Snowman Money Bank DIY with your Toddler this Christmas


Today I bring to you a snowman money bank DIY which your toddler can make with your help this Christmas.

snowman money bank diy

Ho..Ho..Ho.. Christmas is round the corner.

I have so many great memories of Christmas! Having studied in a hostel, Christmas meant family time, as we got ten days of vacation. My brother and I spent those valuable ten days counting colorful stars put up in various houses and listening to the various newly formed choirs. That was also the time where we would be treated to the most heavenly appam and stew made by Lilly aunty who stayed next door.

We were fortunate to find so many things to occupy us during our vacations, but nowadays moms groan at the very sound of vacations. The reason they give is that their little ones want to stay glued to the TV! So here is something that will keep them away from TV, a little DIY.

Today, we are doing a DIY money bank. Now, it is December and some of us are lucky to be making snowmen, but for the rest of the mommies let us make Snowman Money Bank instead!

Why a money bank?

It is the best way to start teaching your kids the basics of saving up. It helps teach your kids the importance of money too. He can donate the money he has collected for some good cause, buy his/ her favourite toy or even start an FD! But whatever they chose to do with it, they will definitely be proud as it is their money that they have been saving up! This unique piggy bank will definitely encourage your child to save up.

Hope you have already tried out our sock snow man DIY.

Christmas snowman money bank DIY for your toddler:

So let’s see how to make a piggy bank. This DIY plastic bottle piggy bank will not only help you recycle plastic but also make something that helps your child learn the value of saving.

Items required:

  • Comfort fabric conditioner bottle – 1
  • Permanent marker – I have used black and blue
  • Glue – I used fevibond
  • Cutter
  • Ribbon


Take an old comfort bottle and remove the outside wrapper. Clean the insides well and let it dry.

snowman money bank diy snowman money bank diy

On one side make a small rectangle with the dimensions 3.5 cm* 0.5 cm. Using a scissor or cutter, cut this portion out.

On the other side draw the face with the black marker as shown in the picture. Also draw the buttons. You can also use real buttons to embellish the snowman.

Cut a small piece of ribbon and make the scarf piece that goes around the neck of the snowman. All you have to do is stick it around the neck.

snowman money bank diy Snowman Money Bank - 4

Cut another piece, longer than the neck piece. Fold it in half and stick it on the neck piece on one side. Take a small square piece of paper and make the nose and stick it on the snowman.

snowman money bank diy snowman money bank diy

The snowman is now ready.

Apart from looking good, this snowman can adorn your little one’s room or be part of your Christmas décor. The best part about this snowman is that, when he is full, all you have to do is open the cap and empty the contents and he can be used again.

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Hope you liked this little snowman money bank DIY and hope this snowman is able to join you and your family this Christmas!

Happy Christmas!


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