25 Evergreen Christmas Carols for Children


In this post, I have listed the 25 evergreen Christmas carols for our little artists. Season of Christmas ushers the beginning of miracles and magic, isn’t it? It stirs up smiles and rejuvenates memories.

evergreen christmas carols Not that I love to cling to the past, but playing back a thousand wonderful moments keeps me going. Hanging up stars, writing greeting cards, Christmas parties at school and church, helping mother to bake her delicious signature cakes, watching Christmas movies, waiting for Santa Claus, finding little gifts in our stockings, going door-to-door singing Christmas carols, eating Christmas goodies, imagining a world of fantasies, giving gifts to the needy, are some of those innocent days of life.

The revelations on growing up were many but I purposely believed in none. I don’t wish to strangle my enchanting vision towards Christmas. On the contrary, I am very happily passing it on to my daughter.

Since the beginning of advent, my husband and I have been thinking of how to introduce Christmas traditions to our little Jianna. What better than starting up with some of the evergreen, forever amazing Christmas carols for children! Christmas carols or Christmas songs, I am sure every kid on the block knows at least a few of them and loves dancing to its tunes.

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This gorgeous spell of the season lures and mesmerizes everyone – young or old. Music encompasses every hint of magic, twisting and twirling our chords of love, joy and compassion.

I confess I am not a fantastic singer, neither was I, a part from our Church choir but I have always been quite an enthusiast on singing along 😛

25 Evergreen Christmas carols to celebrate the spirit of Christmas:

Let us enlighten our children, make them sentimental on the spirits of this holy season with Christmas carol videos on youtube. 

#1. Jingle Bells

The most famous nursery rhyme and also the oldest Christmas carol is written by James Lord Pierpont in the year 1857. The lyrics tell you of Santa’s coming on his sleigh and is such a thrill even though none of us have witnessed it.

#2. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Ever noticed the first reindeer of Santa Claus with a red nose? That is our darling Rudolph. This song, written by Johnny Marks, is mainly the life story where Rudolph was mocked for his red nose but it was this little red shinning nose, which made him the most famous in history.

#3. Mary’s boy child

One of the first carols I learnt as a kid, written by Harry Belafonte and released in 1956. It reads out the whole Christmas story in such a beautiful, hummable lyrics with an amazing catchy tune. Listen it for yourself and share your views.

#4. Joy to the world

This wonderful song written by Isaac Watts in the year 1719 depicts the welcoming of Jesus, our savior. Happiness is everywhere and there is celebration on his arrival.

#5. Go tell it on the mountain

Written by John Weasley Work, Jr. in the year 1865 is still popular in every parish during Christmas time and carols lay incomplete without this number. A compilation of lyrics telling us to announce it to the world that Jesus Christ is born.

#6. The Little drummer boy

Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum…. I am big fan of this song. Originally composed by Katherine Davis, gained a lot of momentum in the 1950s and then it has been no looking back. The latest in trend is Pentatonix – Little Drummer Boy. Watch out to drown in the beauty of the song.

#7. The first Noel

An old Christmas song talking about the shepherds, the three wise men and the star. The titillating lyrics get you to picturize the whole song in your mind.

#8. O come all ye faithful

A Christmas carol calling all the devotees together to sing and worship the new born king. An incredible piece of music, which can be listened to over and over again.

#9. Santa Claus is coming to town

This is the best song to cheer up when our kids are upset. A cutesy composition, easy to learn with hummable lyrics and music.

#10. I saw three ships comes sailing in

The 3 wise men came to see the new born king on camels, they are referred to as the ships here. A melodious number to keep on singing the whole Christmas season.

#11. Ring, ring, ring the bells

A row, row, row your boat kind of kiddo song but equally loved by grown-ups too.

#12. Deck the halls with boughs of holly

A happy jolly song describing Christmas season, the décor, the spirits and the lovely carols. Fa – la – la – la – la…

#13. Little snowflake

A cute song, with extremely simple lines about snowflakes falling on every body part.

#14. S-A-N-T-A

Our munchkins know the rhyme B-I-N-G-O and this is almost the same, only thing differs is the hero. Hahahaha…. Hear it for yourself

#15. Coming down the chimney

A rhythmic blend of song where kids are singing amongst themselves describing about how Santa will come to leave those wonderful presents and the excitement on his arrival.

#16. We three kings

A beautiful popular Christmas carol sung in every parish, written by John Henry Hopkins in 1857 is one of my favorites. It talks about the MAGI’s journey to reach Bethlehem.

#17. Gloria in Excelsis Deo

This is a Latin version meaning Glory to God in the highest, sung by angels when Christ’s birth is announced.

#18. Pop, Bang, Crack goes the Christmas cracker

A merry making song about celebrating Christmas joys by bursting crackers.

#19. It’s the most wonderful time of the year

A beautiful retro song by Andy Williams back in 1960s elaborating about Christmas and the cheerful environment around.

#20. Carol of the bells

I have always been forever in love with this song. I can bet nobody can stop falling for it. Listen it for once and you will go on with it, watch Pentatonix version for the extra feel.

#21. Holly Jolly Christmas

Again a retro song from the 1960s written by Johnny Marks with an amazing joyful mood apt for the season.

#22. O Christmas tree

A little kiddo song about the beauty of Christmas tree. A simple song to hum around your kids and make them know about this evergreen tree.

#23. 12 days of Christmas

One of the oldest of the most popular Christmas carols as far as I know, describes about the 12 days of Christmas and receiving gifts on all these days.

#24. Hark the Herald Angels sing

Again an extremely old and popular Christmas carol written by Charles Wesley. This is a must sing of every church choir too.

#25. We wish you a merry Christmas

The song is sung everywhere bringing us good tidings for the year round. Do you know that it is from the 16th century? Gosh….we still sing this amazing, melodious tune with a smile on our face, tap on our fingers and a shake on the legs.

I hope these top 25 Christmas songs light up the festive sparks. I would love to know your favorite n evergreen Christmas carols dating back from your jolly good childhood memories, your Christmas celebration and whatever you feel like sharing with me.

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Merry, Berry, Cherry Christmas to all the lovely readers 🙂


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