Food Chart for 10 Month Old Baby


food chart for 10 month old baby

As Anshika reached her 10th month, we were like “ Phew just 2 more months for her to turn one. Time just flew!”. I guess you are in the same stage too. It is said by 10th month, a baby would be able to eat by sitting upright. Her back muscles would have strengthened and she could accept grainy, solid textured foods too. If your baby is still not accepting solid foods as it is , don’t worry; take your time. Your baby would get into the mould after some time. Many parents had asked me for a food chart for 10-month-old baby, so here I am with one containing all homemade recipes as before. This time, it is presented to you in the form of a FREE printable download too 🙂

10th month is the time where in we can give a combo of finger foods, pureed mushy foods as well as solid bite sized pieces of table foods. Your baby would show the signs of her independence by trying to feed herself with spoon.

Lets see the food chart for 10 month old baby in detail.

Vegetables : Any

Fruits : Any including citrus fruits

Proteins : Yellow yolk of eggs , tofu , paneer , beans , chicken , fish

Dairy : Formula , breast milk , cheese , butter

Grains and cereals : Any


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Ragi porridge

Mixed vegetable soup

dal khichdi

Apple puree/cubes

roti with dal


raw banana powder porridge

tomato soup

rice with eggs

Chickoo puree

wheat porridge


rava porridge

beetroot carrot soup

roti with dal, ghee

Cut fruits

dal khichdi


wheat porridge

spinach soup

chicken, apple and sweet potato mash

Pear puree/cubes

rice kheer/bhardi


broken wheat porridge

moringa leaves soup

rice with chicken curry

Pomegranate kernels

puri with curry


dosa/idli dipped in curry

chicken soup


avocado puree with jaggery

kerala banana mash


rava upma

lentil soup

roti/rice with fish curry

banana puree

mixed vegetable paratha

If your baby is accepting the foods that you eat , you can give it as well. Make sure you provide a variety of foods as given so that the baby wouldn’t be fussy to eat.

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  1. Hi Sangeetha,iam a working women,now lil kid is 10months old.he is suffering from cold and caugh from long time around 20 days.i consulted doctor and using syrups and antibiotics due to which he s not taking foods and always sleepy due to that syrups .he’s taking only milk ( breast feed) ..before he is very active but now he became dull and not playing …iam worried..please suggest some best home remedies to get of caugh n cold my kid.i tried soup alsooo


  2. Hi dear. I have gone through all ur recipes its wonderful and my 10 month old loves it lot.. Ur charts helped a lot.. I would like to tell u please provide weekly charts for baby foods… It vl be very helpful.

  3. ratika nanda on

    HI Sangeetha, Have been going through your site for long time now. My son was born on 17 May 2015 with BW of 2.88KG. Now he will be 10 months in another 10 days. I took him to the doctor and he said that he is too much underweight as he weighed only 6.9 KG. I used feed him every 2 hrs interval with alternate of liquid and solid but he said to give 3-4 hrs interval and offer him only water in that time. Now I have started feeding him after 3 hrs and in between only water. Now the diet as follows (9am: kheer or any milk breakfast, 12PM: Khichdi/daliya/daal etc, 3PM Milk 120 ML, 5:30pm: Khichdi cerelac, 8:30PM: Daal/1 Half boiled egg etc.)
    I have already read your post of weight gain rich food in babies but no luck as of today. In dire need of your advice please. Looking forward for your expert advice/suggestions.

  4. hi..I m Maina baby is 10 months and I prepare some recipe from u n really my baby liked and now I have enough ideas for his food …thanks a lot….pz share more recipes

  5. priyanka chanda on

    Hi,My baby is 10months old and she eats only ceralac…n little rice dal n veggies soup…she s nly 7.2kgs.but she s super active.m worried about her weight

    • Priyanka, if she is happy and active there is nothing to be worried about. Stop feeding cerelac and switch to homemade foods completely. Keep cerelac for emergencies only.

  6. Hi sangeeta .my baby is now 9month old but he is not crawling now also.may I kno at what stage a baby will crawl.

  7. Hello,

    Great website! My baby is 9.5 months and I’m getting to know several new things! I have a query for you, if possible do let me know what you think – Presently, we give her homemade cottage cheese (paneer). Can I introduce regular proccessed cheese? I am concerned about the high level of salt and also dont like the idea of a factory made product (I only give her fresh home prepared food and breast milk). Whats your take on this?

  8. sangeetha thank you so much for your blog, you have no idea how much it means to mothers who do not have a lot of people to look for guidance. May God bless your daughter with everything for your help.

  9. Dear sangeetha, i would like to thank you for this wonderful site.since i am the mom of 11 month old babe elsa. I am a big fan of you and i learned a lot from your blog.well may god shower all the blessings for your future endevours. Good luck amd stay jn good health .happy new year 2015. Hope you have a marvellous resolution for this year.i sm so eager to read .thumbs upp

  10. Thank you.I have a10th month’s child. She is not eat cerelac.I am going mad.this Page help me thanks one’s again