#AbKhushkhabriGharBaithe with Pregakem – All you Need to Know


Have you realized that all pregnancies are the same? Ok, before you jump the gun and tell me how each pregnancy is unique, let me clarify what I meant. The unifying factor in all pregnancies, be it planned or unplanned, is the jitters that it brings. The worry about how you will act as parents. The moment you realize that you are pregnant, you start wondering how the whole thing will play out.

In fact, let us look at the crazy thoughts most us would have had, when we got the good news. This could be either before or slightly after a sudden feeling of euphoria brought on by the 2 lovely lines on your pregnancy test.

4 thoughts that pop up in most couples’ head when they realize they are pregnant

#1. God, we are going to mess up! (Both dad-to- be and mom-to- be)

For us, our parents are the best! They have set such high standards for us that when it is time for us to be parents, we feel that we have tiny feet that would never fit into their huge shoes.

#2. I hope she doesn’t have crazy cravings in the middle of the night! (Dad-to-be)

Movies have put this idea into our heads that pregnancy means weird cravings in the middle of the night. While it is not as extreme as they show in the movies, the worst craving I have had, was for stuffed quail, while we were staying in a place that made it impossible to get gourmet style meals!

#3. How am I going to deal with morning sickness? (Mom-to- be)

If pregnancy is a movie, then morning sickness is one of the villains. So moms are heard wondering if they can find a way to tackle this villain, so that they can live their life like a normal person.

#4. God, help me deal with her dreadful mood swings (Dad-to- be)

If you thought that periods made your moods oscillate, try pregnancy! In our group, while moms swapped stories of how bad their morning sickness is, dads-to-be shared horror stories of the mood swings, and how each one had it the worst.

But though mood swings aren’t so bad as they show in the movies, husbands still have this crazy thought.

Jokes aside, we can all agree on the fact that the joy of finding out that you’re pregnant is a lovely moment! Now you can do it at the comfort of your home with Pregakem.

It is a pregnancy detection kit that helps you confirm pregnancy at home – in just 5 minutes!

What makes Pregakem different?


There are many pregnancy test calculators and tools available in the market. So, you may now be wondering what makes this pregnancy test kit different from the others. Well, for starters – this device promises an accuracy rate of 99% (that is if you follow the instructions).

If you aren’t sure about the instructions and need help, Pregakem has got your back there as well! They have toll free centre a multi-lingual that can help you out, in case you have any doubts.

If you feel unsure about anything, you can give them a call at 1800 103 1414. And about the multi-lingual part- It is not just Hindi or English. This service is available in 10 languages including Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese, Bangla, Hindi and English.

How does Pregakem work?

Each Pregakem  Pregnancy detection kit contains a test device and a dropper. All you have to do is collect a sample of your urine, put 3 drops onto the place mentioned on the test device and wait for 5 minutes. And that’s it, you can do the pregnancy test at home!

The presence or absence of hCG – human chorionic gonadotropin hormone or the pregnancy hormone in the urine is what helps the test kit determine results.

You can do the Pregakem test on the day of your missed period but for best results test should be performed one week later.

With results that are reliable, Pregakem has been a part of this lovely moment of couples across the country.

So don’t wait

If in doubt, just test it with Pregakem, because #AbKhushkhabriGharBaithe….

PS: No matter what crazy thoughts you have, you are going to be amazing parents! Once the feeling sinks in – the love for your child will eclipse all your fears and doubts.


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