Travelling with an Infant or Toddler Made Easy (FREE Printable Packing Checklist)


travelling with an infant or toddlerLike many new parents I used to avoid travelling or going on a holiday as I wanted my baby to be comfortable. Babies do need a lot of attention and are so delicate in the initial months.

I had to travel to my native once when  my son Nimansh was around 4 months. I learnt that with a little planning and care, babies can be easily managed on a vacation. Parents can enjoy the holidays too then.

Tips for easy travelling with an infant or toddler:

Below mentioned are the 6 tried and tested tips to ensure easy travelling with an infant or toddler.

TIP #1 Pack wisely:  

Click on the below chart to get your FREE printable copy of travel packing checklist.

travel packing checklist

  • Try to pack separate bags for car, flight or trains and a separate bag for hotel. You can also read how to fly with a baby
  • Do pack your baby’s favorite bed sheet, pillow or blanket . The familiar smell and texture soothes the baby
  • Do carry the pushchair or pram if it’s portable. One can also wear the baby around using the baby carrier
  • Take a few good light weight toys. Do try pack a few small new toys and books too.
  • Start preparing to pack a little ahead of time. This step will ensure you to have enough time for packing and avoid last minute surprises.

Tip #2 Try to maintain baby’s schedule:

Babies don’t like too much of change . They feel comfortable with the familiar faces, smell and places .

  • While travelling, do plan and try to ensure that your child’s nap and feeding times are disturbed only minimally. If a baby gets enough sleep and food, they are calm and happy.

Tip #3 Take care of food and water:

  • Do ensure that you have safe drinking water at all times during travel. This will ensure the safety of kids against germs and will keep infection at bay
  • Do carry your toddler’s favorite low-mess snacks. Read to know the 20 healthy on the go snacking options for toddlers
  • In case you are travelling to your native or relative’s place try to pack home cooked food for toddlers.
  • Most of the hotels entertain special requests for babies and toddlers. Do make use of them and pack food from reliable sources (if needed).

Tip #4 Try to be flexible and open:

  • When travelling with kids, we may not be able to go to all the tourist places or visit all the relatives in home town. Try to remain flexible and open to adjustments
  • In spite of your efforts to pack fun puppets, toys and books, your child may be much more interested in exploring the not so common things like playing with chairs or newspaper/magazine, and handing them back and forth to you. Go with it & enjoy the moment 🙂

Tip#5  Ask for help:

  • If travelling with family, ask for help from husband or other family members
  • Do not hesitate to ask the hotel staff for extra bed sheets or pillows and any other support. Same applies to airport staff.

In my experience good hotels are the one which cater to the needs of young travelers as well.

Tip#6 Germ Protection & Medications:  

You can’t protect a baby from germs completely while travelling. We can definitely try to keep infection at minimum by

  • Washing your hands and your child’s hands when possible.
  • Wipe the toys, utensils and other items used by kids with baby wipes
  • Use a hand sanitizer always
  • Pack the commonly used medicines as well along with a basic first aid kit
  • Do save your pediatrician’s contact details for emergencies

Last but not the least, don’t forget to take your camera and capture those beautiful moments .

Hope this post was useful for all you out there.


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