Juhi Chawla’s Top 11 Fitness and Beauty Tips For Moms


Juhi chawla's top 11 fitness and beauty tips for moms

In today’s post let’s see Juhi Chawla’s top 11 fitness and beauty tips for moms.

Juhi Chawla is one of the actresses who has maintained herself pretty well even after moving out of the heroine roles and donning mom’s hat in real life. She was known for her million dollar smile and the girl next door image.

Be fit like Juhi Chawla: 11 tips for fitness, beauty and weight loss:

I remember Juhi was criticized upon a time by the media for her weight gain. She gained back her shape and now even at 47, she is gorgeous, beautiful and looks a lot younger than her age.

Married to Businessman Jay Mehta, they have 2 kids Jhanvi and Arjun. Unlike other heroines, Juhi believes in 3 main meals and is allergic to gymming.

Let’s take a sneak peek into Juhi Chawla’s top 11 fitness and beauty tips for moms.

Juhi chawla's top 11 fitness and beauty tips for moms

#1. Adequate hydration is the key to good skin and hair:

Juhi Chawla drinks 6 to 8 glasses of water a day which helps her in adequate hydration.

She starts her day with a big bottle of water or a glass of lemon juice with honey.

#2. Moisturization from within:

Juhi uses a moisturiser and an eye cream to keep her skin moist.

To prevent dry skin, she drinks water, eat curd and includes a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits and juices in her diet. You can also read how to take care of your skin care post baby.

#3. Invest in good skin care products:

Juhi uses the eye cream from Clinique and La Mer face wash. She uses a cleanser to clean the face and a mild soap for face wash if required.

#4. Less spicy and oily food equals good skin:

Juhi doesn’t believe in spicy diet. She chooses baked and boiled varieties over fried snacks.

#5. Quick fix for tired eyes:

Juhi uses potato slices to freshen up tired eyes and get rid of dark circles or under eye bags. She considers this as a quick fix mantra.

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#6. 3 main meals a day:

Juhi Chawla is a vegetarian who has 3 main meals a day. She includes eggs in her diet.

Here is a break up of Juhi Chawla’s diet regime.

BREAKFAST:  Brown bread toast with eggs or oats or idli sambar + a glass of fresh fruit juice / a cup of tea

LUNCH:  Rotis+ dal/lentils+ salad/soup

DINNER: Same as lunch

#7. No to white rice:

Juhi avoids white rice in her diet. Instead she prefers brown or red unpolished rice.

She eats rotis of jowar, bajra and nachni (ragi).

#8. Yoga for body and mind:

Juhi Chawla practises Iyengar yoga for its mind-body benefits. She has half an hour brisk walk on the tread mill and also learns music as a meditative exercise.

As I mentioned before she is one of the actresses who hates gymming!

#9. Beauty regimes you can follow:

Juhi never sleeps with make-up at night. She uses Johnson baby oil to take off the makeup.

She shampoos and conditions her hair frequently as she has an oily scalp.

She gets her monthly face clean-up done for removing blackheads and whiteheads. She also indulges in spa sessions for hair and body massage, manicure and pedicures.

#10. Cheat your diet once a week:

Juhi cheats her healthy eating every Sunday with her favourite masala dosa with a glass of butter milk / chaas for lunch.

#11. Healthy alternatives for junk foods:

Juhi advises to have a bowl of cucumber, tomato, carrot and sprouts at lunch time if you are less hungry.

Instead of fried snacks have a handful of almonds and raisins.

Beat the late noon drowsiness with a cup of green tea.  You can also read the 9 healthy snacks for working moms.

Well these are Juhi Chawla’s top 11 fitness and beauty tips for moms. Here is an actress turned mom who switched her lifestyle to yoga and meditation which helped her lose weight as well.

Hope we can learn from her to not only look good but feel and experience goodness from within.

Share with me who your favorite actress mom is and why. Also let me know which is that one fitness and beauty mantra of Juhi Chawla you can adopt in your lifestyle.

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