Superbottoms Pocket Diaper: Cloth Diapering Made Easy


superbottoms pocket diaper review

‘Cloth diapering’ was completely new to me. This time I had the opportunity to try out an advanced cloth diaper for Anshika.

Today I bring to you the review of  Zoo Me pocket diapers from Superbottoms. Lets see how this pocket diaper fared my 2 year old.

My Introduction to Superbottoms Pocket Diaper:

For a mother who was completely on to commercial disposable diapers for her baby, cloth diapers were a whole different thing for me to start with.

I was hesitant about the whole washing, drying and reusing of cloth diaper, but the instruction leaflet provided along with the diaper set gave me a thorough understanding of the whole product 🙂

About Superbottoms Pocket Diaper:

Superbottoms diapers are advanced cloth diapers suited for babies ranging from 3 kgs-17 kgs.

Superbottoms have 2 types of diaper; cover and pocket.  I used the pocket diaper for Anshika.

Product Description:

pocket diapers from superbottoms

The Superbottoms pocket diaper came with a pocket soaker. The outer and inner covers are made of 100% laminated polyester. Soaker is 80% polyester and 20% nylon.

The soaker has 4 snap adjustment size options. The diaper has L shaped square tabs and baby animal prints all over it which is soo cute 🙂

Claims as per the Company:

“A diapering system that balances the baby’s comfort and provides you with all the convenience you seek from diapers.”

Superbottoms claims to have the following features for their diapers.


  1. Double leak guard
  2. Supersoakers
  3. L shaped square tabs
  4. Adjustable size
  5. Super savings
  6. No rashes

PRICE : 1289 INR (and they seem to be planning on some good Christmas Deals)

PROS of Superbottoms Pocket Diapers:

pocket diaper super bottoms

  1. Amazing comfort level:

The snap buttons help you to determine the perfect fit your baby.

My daughter though never cloth diapered showed no discomfort wearing it.

I believe the 3 layers of microfiber is so gentle that she drove on her bike like a pro the moment  she was cloth diapered for the first time 🙂 So comfortable she was!

  1. No Leakage:

Superbottoms pocket diapers come with double gusset thus ensuring superior leakage protection.

  1. Provides unique dry feel to the baby:

Superbottoms pocket diaper has suede as the layer which offers the best dry feel to your baby.

Once the baby poos / pees, the wetness is passed to the super absorbent soaker ensuring dry feel comfort to your baby.

As I mentioned I used this pocket diaper for Anshika and even after 4-5 hours, she was comfortable; thanks to the suede dry feel layer.

  1. Meaningful investment:

Superbottoms pocket diaper comes with a soaker which has snaps to adjust according to your baby’s diaper area and give the perfect fit.

For Anshika I used the large soaker.

So for a baby its an ideal investment, as these pocket diapers could be used right from 3kgs (small baby) till toddler phase (17kgs).

In other words the diapers grow along with the baby!

  1. No rashes or allergies:

Anshika had pocket diaper on for the first 4 hours. She didn’t have any allergies, rashes or the elastic marks because of the diaper.

Since there are no chemicals involved, we can be tension free too.

  1. L shaped square tabs:

The L shaped square tabs ensure that the diapers can be easily put on even for active babies and toddlers. The buttons on it are soft and won’t harm the baby.

  1. Eco friendly:

Its said disposable diapers take more than 500 years to degrade. But cloth diapers are earth friendly, recyclable and reusable.

  1. Super savings:

If we compare the prices of disposable diapers and cloth diapers on an annual basis, there is saving of about 74%.

  1. Cute diaper:

The entire range from Superbottoms have cute prints on it. The zoo animal prints on the outer cover of pocket diaper give it a unique baby charm and cuteness.

Anshika wore it to the daycare too and am sure she show-offed her new diaper there as well 🙂


Nothing I can think of.

Experience with Superbottoms Pocket Diaper:

cloth pocket diaper

The soaker was inserted into the pocket of the diaper. Then the buttons on the L shaped square tabs were adjusted to give a perfect fit for Anshika.

The adjustive buttons helped us to know her comfort level and have the diaper fit properly.

how to wear zoo me pocket diaper

Anshika didn’t feel any discomfort while putting on this pocket diaper. She was all excited like a toddler her age and even started cooperating by buttoning her own diaper along the thighs.

How I wash and reuse the Superbottoms pocket diaper?

cloth pocket diaper from superbottoms

Before using it on my daughter, the diaper was hand washed and the soaker was machine washed with the normal detergent.

You can also machine wash the diaper but make sure that its taken out before machine dry mode to protect the elasticity.

From second time onwards, I soaked the diaper in warm water for 30 minutes. Once it was soaked properly it was then put in the washing machine along with the soaker.

Before the spin and air dry mode, diaper was taken and hung out for drying under the sun.

Anshika urinated for more than 5-6 times during the first 4-5 hours and the diaper was dry throughout without making her uncomfortable.

No rashes or elastic marks on the thighs or diaper area were found post the usage of these pocket diapers.

Anshika never pooped in these pocket diapers, so I can’t comment on those. But I guess these cloth diapers can help babies to potty train easily 🙂

My rating: 5 out of 5

Would I recommend this product? : Yes definitely.

Zoo Me pocket diapers can be ordered from the Superbottoms official website. You can also order in from their FB page or twitter!

The customer care number of superbottoms is 98 20 30 11 06 and they also respond of Whatsapp!!

Next time when you think of cloth diapers for your baby, think Superbottoms; diapers for your baby’s utmost comfort and care!!


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