Hummer Plugin Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller – Review


Babies and mosquitoes .. You can imagine what I am going to talk about . When I came to Mumbai and shifted to a new flat , we faced the problem of mosquitoes a lot. My baby was 4 months old then . Everyday I felt guilty when I see red spots /mosquito bites on her body and face though she slept in a netted cradle. I never understood how mosquitoes used to get in, bite her and she kept on waking up in the middle of night due to the mosquito bites !

It was then my hubby got the Hummer Plugin Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller . This plugin machine is similar to the repeller machines like Good knight or Mortein , but there is no liquidator in it  . No chemicals /vapours, no fumes , no sprays , so you can plugin as and when you need to .


How does it work :

Plug in and put it on,an indicator light glows.  A very very feeble sound more like a rattle  or hum is heard , and it is believed that this ultrasonic waves drive away mosquitoes upto 25 sq.mts.

My Experience with the product :

I was so enthu to use it. But all my hopes vapourised when I found that the machine did no good to the mosquitoes except increasing the electricity bill for us  ! 😛 . I kept on trying it for days until one day I stopped using it and switched to Chicco Mosquito Repellent Cream for babies . Will review that soon.



  • No liquidator
  • No intense heating of the machine
  • No chemicals / harsh vapours/fumes/sprays , sooo safe for baby
  • Compact and clean


Absolute wastage of money inspite of trying it for weeks

My Rating : 0.5 /5

Would I recommend to others : Hell NO ! Don’t  buy this , instead consult your ped for a good mosquito repellant cream for your baby asap 🙂

So what do you use to protect your baby from mosquitoes ? Do share with us 🙂


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  1. You can try the goodnight fast card before going to sleep. Like half n hour before your baby sleeps. It worked for me. I also use the goodnight spray like an hour before sleep. You can try this alternatives and see if it works.

  2. Yes, true, the product is useless, we bought it with so much hope that we can give our kid’s a chemical free atmosphere without using the normal good night one, but was very disappointed, they had mentioned the the sound frequency is such that only mosquito can hear the buzzing sound, but to our great annoyance we too heard it and it was very disturbing 🙁

  3. Same experience. This product is useless. I wasted my money on this. Its been lying next to Odomos cream now. I really was looking forward and followed all the instructions given on the package.. But.. absolutely no effect on mosquitoes.

    Rating: 0/5 (can give negative as it costs electricity for no use)

    Dont buy.

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