7 Tips for Baby and Toddler Care During Summer


Summer season is at its peak.

Each season has its own charm and its own challenges. Summer brings with it scorching sun and hot winds. It is a big change for the little ones.

But do not worry. Follow our summer care guide to keep yourself and your munchkin comfortable and cool this summer.

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Baby and toddler care during summer with these 7 tips:

Do try to follow them as measures to help your baby and toddler be comfortable and healthy during summer.

#1. Regulation of body temperature for infants

This is one of the special summer care tips for newborns.

As babies take time to regulate or adjust their body temperature according to the surroundings, avoid sudden temperature changes for them. While at home try to maintain constant speed for fan and AC.

While stepping out cover baby with a think cotton blanket for initial few minutes and then remove it.

You can also refer to the summer care for babies.

#2. Pick the right clothes and right fabric

For summers, choose only cotton based clothes. They allow better air circulation there by drawing heat away from the skin and keeping the body cool.

One more big advantage with cotton clothing is that they do not cause allergic reactions and do not irritate sensitive skin.

While indoors, dress the baby in light clothing. Sleeveless and half sleeves dresses should be fine.

Do ensure that the dresses are a little loose. For outdoors (especially in evening), choose full length dresses to ensure protection from bugs and insects.

#3. Time outdoor activities sensibly

Plan baby’s evening stroll or your toddler’s playtime judiciously based on the weather.

As most of the kids are not accustomed for strong sun rays, it is best to avoid the peak heat hours (from 11.30 am to 3.30 pm). Try to make them play in a cool and well-ventilated place or room.

#4. Ensure your little one stays hydrated: 

  • Babies less than 6 months and who are exclusively breastfed – Feed the baby as needed and do not give water.
  • For bottle or formula fed babies – cooled boiled water can be given (after discussing with your doctor)
  • For babies of 6 months and above – Do give fresh fruit juices and keep offering them healthy drinks and snacks at regular intervals. Many toddlers do not drink enough water so do remind and offer them liquids often to avoid dehydration.

You can read more about juices and water intake for babies.

#5. Care during bath time:

 Avoid giving very hot water baths to babies and toddlers during summer.

One should use tepid water to give bath. Use elbow test – dip your elbow in the water, it should not feel very hot or very cold.

You can give maximum two baths in a day. Avoid too much of baths or sponge baths as these actions fluctuate the body temperature.

#6. Give healthy and wholesome foods:

 For babies who have started on solids, include fruits and veggies

Carry water for your little one wherever possible and include curds and lots of liquids in the form of juices, semi solid snacks.

Give light food that is easily digestible and has less of oil, ghee or nut. Try to avoid eating out during summers.

#7. Seek medical advice if necessary:

If your little one looks very tired or dehydrated do seek medical attention. Read to know the signals which could indicate requirement of  emergency medical attention for babies and kids.

Skin related problems are also very common during summers due to heat and increased number of insects.

You can also read how to get rid of prickly heat rashes in babies and kids with home remedies.

In case you see any changes in the skin or severe rashes, do contact your pediatrician.

Hope these tips for baby and toddler care during summer was helpful. Do share with me in comments the ways by which you take care of your little one this summer.


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