Christmas Bauble Using Gems Ball DIY (Step by Step Tutorial)

Christmas Bauble using Gems Ball

DIY Christmas Bauble using Gems Ball

Whenever I see craft and art blogs, I ache to do a craft all by myself. For a person like me, who has never attempted to do a craft on my own, DIY seemed like a herculean task. This Christmas I tried my hands on the first ever craft DIY : a Christmas Bauble using Gems Ball within 10 minutes flat!

Do you have fond memories of Christmas? I have.

I remember the Xmas tree and crib being decorated by my Christian neighbours back there in Kerala. The Xmas tree adorned with cards, baubles, small gifts, stockings, LED lights, the rich plum cakes, appams and mildy sweet coconut based chicken curry served in the mornings, the jingle bells jingle all the way Christmas carol at midnight with Santa uttering β€˜Ho Ho’, his gang showering sweets!

Times passed, but I am sure Christmas celebration hasn’t lost its charm there in my home town.

I had seen a simple DIY in Poornima’s blog months ago. Then and there I decided that if I were to do a craft, then it would be this one. This Christmas when the thought of DIY came to my mind, Christmas bauble topped my list πŸ™‚

I can say I would be the first mom in the world who bought gems for my daughter just for the sake of the ball that came with gems packed inside it πŸ˜›

Well never mind, let me tell you how you can make this Christmas Bauble using a gems ball that too within 10 minutes.

This DIY is pretty simple and all the required materials would be available at your nearby stationery store.

Your toddler can help you to make this DIY. Its an excellent way of engaging your toddlers this Christmas.

Materials Required To Make Christmas Bauble:

  • Gems ball – 1 (any color). I bought a red color ball to signify the theme of Christmas
  • Glue – 1 bottle
  • Flower, star or snow crystal stickers – 25 nos:
  • Cut glass pieces – 5 to 10 nos:
  • Thread – 1
  • Incense stick – 1

How to make Christmas bauble?

Tear off the outer cover of gems ball. Since there is shimmer on it, there is no requirement of glitter paint.

With the help of a lighted incense stick make holes at the top of two hemispheres.

Christmas bauble using gems ball DIY

Make knots inside of the 2 hemispheres so that when you close the 2, it forms a connecting thread between the 2 hemispheres. You can seek help from your toddler in this process.

Christmas bauble with gems ball

Now paste the stickers on the ball with the help of glue. You can also use glass mirrors to fill the gaps. Β Your toddler/s or kids can help you with their creativity and the desired shapes of stickers.

christmas bauble

Once all the stickers are properly dried, hang the bauble on the Christmas tree. Doesn’t it look lovely?

christmas bauble

Here I have used flowery stickers. You can choose stars, snow or any other you feel like.

Hope you liked my first attempt of my DIY Christmas bauble using gems ball.

Do try it yourself with the help of your toddler and share with me the photos!


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Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


  1. Love the DIY.. what a fab idea to reuse chocolate boxes. Super easy & looks fab too. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas .. Here’s wishing you & your family loads of love & happiness in the new year.

  2. This is such a marvelous DIY. I loved the detailing that you have done on a simple Gems ball. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Sangeeta

    I had seen this in youtube and had been wishing to make it…haven’t yet done that…perhaps this post of yours will hasten me up πŸ™‚
    This is super cute πŸ™‚
    You have done a wonderful job!

  4. Wow, so pretty sangeetha, and so easy to make too… with the release of the superman gems ball series we have so many balls at home, definitely going to try this one.. Thanks for sharing

  5. Awesome post Sangeetha! I have millions of these Gems balls floating around my house because my daughter is terribly attached to them and refuses to throw them away! Definitely going to try this craft πŸ™‚