3 DIY Christmas Decorations Within Minutes (Step By Step Photos)



Today I bring to you the 3 DIY Christmas decorations you can make with the help of your toddler within minutes.

Jingle Bells Jingle bells.. jingle all the way.. Oh yes Xmas is around the corner!

Christmas for me is special as it brings a lot of memories back from school. Decorations, Xmas greeting card competition, Santa Claus, Christmas gifts all are etched deep down in my heart.

3 DIY Christmas Decorations in a Jiffy:

This Christmas I wanted a special bonding time with my daughter and we planned to make Christmas decorations together. We decided to make a Christmas tree, a Santa and a Christmas Star.

Let’s take a look at these 3 DIY Christmas decorations.

#1. Santa Claus DIY:

Christmas Santa DIY

Materials required to make Santa Claus:

  • An empty plastic container
  • A Santa cap
  • Cotton – a roll
  • Craft papers
  • Glue
  • Scissors

I have used an old unwanted plastic container to form the face of Santa as shown above in the picture.

Cover the container with a cream colored paper (I used an old wedding card for this). This will act as the face of Santa. Use the cotton to make the beard and the mustache. Randomly place the cotton to make a fluffy beard that Santa is known for 🙂

The Santa cap is placed on the container to make the complete face. Cut out the other details like the eyes and the lips using the craft paper. Stick these details to the container and here goes our Santa’s face.

I used a ball covered with a red cloth to act as the body and I have placed my santa on daughter’s chair 🙂 Isn’t this a quick and easy Christmas Santa DIY?

#2. Xmas tree DIY:

Christmas without a Christmas tree? No ways!!

The Xmas tree is special and it is a must for every household celebrating Christmas. My version of Christmas tree is quick, simple and easy to make.

Christmas Tree DIY

Materials required to make the Christmas Tree:

  • Ice-cream sticks
  • Green craft paper
  • Some decorative items like stickers
  • Glue
  • Scissors

I have again used the ice-cream sticks to make the stem of the tree. Place the sticks together in the below form to make the structure of the tree.

You can adjust this according to the height you want the Xmas tree to have. Use a green card sheet to cut out the tree. Cut out this from one corner of the sheet like shown below so that this can be placed on the sticks.

The Christmas tree is ready!

Decorate the tree the way you want to decorate the Christmas tree at home. I used some Christmas stickers available in the stores.

You can use anything that will enhance the beauty of your Christmas tree 🙂

#3. Christmas Star DIY:

Xmas Star is something that hangs in front of most of the houses.The glitter and the shine of Xmas is well depicted by the Xmas star.

Material required to make Christmas Star:

  • Ice-cream sticks
  • Golden paper
  • Decorative add ons
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Christmas Star DIY

I have used ice-cream sticks which are readily available in any stationery store. Ice-cream sticks are arranged in the form of a star.Use a good glue stick to put this together. Keep this aside for sometime so that they stick properly.

Place this star stencil on a golden sheet ( you could any kind of paper for this depending on your choice of Xmas star color). Cut this out along the border and paste it well.

Decorate your star with some cut outs or any readily available glitter. You could also use beads, cut outs etc here.

Try these out at leisure. Hope you enjoy this as much as we did. You could add to the variant and make this Christmas all the more merrier 🙂

These 3 DIY Christmas decorations are fairly simple and easy to make.  You don’t need to be an expert in the art and craft department to try these. This being so quick, I am sure your little ones will enjoy and not get bored making these.

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