8 Warning Signs To Seek Medical Attention for Babies and Kids


This post gives you an insight on 8 warning signs that signal to seek medical attention for babies and kids.

One of the biggest accountabilities as a parent for all of us is to take good care of our little one’s health. No matter how much we try, babies are bound to get sick or meet with mild accidents.

In today’s post, I am going to share the few steps, signs and symptoms which can be used as pointers on when we need to take the baby to doctor or emergency care. We can share the same list with grand-parents and nannies, baby care professionals or in-house maids, so that they can inform us as soon as they see the problem.

when to seek medical attention for babies and kids

In case you notice something unusual or there is any accident, please DO NOT PANIC. Let us never forget that babies get sick but they also recover fast.

Do keep contact details of doctor, hospital or pediatricians handy. If possible, write and paste the details on a place where family members can easily see them. For instance – on the first aid box, refrigerator door or near the landline telephone.

8 Warning signs that signals the need of medical emergency for babies and kids:

Certain situations required immediate medical care and there are a few situations where we can wait for upto 2 hours. I have listed a few signs based on personal experience and guidance given by doctors on various visits to clinics.

See the doctor immediately if you notice the following signs or symptoms in each case mentioned.

#1. Trouble breathing or visible change in breathing pattern

When: During travelling, after a tiring day, during cold or cough

Signs or Symptoms:

  • Having problem in breathing or is breathing heavily
  • Has sudden wheezing

#2. Change in color of skin / lips

When: After introducing a new food item, after eating outside or seafood

Signs or Symptoms:

  • Any purple, blue rashes or change in skin color

#3. Bleeding profusely out of a cut or seizure

If the cut or seizure is caused by any animal, electrical injury or heavy object, go to the casualty ASAP.

In case of falling from heights and hitting lips, teeth or head, clean the cut with water. Use a clean cloth, gauze or cotton and apply pressure to stop the bleeding.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • If the cut continue to ooze or bleed
  • Immobility of the affected parts like hands/ legs
  • Continuous crying due to the pain indicating a fracture/swelling

#4. In case child has something struck inside the nose or throat

Please avoid forced removal of the object by yourself as it may make the matter worse.

However you can take the baby/ kid and make him pat on his back making a bend position to spit out the object from throat if possible.

When: After eating solids, chunky foods, mouthed choking toys

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Finds choking in the throat, uncomfortable breathing

#5. Decreased responsiveness or is unconscious

When: Child has a head injury

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Diminished attentiveness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty in hand or leg movement
  • Co-ordination issues

#6. Uncontrollable fever

When: Temperature rise during fever

Symptoms and signs:

Please refer to the table below for the temperature limits above which one should consult the doctor ASAP.

Age Group

Temperature limit

Less than 3 months

100.4 F

3 months – 6 months

101 F

6 months and above

102 F

#7. Vomiting & Dehydration

When: Vomiting, passing stools frequently

Signs and symptoms:

  • Vomited blood
  • Stains of blood in cough or stools
  • Looks visibly dehydrated

#8. Any other accidents

 When: Electrical shock or burns

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Burns bigger than 3 inches with blisters
  • Becomes scared or shocked
  • Convulsions

In case of doubt, please judge your own maternal and paternal instincts. They will guide you and then take the decision. You can also read the 14 simple ways to childproof your home to avoid most of the accidents.

Do contribute to the list above so that all the readers can be benefited. Remember Sharing is Caring.


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