5 Smart Tips for Smart Moms on this Mother’s Day


I always say being a mother is not easy. Taking care of the kid, managing your career and running a house – in short, we moms are expert multi taskers.

While doing all the above mentioned donning the hat of a mother, there is one person whom we always look up to; yes our own mother!  How were we raised, what were we fed, how we were groomed growing up, I am sure every mom has a long story to narrate when it comes to her child/children.

I have had days where in I have wondered how my mom managed to raise all 3 of us kids in a time where in she had limited resources and support. When I became a mother, the networking with other moms and my own experience gave me a lot many tips in parenting.

5 tips for smart moms this Mother’s day you can imbibe:

This Mother’s Day I write about those 5 smart tips for smart moms – some from what my mom followed and some from my own experience as a mother.

#1. Shop online to save time, money and efforts

This is one smart tip I can vouch on.

Online shopping for things you need for yourself and baby is one of the best smart tips for a new mom. You save your money, efforts and time while shopping online – all from the comfort of your home.

So smart momma, start shopping online from now.

#2. Reuse and recycle

This is a great tip I have imbibed from my mother.

Right from our childhood, the terms reuse, recycle, up cycle all were already made known to us by our Amma.  Every time she makes sure that the festive, birthday and occasion essentials are packed, labeled and secured to be used the next year, she made sure she imbibed in us those essential lessons on life, money, savings and preserving our mother Earth!

So why not pack that Diwali diyas and holi colors for the next year without wasting or throwing it away? Same goes with frock turned pillow cover, pillow cover turned to mop cloth etc.

#3. Delegate and share chores

Being in a nuclear family and a working mom taking care of a 3 month old baby, delegating and sharing tasks was one of the tips I adopted which made things quite flexible for me.

Make sure you sit down with your partner and discuss the chores that both of you are supposed to do on a daily basis. This can ease up a lot of work load and stress – trust me!

#4. Take care of yourself to take care of family

“I am a mother now, why should I take care of myself?” well I have asked this question to myself too when I became a mother and is pretty common with every other mom.

But does motherhood means end of life for you? No. We need to understand that taking care of ourselves is the best thing we can do for ourselves, our baby and our family.

So start grooming and pampering yourself and put on those exercise gear to take care of your mind, soul and body.

An important smart tip for new mothers I must say!

#5. Keep your  smart cleaning hacks ready

Children and messiness always go together especially the walls, furniture and what not once they start to scribble! When Anshika started to write on walls, I was worried too. So how do you make sure you clean the mess and keep the walls stain free?

Berger Paints India gives us that smartest tip to keep our walls free of all the stains. Berger Easy Clean is a washable paint backed by Cross-Linking Polymers which ensure even the toughest of stains can be cleaned easily, keeping your home looking spot less and beautiful every day.

No dhaag, no dhabba only beautiful walls!

Do you have any other smart tips for smart moms around the world? If yes do share it in comments.


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