 months but all in vain…should we meet any doctor..??need to worry..??plz reply ….

  9. Hy sangeetha mam..my marriage duration was 8months.. My periods was irregular.. But last 2months it was regular… Nw 7days crossed of my misperiods.. But I have pimples.. Feeling vomiting.. But also have a feeling of period is coming.. I dnt know that I am pregnant are not… Plz help me.. Reply me to my mail as soon as possible..

    • Hi mam my marriage duration is 7 months finished. My periods is irregular, Now 8 days crossed of my periods, Feeling vomiting, but also have period is coming. I dont know that i am pregnant or not, pls give me best solution mam

      • I feel before periods cheast pain. I confused it is same cheast pain before missed period?

  10. Hi Friends.. am not getting periods for last 10 days. But am getting back pain and under utrus pain and today unfortunately i took horse gram. Is there any problem ? Is this symptoms are preganancy symptoms? Pls suggest me.

  11. in before four months i had a fever then after three or four days i got my period . why the fever causes to me?

  12. Hi,

    I am married being almost 3 years now… And we are planning baby from last 3 months, but everytime i feel i am pregnant and then not… My periods are not regular and from last 2 months its on time. i missed my periods and 10 days already gone now. i have done 3 times pregnancy test at home but always get result negitive. Now i am feeling fever and bodyache and headache. What should i do please suggest me.

  13. Hi Sangeetha could please help me am married now one 1 and off year completed but still am not having a baby i have some problem when i do sex i feel very fear and pain wt i do could you please let me know wt is the problem…

  14. Hey..i had noticed few signs today… continously visits to bathroom, acne& tiredness or breathing prob.. am i pregnant ?

  15. It is a wonderful thing to share so many friends of internet. In different site I choose few site for recommendation what to eat, what not to do at the time of my pregnancy. It helped me at the time of my first Baby in every week of development. I fixed up my all Food plan through internet.

  16. Hello priyanka.,
    Thnks for your valuable comment. .
    I too googlled…whn I used to experience pregnancy symptoms. .
    7 mnths…away from home..no one to guide ..i too used to jot down each symptoms and search in the net…
    all thnks to google. ..
    thnks for sharing your experience with us..:) 🙂

  17. Just to add on, I was already married for two years and had already crossed 30, that is why didn’t want to wait longer for my first child. In fact my dates were planned in such a manner, that my 31st bday and my baby’s EDD coincided, although my baby chose to come 11 days before. I celebrated my 31st bday with my 11days old baby. Now she is 2yrs 3 months old.

    • Hi am karthiga my last period was on 23rd oct and i missed my period on nov 23 and today s the 10th day for me bt i have severe back pain and continuously getting white liquid dischargal sumtimes i went to check whether its a mensus bt not and i took pregnancy test also it shows negative point only can somebody plz advise me what cause is this???? Is a pregnancy symptom or PCOD

  18. Yes, I did notice few of the above symptoms and few other symptoms too, in fact within 11 days of conception I was 75% sure that I had conceived. I used to minutely follow any small change in my body and note them down and checked on net. My baby is 2 yrs 3 mnths old now. I had very meticulously planned my pregnancy (on my own, only with the help of internet), and kept noting down the different symptoms I experienced from the very beginning. My entire approach to getting pregnant was very methodical and step by step. This was required bcoz my husband lived away from me due to his work and i had to fly to his place taking care of the dates. Within 3 weeks of conceiving i had flown back. And my first home pregnancy test was done so early that I had noticed an extremely faint second line which gradually became brighter with tests taken later on. Much before I missed my first period, I was so sure that I had conceived that I straight away headed for the lab to get a beta hcg test. I was lucky enough to conceive in the first try as per my chosen time for baby planning, but the credit of course goes to internet. Lucky to be born in this age of internet, and of course lucky that I didn’t face any problem to conceive. Had no one to guide me then except internet.

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