DIY Sock Snowman – Christmas Special


Are you feeling the excitement of Christmas nearing?

Wondering how to involve your kids in Christmas decorations?

Here is an easy sock snowman that can be done by your kids with minimal supervision from your side.

diy snowman sock

December has already begun and a festive cheer is in air. We can almost hear Christmas bells ringing. We all know that Christmas is one of the favorite festivals of kids, be it due to gifts received from ‘Santa’, cakes, decorated Christmas tree or lot of fun associated with Christmas.

And why only children? Even we adults feel equally excited about Christmas.

I still have the beautiful earrings gifted to me by my ‘Secret Santa’ which reminds me the game called ‘Secret Santa’ organized by our senior students which we used to play during college days ahead of Christmas week. Each of our senior was given the name of one junior student name and hence she/he was a Secret Santa to that particular junior student.

We had a box in our lab named ‘Secret Santa’ where the senior student used to leave gifts with a junior’s name. During the whole week, we used to get different kinds of gifts and on Christmas day, the secret Santa’s name was revealed.

I am sure we all must have various memories associated with Christmas.

This year, let us also make the big day memorable for our kids.

Make Christmas memorable for kids:

Wondering how can you do that?

Let the bright minds involve in festive preparations especially the decoration part which they would love to do. You can involve them in different craft activities like making different crafts to decorate Christmas tree or you can also make them learn how to make a diy snowman in easy way which is what today’s post is about.

Here are 12 ways to introduce Santa Claus to your child. Also read the article 10 Most Wonderful Christmas Ideas For Babies to get more ideas to make Christmas memorable.

DIY Sock snowman – step by step tutorial:

Snow man and Santa Clause are very famous themes for Christmas decorations. Kids love these characters especially when made on their own. Read the instructions to learn make sock snowman.

Materials required

  1. A white or light colored sock
  2. Thread or rubber band
  3. Cotton
  4. 3 small beads for eyes and nose
  5. 2 Colorful buttons
  6. Needle
  7. A piece of colorful cloth/ woolen string


Take a sock and fill it with the big cotton ball till the sock heel part. You can use a pencil/pen instead of using fingers to fill the cotton balls into the sock.

Now, close the end near the sock heel with a thread or rubber band.

diy sock snowman diy sock snowman

Then, make a small cotton ball (to make a face) and fill it in the part of the sock heel which will form snow man’s face. Look at the picture given to get a clear idea.

diy sock snowman diy sock snowman

Tie the end of sock heel with thread/ rubber band. Fold twice the remaining part of sock above the face to make a cute snowman cap.

diy sock snowman diy sock snowman

diy sock snowman diy snowman sock

Use pencil to mark snowman’s eyes, nose and the ornaments (buttons).

Now, stitch small beads as snowman’s eyes, nose and sew buttons as shown in the picture.

diy snowman sock  diy snowman sock

Start stitching under the cap or the parts which would be hidden by the ornaments to get a clean snowman look. (Refer the pictures)

diy snowman sock  diy snowman sock

Now use the colorful piece of cloth/woolen string as snowman’s muffler and decorate the cap also with the same colored woolen string.

diy snowman sock The cute little snow man is ready.

Isn’t it very easy?

You can decorate Christmas tree or a corner of your home with snowman made with socks. You can also try making this Christmas Bauble.

You can also do different variations in snowman you make.


  • Colorful Snowman: 

You can be even more creative by using a colorful sock as snowman’s clothes. Just cut the sock into two from sock heel and use a part of it as snowman’s shirt and stitch two buttons on it. Use another part of sock as a cap.

  • No Sew Snowman:

If you want to make a complete no sew snowman, then you can also make snowman’s eyes and nose with color sketch pens. Or use fabric glue to stick instead of stitching. The no sew snowman can be done easily by kids as no scissors or needle is involved.

  • Different Filling:

You can even fill the sock with rice grains to give it a baggy look. Or small thermocole balls. It will look as cute that way too.

Wanna make it more fun for your kiddo. Dress him up as the Santa. Here are tips to dress up your kiddo as Santa with just 7 accessories.

Also check more easy-peasy Christmas decoration DIY ideas.

So get set ready for decorating your home for the big day.  Try doing this diy sock snowman with your kiddo.

Share your Christmas memories and Christmas snowman socks fun ideas with me.

Have fun. Cheers. Merry Christmas.


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