Want to Know Diet, Beauty and Fitness Secrets of Chitrangada Singh ?


diet beauty and fitness secrets of chitrangada singh

Chitrangada Singh is one of the yummy mummies in Bollywood who has sultry curves and a fab body. I can say one of the Bollywood heroines who flaunts her dusky skin complexion.

My husband is fond of this dusky actress and I love the way she has maintained her body toned and svelte. Her son’s name is Zoravar and Chitrangada has been in the news recently because of recent divorce with golfer , Jyoti Randhawa.

In today’s post we will the see the diet , beauty and fitness secrets of Chitrangada Singh.

Diet, Beauty and Fitness Secrets of Chitrangada Singh:

diet beauty and fitness secrets of chitrangada singh

Like many other actresses , Chitrangada makes an extra effort to maintain herself. SKIN CARE Chitrangada owes it to her genes when it comes to her flawless complexion.

  • Sleeps for 7-8 hours
  • Avoids spicy food
  • Drinks plenty of fluids through out the day


Chitrangada is a hard-core non vegetarian who loves mutton biriyani and malai tikka. She is fond of cold coffees and drinks as and when she can . She avoids late night binging and has 5 meals a day.

  • Starts her day with 10-12 almonds soaked overnight + fresh fruit juice
  • After workouts – fruits/ oreo shakes / twix bars
  • Breakfast – Egg whites + toast + fruits (or ) 2 boiled eggs + cold coffee (or) omelette sandwich + cold coffee
  • Lunch – Bajra roti/brown rice / brown bread + curd + dal / grilled fish
  • Evening  – Fruit (or) digestive biscuits (or) cold coffee
  • Dinner – Bajra roti + green vegetables + grilled chicken/ fish /dal + soup


Chitrangada works out four times a week.  She uses a combination of exercises to keep her fit.

  • Cycle for 30 minutes followed by weights and free hand exercises
  • Does weight training consisting of step ups, squats , lunges, leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls,  high impact aerobics and push-ups
  • Plays golf and swim on alternate days
  • Jogs for 15 minutes and uses a combo of cardio vascular exercises.

Hope you liked this post on diet ,beauty and fitness secrets of Chitrangada Singh.

Who is your favorite actress- mom who has inspired you in terms of fitness . Please do share with us.


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