Chicco Mosquito Repellent Gel For 3 M+ Babies – Review


chicco mosquito repellentThis post gives you a detailed review of Chicco Mosquito Repellent Gel suited for 3m+ babies. When Anshika was born , we shifted to a house near by my office so that I could resume my job with no commuting for long hours. Anshika’s  day-care was also nearby my office, so I started falling in love with that area. Everything about the new house was good , except mosquitoes ; not like one or two, it seemed as if they attacked us in swarm 🙁 :P.

Everyday I used to feel guilty when I see the red bumps caused by the mosquitoes on my baby’s legs, hands and even face. Though I had tried using nets over her bed , I never knew how those lil creatures could get in and attack our baby. Everyday evening it was a  complaint session by me to my hubby regarding this. That’s when he bought Hummer electric mosquito repellent for her, you can read the review here . It was a waste of our money and effort.

I searched online for a good mosquito repellent for babies and researched on it a lot. Wherever I went I got one answer Chicco Mosquito Repellent Gel. My saviour !! Here I come , I ordered it and awaited the parcel delivery guy from babyoye.


mosquito repellentIt comes in a beautiful tube in white and green . The gel is white in colour , quite thick and has an intense herbal smell.

Various types of chicco mosquito repellents are available in market like sprays, roll ons, creams , lotions, gels etc.


  • Anti Zanzara
  • Anti mosquito
  • Effective also against Asian Tiger Mosquitoes



  • Suitable for babies of 3 months and above
  • Not runny
  • No smell of medicines
  • Quite affordable
  • Does what it claims , keep mosquitoes at bay
  • No rashes or allergies
  • Can be used on baby’s face , hands ,legs and body


  • Availability is a problem . I have seen alot many moms complaining about its availability online and in medical stores.
  • Intense herbal fragrance . Even if you have a very bad cold , this cream could relieve the blocked nose with its strong medicinal smell 😛
  • Reapplication required every 3 hours , a real pain especially at night when we have to wake up for reapplication


As I said, other than  the reapplication part I am quite happy with this product

MY RATING : 4 /5

Have you tried Chicco Mosquito repellent gel /  products for your baby/ kid? How do you keep your baby safe from mosquitoes?


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    do u have any idea regarding the effectiveness of Johnson mosquito repellent lotion ????


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