11 Ways to Get Rid of Prickly Heat Rash Once and For All


Today I bring to you the effective home remedies for prickly heat rash in babies and kids.

Have you read the summer care for babies? Summer brings with itself a lot of sweat. When there is a lot of sweat accumulated, there is a condition called milaria, in a layman’s term – prickly heat.

prickly heat rash


Signs and symptoms of prickly heat rash:

Prickly heat is a kind of rash that develop anywhere on the body but usually occur in the heavily sweaty areas like back, neck, groin, hands, armpits, waist and upper chest.

This is common even in infants and kids since their sweat glands are not fully developed.

Although it doesn’t pose any serious skin hazards but these rashes tend to be very irritating and uncomfortable.

Prickly heat rash treatment using 11 home remedies:

There are some simple home remedies for prickly heat rash in babies and kids.

#1. Neem Leaves:

For ages neem leaves are known for its medicinal properties. Neem leaves have proved vital in treatment of many skin diseases.

Make a paste of neem leaves (approximately 30 to 35 leaves) and apply it over affected areas and wash it off after some time.

You can even add a few leaves to the water used for taking bath. This is ideal for babies of 6 months and above.

#2. Sandalwood or Chandan:

 Sandalwood has a very cooling effect on the skin.

Apply sandalwood paste to the affected areas. Sandalwood has been used for ages for skin related problems. The cooling effect that sandalwood provided makes it effective in prickly heat treatment as well.

For best results mix sandalwood with rose water. You can even use sandalwood powder like a talcum powder. This home remedy can be used for babies of 6 months and above.

#3. Tadgola or Ice Apple:

Ice apple, tadgola, tari or panam nungu can be effective against prickly heat rashes in babies, kids and adults alike.

Gently rub a piece of tadgola over the rashes and let it air dry. Wash off with water. This home remedy is ideal for babies of 6 months and above.

Eating tadgolas or ice apples on an everyday basis can provide enough hydration and act as an instant body coolant too. Tadgola pulp can be given to toddlers above 1 year.

#4. Herbal Talcum Powder:

Herbal talcum powders available in the market are effective in treatment of prickly heat.They help to absorb the moisture and thus provides great relief from prickly heat.

Suitable for babies of 6 months and above.

 #5. Ice pack or Ice water:

 If the condition is very irritable, placing an ice bag or a cloth dipped in ice water can provide immediate relief. This has to be applied to only toddlers above 1 year.

#6. Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth:

Multan mitti, again, has a very cooling effect on the body.

Make a pack of multani mitti and apply it to the affected areas. This can also be used with rose water for best results.

#8. Hydration with Summer Drinks:

Keeping the body hydrated is very important to prevent and combat prickly heat.

Give water, juices or summer special drinks like kairi panna made from raw mangoes.

#9. Cooling Summer Foods:

Give your baby/toddler lots of watermelon, cucumber etc, which help in keeping the body hydrated and cool.

Cucumbers can also be placed in the affected areas to give a cooling affect.

#10. Gram Flour or Besan:

Gram flour, chana dal or besan acts as very good cleansing agent. It helps in absorbing the excess moisture from the skin and this indirectly helps prevent prickly heat.

You can even make this into a paste and apply it over the affected areas to be washed off later.

Kindly refrain from aggressive rubbing or massaging this for kids below 2 year old, as besan or gram flour is a natural scrub and might cause rashes in their sensitive skin.

#11. Daily Bath:

Give 2 normal water showers in a day so that sweat accumulation decreases. Avoid tight clothes during summer and stay ventilated. When outdoors prefer to stay in shades.

Hope these simple home remedies help you to take care of your little one’s prickly heat rash during this summer.

If you have any other tried and tested home remedies for prickly heat rash for babies and kids, kindly share with me in comments.

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