Introduce Santa Claus to Your Child Today in These 12 Ways


Here are the 12 ways by which you can introduce Santa Claus to your child.

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way Santa Claus is coming around riding on a sleigh hey!!!

Christmas is always special for me, it used to be more special when I was in Mumbai. The city with numerous churches, where we used to attend midnight masses, evening prayers, city decorated with lights on trees during this winter eve.


Santa Claus and the beliefs:

Xmas for the little one  is just not complete without Santa. Dressed in red with a jolly smile he manages to fulfill the dreams of kids. There is a belief since childhood that Santa succeeds in fitting down through chimneys, he sneaks in and out houses leaving gifts.

As my little one turns 3 next year he has started to understand the concept of tree, light and the fat old white beard Christmas papa ‘Santa Claus’. Whenever I tell him Santa will come on Xmas eve, he nods in agreement 🙂

How we tried to introduce Santa Claus to our child?

Last week we happened to visit a mall, there were Christmas decoration all around, the Christmas tree, the lamps, the bells and so on.

There was a man dressed up as Santa Claus. I noticed children lined up with their parents to sit on Santa’s lap and they ended up crying when they faced the big man. My little one too got scared when he heard a loud ho!ho!ho! I guess kids didn’t like his white beard, gloves or red suit.

Operation Santa: 11 Amazing ways to introduce Santa Claus to your child today

Get your child excited about Santa, take him to the Santa a few times closer and see if he gradually moves a little closer to him, waves away from far, or just says a ‘hi’.

We have been trying to introduce Santa to our little one in terms of fun and happiness, instead of big and scary. Only time will tell if our tricks will work, but here’s what we have been planning to do. He might not understand it instantly but gradually you can make him realize the presence of Santa Claus.

Let’s see the 12 ways by which we can introduce Santa Claus to your child today.

#1. Pictures of Santa:

Adorable Santa is the soft corner of every child. Pointing out the pictures of Santa really work. My son who is 2 now recognizes who Santa Claus is.

#2. Books:

As with everything else, there are countless books about Christmas out there for kids. Gift a book on Santa Claus to your child for every Christmas.

Children will be overwhelmed with joy when they see their Santa on the story book cover. When he picks up that book, he might yell out “Ho Ho Ho!,” knowing that’s Santa’s mantra.

Your child would be able to pick out Santa on every page . He will be so happy to see Santa who does not make any noise.

 #3. TV cartoons:

Santa on TV isn’t quite the same thing as when he’s right in front of you. Watch a cartoon about Santa, elf, reindeers, Santa playing with kids etc so that they can get familiar.

We have already started searching and downloading videos on our computer so we can quickly pull up a short video of Santa 🙂

I am sure every kid would enjoy this unique Santa Claus video.

#4. Making your child decorate Christmas tree:

Decorating the Christmas tree with your children is one of the most enjoyable moments. Tell them Santa would decide the best decorated Christmas tree in your place.

Little ones will be delighted in decorating tree with the decors they love. For instance, if they love stars we can add more fancy stars to the Christmas tree to make it more attractive.

#5. Christmas elf doll:

Santa’s magic elf doll made with colored fabrics is a perfect companion for children.

When your child is asleep, it would be fun to decorate the room with cute Santa dolls around and everything glowing up when he wakes up the next morning.

#6. Create a personalized letter from Santa:

Create a personalized letter mentioning your child’s name from Santa exclusively for him. This will  make them believe about Santa. There is a sure shot proof that Santa himself has put together a letter for him.

 Here is a sample personalized letter from Santa. Just download this letter and fill in your child’s name and keep it inside an envelope addressed to him on his pillow/ bed.


introduce santa claus to your child

I can honestly tell this as a mother; I can imagine the amusement on my child’s face when he will get this personalized letter from his Santa.

#7. Gift from Santa:

It is easy to make kids believe that they have received a package from Santa. Gift them something they had been waiting for.

My little one loves bike. So Mr. Santa (here in case my husband) has decided to gift him bike this year.

I am sure the excitement is worth waiting for.

#8. Wrapping gift:

Wrap up the gifts with pictures of Santa, reindeer, snow man etc to make it more attractive as kids will love to see them.

#9. Make a video on Santa:

Set up a camera at home and make a video with the help of your hubby dressed as Mr. Santa delivering gifts. They will be amazed to see Christmas Papa being caught in video 🙂

#10. Leave proof of Santa’s visit:

 How about leaving a full proof of Santa’s visit at your home? Here are the simple tricks to do:

  • Sprinkle glitter in front porch: Sprinkle glitter to show your kids that it is Santa’s magic dust.  To do this simply use talcum powder mixed with glitter particles around the house. Kids will be wide-eyed when they see the magic dust.
  • Magic boot prints: Leave some magic boot prints to draw attention towards Santa Clause’s foot prints on Christmas morning. This will make the little ones believe that Santa had been to their home on Christmas eve. Another trick is to  throw a pair of old boots around the house.

#11. Cookies for Santa and reindeer:

As it is believed that after leaving gifts at each child’s house and after all the hard work, Santa drinks milk n eat cookies left for him by the children.

The trick here is to show some left over half eaten oats cookies in a plate, a glass of milk and a chopped piece of carrot eaten by the Santa’s reindeer.

 #12. Make it a tradition every year:

It is very important to have a positive experience so you and your little one can enjoy every Christmas eve.

Traditions help to keep memories. It also provides the importance of family bonding and celebrations like Christmas.

Continue playing this Secret Santa with your child and see for yourself how he/she awaits her Santa Claus and the Xmas gifts every year.

Every child deserves to enjoy the magic. Lets create our own operation Santa so that our child wakes up with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness for every Christmas from now 🙂

Hope you liked this article on how to introduce Santa Claus to your child. Let me know in comments which is that tactic you are going to use in your Secret Santa Operation 🙂

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