10 Christmas Gifts Under 500 Rupees for Babies


christmas gifts for babiesDecember is here !! The month of snow , reindeer , hot chocolate ,chicken soup,  santa and jingle bells !! A holy month full of blessings and joy . A month concluding the end of a year. How can I miss the December babies ? As it’s the month of Christmas , this post is about 10 perfect Christmas gifts for babies under 500 rupees.

I remember my former boss telling me how she used to hide gifts and presents under her son’s pillow the night before Christmas . The morning when he wakes up , he truly believes that Santa had come the previous night on the reindeer with presents for him and since he was asleep,  had kept gifts under his pillow. With time he realized that those gifts were kept by his parents and not Santa. But still every year they make it a point to keep gifts and he awaits those without fail 🙂 Unique happiness of receiving blessings and gifts!! So for those babies celebrating their first Christmas , I have made a list of 10 perfect gifts for them. Heyy I have included the gifts for moms too 🙂 Lets see them, shall we ?

1. Board Books 

Board books are excellent Christmas gifts for babies. They will definitely love the colors and textures used in the book. We pick Baby’s First Christmas Board Book as a perfect gift here . Available in Amazon and Flipkart it costs 454 INR.

2. Photo Frames

Photo frames too are a good option where in the lovely and cute photos of the baby and family could be captured forever in them. Bumps n Baby recommends Vividha Photo frames wild woods which costs 149 INR

3. Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys will never go out of season . Then why would we not include them in our list of Christmas presents ? Tickles Stuffed Santaclause is an ideal choice for a baby, which costs 299 INR

4. Baby on Board

An ideal gift for parents who own cars. The baby on board by J L Morison is our recommendation costing 146 INR

5. Travel time bowl sets

Travel time bowl sets are ideal for storing baby foods and cereals while travelling . The material is baby friendly and leak proof. Bumps n Baby recommends Nuby travel time bowl set costing 425 INR as an excellent gifting choice.

6. Bottle warmers 

December is known for its cold and wintery effect. What can be the best gift other than the bottle warmers for a baby which could keep milk or water warm for long especially during travel ? We recommend Baby Dreams bottle warmers , costing 200 INR for single and 300 INR for double bottle warmer

7. Diaper Bags

Diaper bags are a must for every new mom . If we are talking about gifts and presents , how can we miss out the mom here ? Here is a stylish and comfy diaper bag for her where in she can stuff almost everything required for her and her baby. Quite a good idea na ? Bumps n Baby recommends Littles Mama messenger diaper bag costing 345 INR for women.

8. Baby Bed Sheets

Its winter and baby bed sheets make an apt gift for babies . What if its cute and under 500 bucks ? Take a look at these bed sheets by cradle togs cot size costing 395 INR

9. Mittens and Booty Set

Mittens and Booties are a must during winters and make an apt choice as Christmas gifts. Mee Mee mitten and booty set costing 295 INR is ideal here.

10. Stacking Toys

Stacking toys help a baby to build his motor and visual skills. I strongly recommend this as an ideal gifting option. Fisher Price Rock -a – Stack wins here costing 169 INR

Hope you liked this post of 10 Christmas gifts under 500 rupees for babies . Do let me know which one you would prefer to gift and why ?


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  1. givingreadingachance on

    Wonderful post – for older babies (who can sit) – tan activity ball (like the one with latches, wires with beads) is a great choice; board books, kid-safe foam blocks (loads available for under 500 these days). Some DIY gifts are also great – like the discovery bottles, treasure baskets (containing child-safe daily use items), box with ribbons stuffed for pulling out, a sensory book(with different textured cloth material – so many options – all so cheap to do – and I think much appreciated because all the effort in making those. If someday i learn to sew, I would love tomake soft blocks out of clothes and cotton too 🙂 For moms? I would personally take your babe in for a playdate for 1 hr, and let you relax 😉 – best gift ever 🙂

  2. Very helpful post for those who have no idea about gifting babies!! My personal picks would be the board books and feeding sets. And maybe some building blocks 🙂

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