5 Awesome Ways by Which Dads Can Help Moms in Baby Care


Ways by Which Dads Can Help Moms in Baby Care

This is my letter to all the super dads. This post is about the ways by which dads can help moms in baby care and how my baby’s super dad leads by example 🙂

The other day at office, I asked a colleague about his daughter. I could hear a proud dad talking about  his little one. So, I casually asked him if he helps his wife in taking care of the baby. “Of course, yes” (Well, we all know ‘Men can do anything and everything’). After a pause he said, “I play with the baby and my wife/mom takes care of the rest.”

Motherhood, undoubtedly, is the best thing happened to me. I have had my ups and down in it; like how Anu poured her heart out about breast feeding. My initial days were also not so great. The reason I could stand through all these is because of my hubby; a new generation dad!

Jotting down a few remarkable things that dads could do to help the super moms at home. All of these being tried and proven success.

5 Incredible Ways By Which Dads can Help Moms in Baby Care:

#1. Diaper change:

It is the easiest of all the baby work.

Do not feel yucky about it; in fact, the initial poop even had a nice fragrance 😉 All you need to have is the patience to do it.

My new generation dad taught me how to do this as he learned it before me from the nurse at the hospital.

Believe me he was so perfect at it that he used to lecture me about it .

#2. Bottle feeding & wash:

Bottle feeding – only mommies are capable of breast feeding and that’s why daddies are given the option to bottle feed.

It’s the best way daddies could bond with their little one. I have got this look at hospital or other public places when he feeds her from bottle.

Bottle wash – like how you help your wives in washing vessels, just wash and sterilize your babies bottles too.

It is definitely not rocket science 🙂

#3. Bathing:

We do not have a full time maid at home.

We all leave by 8:30 am and will be back by 6:30 only. So whoever is free would give her a bathe.

And I am sure Linu loves bathing whether its Dadda or Mamma.

#4. Feeding:

This is one thing that I feel mommies are slightly better when compared to dads. At least in our case it is so. But daddies could always start trying out the finger foods.

#5. Putting baby to bed:

I used to do late shift till our little one was 1.5 years. Guess who used to put her to bed daily?

He made it a routine that she goes to bed by 9.30 pm whatsoever.

I used to reach home by 11 pm to find my princess peacefully sleeping .

Like I said, there is nothing impossible for men. And as we all know; the best gift a father can give to her kids is to love their mother.

Even a small word of appreciation would mean a lot to the super mommies out there.

P.S: I see that the number of new generation dads are increasing each day.

Hope you liked my post on ways by which dads can help moms in baby care.

Share with me how your baby’s super dad helps you in taking care of the baby/ house hold activities.

Super dads you can also contribute in comments 🙂

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A working mom who balances both her professional as well as personal life, Roshni tries to be a best friend to her 2 year old Lynette, fondly called as Linu. She along with her husband try to bring up their little one in the best possible way.


  1. hi roshini,
    Good post on super dads.happy to hear modern dads equally helps in parenting.my hubby also same here.he do diaper changing,sterilise feeding bottles, bottlefeed Rithvik at early morning and night times,make him bath in a enjoyable way at weekends etc etc….

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