51 Christmas Crafts for Kids Under Budget


Looking for easy and cheap DIY Christmas crafts for kids?

Are you out of ideas to keep your kiddos busy during this Christmas holiday?

How to encourage your kids to be a part of Christmas preparations and decorations?

Are there any easy Christmas DIYs that kids can make?

Time spend on craftworks is worth it as it helps in parent-child bonding plus gives lots of chances for the kids to learn. What better time to do crafts and DIYs than the Christmas holidays. Keep your kids occupied and entertained with these easy crafts works that blend perfectly with the Christmas theme.

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1 51 Cheap and Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

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51 Cheap and Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

It’s that time of the year when we all are waiting for jingle bells and yummy cakes. Let us spread the spirit of Christmas by doing some easy and cheap DIY Christmas crafts with our kids.

Here are 51 Christmas craft ideas you can do with your kids.

Click on the title/craft name and you will be directed to the blog/page giving details of the craft.

#1. Paper plate Santa Claus
christmas crafts for kids paper plate santa

Paper plates make the easiest and cheapest supply when it comes to crafts. An easy paper plate Santa Claus is a must-try DIY with your kid this Christmas season. All you need is a paper plate and the usual craft supplies that all of us have at home.

#2. Paper cup reindeer

Christmas Crafts for kids paper cup reindeerSun Hats And Wellie Boots have done a cute reindeer from a paper cup. It is super simple and can be done by a preschooler with very little guidance from the parents/teachers’ side.

This paper cup reindeer can be used as a decoration and also as a gift.

#3. Paper Plate Christmas Elf

Christmas crafts for kids elf on the selfWhen it is Christmas an Elf is a must. Make one with a paper plate. This Christmas craft for kids by First palette gives a detailed step-by-step tutorial plus the safety tips while doing this craft with kids.

First palette has posted some ideas too on how to give more character and uniqueness to your Elf. This encourages kids to be more creative and come up with their own cute unique Elfs from the basic Elf they have done.

#4. Handprint Santa craft

Christmas crafts for kids handprint santaHandprint crafts are always a hit with kids of all ages. My 3-year-old loves tracing his hands on paper and I am sure he will love to do this craft.

This handprint Santa craft by Chelsea Day is mess-free and can be used in multiple ways. Check it here in Right Start Blog.

#5. CD Christmas tree ornament

Christmas crafts for kids christmas ornament DIYTake out those old CDs from your shelf and turn them into adorable Christmas tree ornaments. This brilliant Christmas tree craft uses puffy paints and First Palette has even given another simpler version of this same craft suitable for younger kids.

#6. Pinwheel pasta Christmas tree craft

Christmas crafts for kids xmas treeA cute Christmas tree with colored pasta is an innovative idea and I pretty much liked it, as it is different from what we see usually. This is a little messy craft but what’s fun without a little mess. I would recommend this craft for school going kids. Give it a try. Detailed steps are here.

#7. Craft stick Christmas tree ornament

Christmas crafts for kids DIY christmas ornamentThe artsy-crafty Grandma Tracy from This Grandma Is Fun gives an easy and cheap way to decorate your Christmas tree with cute tree ornaments made from craft-sticks, buttons, glitter, and paint.

With plenty of craft ideas for kids, these Grandmas are definitely fun.

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#8. Olaf Sock Snowman

Christmas crafts for kids olaf sock snowmanAsk any of the little Frozen fans and for them snowman means Olaf. So why not make Olaf the snowman for this Christmas. One Creative Mommy has made this easy Olaf with her daughter. A video tutorial is also included in their blog making it easier for your little one to follow.

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#9. Paper plate 3-D Christmas tree

Christmas crafts for kids paper plate xmas treeWhile paper plate crafts are usually flat, Creative Family Fun has come up with a 3-D paper plate Christmas tree. It’s pretty simple and instead of pom-poms you can also use glitters, buttons, beads, or stickers and give this Christmas tree your own touch.

#10. Paper Plate Angel

Christmas crafts for kids paper plate angelCheap and easy means again a paper plate craft. Check this cute angel made with a paper plate and handprints by Our Potluck Family.

#11. Footprint Elf On The Shelf

Christmas crafts for kids elf on shelfThis footprint craft by The Pinterested Parent is so cute that I straightaway went to do one. You can try this craft by taking the footprint of your newborn. This Elf on the Self will be perfect for a Christmas card or Xmas wall hanging gift for grandparents.

#12. Q-tip Painted Christmas Trees

Christmas crafts for kids q tip xmas treeHandmade greeting cards are fun and this Q-tip painted Christmas tree is perfect to be on a Christmas card. Creative Child has done this Q-tip painted tree cards and the use of Q-tips in place of a paintbrush will make it simple for even a much younger child to do this craft.

#13. Reverse fingerprint Christmas tree card

Christmas crafts for kids greeting cardWhat if I say you can get two Christmas cards when you do one fingerprint craft with your kid.

Yep, Rhythms Of Play has given a picture tutorial on how to do a reverse fingerprint Christmas tree and the result is double the effort. This craft is perfectly suitable for younger kids who haven’t mastered the art of coloring within lines/borders of a picture.

#14. Reindeer thumbprint ornaments

Christmas crafts for kids finger print ornamentLittle Bit Funky shows you how to turn a regular bauble into a unique reindeer Christmas ornament with fingerprints. A perfect Xmas tree ornament and a keepsake too.

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#15. Pipe Cleaner Snowflake

christmas crafts for kids DIY snowflakesThese snowflakes made out of pipe cleaner are perfect to adorn your Christmas tree. These are complete mess-free crafts that little ones can do. You can make lots of them and even make a snowflake mobile. See how to make these cute snowflakes by Activity Village. 

#16. Button Wreath

Christmas crafts for kids bottle cap wreathHere is another mess-free Christmas craft from Activity Village. A little wreath to decorate your Xmas tree. It is made using button and pipe cleaners and can be done by kids of all ages.

#17. Popsicle Stick Snowmen

 Christmas crafts for kids snowmenThese Popsicle stick snowmen are easy to do and the instructions are available at 123PlaynLearn.

#18. Popsicle Sticks Olaf snowman

Christmas crafts for kids DIY craft stick olafOlaf the snowman using Popsicle sticks by Craftinory. When you have a Frozen fan this Olaf snowman is a must make for Christmas.

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#19. Popsicle sticks nativity craft

Christmas crafts for kids popsicle stick nativity DIYWhat is a Christmas craft with kids without a nativity craft? Here is a cute stable, Mary, Jesus, and Joseph using Popsicle sticks.

#20. Paper tube nativity set

Christmas crafts for kids nativity DIYCatholic Icing gives you free downloadable nativity set outline pictures that your kid can color and stick to toilet paper roll or cardboard papers and create a nativity set.

#21. Santa Gift Tags Using Soda Can Tabs

Christmas crafts for kids CHristmas gift tagGift tags are expensive especially when it is the holiday season. Why not make a Santa gift tag using craft paper and soda can tabs. Michelle from Crafty Morning shows you how to make this cute inexpensive tag.

#22. Milk cap holly ornaments

Christmas crafts for kids christmas tree ornamentDon’t throw away those used bottle caps. Upcycle them to cute holly ornaments to decorate your house or Christmas tree during this festive season. A little pinch of perfect will teach you how to do one.

#23. Easy Christmas Wreath

Christmas crafts for kids wreathThis is a quick craft that can be done by toddlers. The steps to make this beautiful and simple Christmas wreath are given in Kids Play Box. Try these cute Christmas crafts for toddlers and give them a chance to be a part of the family Christmas preparations.

#24. DIY Christmas Jumper for Kids

Christmas crafts for kids christmas dressI totally loved this idea by Red Ted Art of turning a plain brown or black T-shirt into a Christmas themed one for the holiday season. After all dress for the season, it is said.

#25. 3-D Christmas tree pop up card

Christmas crafts for kids 3-d xmas tree cardThe words 3-D and pop up are enough to make you think that this DIY is a complex one. But no, it’s not. You just have to fold green papers in accordion-style pleats and stick it inside a plain card. This easy pop-up greeting card is by Martha Stewart.

#26. Hand & Footprint Reindeer Cards

Christmas crafts for kids hand and footprint reindeerThis reindeer made out of hand and footprint makes drawing a reindeer look simple. Frame it and it will make a perfect wall hanging, keepsake, or gift.

#27. Construction paper wreath

Christmas crafts for kids easy wreathWhen you are really out of time or have only very basic craft supplies at home but have to prepare a quick Xmas wreath, then this is a good idea.

#28. Drinking Straw Christmas Tree

Christmas crafts for kids straw xmas treeThis Xmas tree can be made out of things you probably already have at home. Reading Confetti gives you instructions on how to get one done with a preschooler.

 #29. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer ornament

Christmas crafts for kids reindeerRudolph is the favorite reindeer of all and is cute with his bright red nose. Things to Share and Remember shows how to make Rudolph ornament with craft sticks.

#30. Paper Cup Bell

Christmas crafts for kids DIY paper cup bellWhat is Christmas without the jingle of bells? First Palette shows a pretty neat way to make one from paper cups. Do try this with your kids, they will love it for sure.

#31. Baby Jesus Ornament

christmas crafts for kids paper plate jesusHere is a simple Baby Jesus ornament that your kids can make from a paper plate. I would say this is the easiest and cutest Christmas crafts for kids.

#32. Paper Christmas stocking

Christmas crafts for kids stockingsAnother simple Christmas craft for kids from First Palette is easy to make paper Christmas stockings. They have even given a Christmas stocking template that you can download and use to cut the shape of the stocking on construction paper. Try it out, your kids will love it.

#33. Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

Christmas crafts for kids DIY wreathStacey from Glued To My Crafts has given an inexpensive way to make a Christmas wreath out of paper plates and crepe paper. Kids will love to do this Christmas decoration DIY and it can be kept as a keepsake also as it uses your kids’ handprints too.

#34. Reindeer no-sew sock puppets

christmas crafts for kids reindeer puppetWhy not make a puppet and do a Christmas special puppet show? Your kid can help you make one by going through the no-sew sock reindeer puppet tutorial from the blog Kids Craft Room. The idea to make a puppet from socks and that too no-sew is pretty kids friendly.

#35. Christmas Tree Math Activity Craft

Christmas crafts for kids count and learnI believe every craft done teaches your child a new thing. Crafts are great learning tools. Try this Christmas tree math activity craft from Mom Inspired Life with your preschooler. Let them learn to count and arrange numbers in order.

#36. Handprint Grinch Craft

Christmas crafts for kids grinchA simple handprint can be converted to endless pictures with your creativity. Here is a handprint Grinch craft from All Kids Network. I am going to try this for sure and don’t forget to tell the story of Grinch when you do this craft with your kid.

#37. Grinch Paper Plate Craft

Christmas crafts for kids paper plate grinchAnother way to make Grinch is from paper plates. ABC Creative Learning shows us how to do one. Do this craft with your preschooler and also read to him the story “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”.

#38. Simple Christmas treat cups

christmas crafts for kidsInvolve your kid in your Christmas party dinner preparations. Help them make these Christmas themed treat cups by Simple As that Blog.

#39. Popsicle stick and yarn star ornament

Christmas crafts for kids yarn starWhen looking for easy Christmas ornaments for kids to make you can’t miss this cute DIY star. Use Popsicle sticks to make a star frame and give your little one some yarn to wrap over it. Let them do the work and let their creativity loose to make an adorable star ornament. More details can be found on the site Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

#40. Fingerprint Gingerbread Man Craft

Christmas crafts for kids ginger bread manTry making a cute Christmas card using a Fingerprint gingerbread man by Crafty Morning. Your child will need a little help from your side but the craft is worth it. It’s really cute and simple and makes a good keepsake too.

#41. Paper plate Christmas masks

Christmas crafts for kids paper plate masksMasks are fun to make and play with. Make this reindeer and Santa Claus mask from learning 4 kids using paper plates.

#42. Christmas Ornaments from Pipe Cleaners and Beads

Christmas crafts for kids DIY ornamentsDo a craft activity with your kid by making these cute little Christmas ornaments from pipe cleaners and beads. Buggy and Buddy shows you how to make these cute ornaments. The cute picture in the blog of the little girl sitting deeply involved in the craftwork puts a smile on every mom’s face.

#43. Santa Star Christmas ornament

Christmas crafts for kids DIY star santaAnother simple craft from Buggy and Buddy is this DIY Santa Star ornament. They have also given the star template and easy to follow instructions to do the DIY. You may have to guide and help your child in the cutting part. Leave the sticking and painting part to kids.

#44. Candy cane craft

Christmas crafts for kids candyThis candy cane craft from No Time For Flash Cards can be done even by toddlers. It requires minimum supplies and is one of the easiest and cheapest Christmas crafts for kids.

#45. Rudolph “Hand”-made Holiday Gift Bags

Christmas crafts for kids gift bagGive a personal touch to your gift bags. Cut out handprints of your kids and turn a boring brown paper bag into a beautiful gift bag perfect for this holiday season. Canadian family shows you how to upcycle a paper bag to a gift bag for Christmas.

#46. Pom Pom Pinecone Trees

Christmas crafts for kids pinecone smas treeRed Ted Arts gives us the details on how to turn pinecone into a Christmas tree ornament. The craft requires only encouragement and no to very little guidance. It is a great tactile task for kids. Try it.

#47. Santa Cone Hat

Christmas crafts for kids santa hatChristmas party is not complete without a Santa hat for your little one. Let him make his own by following the steps from First Palette. This is a cheap and easy Christmas craft idea for kids.

#48. Craft Foam Christmas Stocking

Christmas crafts for kids DIY stockingAnother craft is a Christmas stocking from craft foam. For this craft, your child will require a little guidance from your side and this makes this DIY a perfect one for that parent-child bonding time during the holiday season.

#49. Paper Christmas tree garland

Christmas crafts for kids paper tree garlandThis garland craft from Crafty Angels is a bit tricky for younger kids and will require a lot of guidance from your side but I assure you the result will be stunning. This expensive-looking garland will be a hit for sure in your Christmas décor and your kids will be proud to help you make one. 

#50. Sponge Stamped Snowman Gift wrapping paper

Christmas crafts for kids snowman gift wrapIf you are planning to give gifts for your guests, then encourage your kids to add a personal touch to the gift-wraps with this DIY Sponge stamped snowman gift-wrapping paper by Artsy Craftsy Mom.

#51. Bow tie noodle wreath

Christmas crafts for kids DIY noodle wreathYet another craft from talented Michelle from Crafty Morning is this classy yet easy to make bow tie noodle wreath.

So these are the easy inexpensive ways to make this Christmas season a time to improve creativity, strengthen the parent-child bond, and learning skills. Do try all of these creative Christmas crafts for kids.

Do you have any quick and easy Christmas crafts for kids that you have loved doing as a child? Do share in the comments.

Let us know how your preschooler/toddler/school kid enjoyed doing these cheap and easy Christmas crafts.

Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting.


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