Dress Up Your Baby as Santa with These 7 Accessories


dress up your baby as santa

Today’s post is all about how to dress up your baby as Santa Claus.

Which is your favorite month of the year? For my family, undoubtedly, the favorite month is December. Not only that it is the month of gifts and celebrations, but mine as well as my little one’s birthday falls in this month.

Coming from a Malayali Christian family Christmas brings a lot of memories about setting up the tree and the crib, the delicious feast on the eve of Christmas, gifts from elders etc. The best part of all these were the Christmas carols that I used to go for along with my friends.

7 Accessories required to dress up your baby as Santa:

When we were kids, the heftiest among us used to be the Santa Claus. Things have changed now. These days, we see kids being dressed up by parents according to the occasion right from the moment they are born. I am no different from them and fall on the top in this list.

Lets see the accessories required to dress up your baby as Santa.

#1.Santa Outfit: 

My baby was due on Dec 22nd and I was hoping and praying that she will arrive on or before 22nd. Firstly, I didn’t want a late labor. Secondly, I didn’t want to miss dressing up my 3 days old Santa. I had planned this in advance and had the costume ready for my little Santa.

Santa gowns are readily available online. You can always buy a bigger size Santa outfit so that it can be used by baby till she or he reaches 3 years.

For babies Santa Claus costume, comes in white and red polka dots. It is available in various sizes.

 #2. Bibs:

The cute Santa bibs are available just for babies. A lot of variety in the shape of Santa, reindeer, elfs etc are available in these bibs collection.

 #4.Santa bracelet:

An accessory all of us would love to have for Christmas. I am sure babies and toddlers would love it too 🙂

 #5. Santa cap:

Santa cap is an essential part of Santa claus theme. There are various caps of Santa available in online stores. Choose the one which can be adjusted according to the head circumference of baby/ toddler.

 #6. Santa moustache:

This is one of the best accessories for toddlers and they would love it. I wouldn’t recommend this for infants though.

If it’s not available online or your near by stores, you can use white cotton balls to create the fluffy Santa beard and moustache.

 #7. Santa shoes:

This finishes off the Santa themed costumes. If the fluffy red and white shoes aren’t available you can choose red and white colored shoes or boots for babies and toddlers.


  • There is no point in investing a lot of money as the baby would outgrow the costume very fast and this is a yearly event.
  • Always try to get the Santa cap a size bigger so that you can alter and use for more years.
  • Keep the baby costume (romper /dress /Santa gown) so that you could pass it over to your second baby or even to your friends’ or relatives’s babies.
  • Get the costume in cotton or any other comfortable fabric if you are planning to make the baby wear it for a long time.

Hope this post gives you an idea of how to dress up your baby as Santa.

Do let us know if the post was helpful for you and also feel free to share the pics of your munchkin in Santa costume with us.

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