Malaika Arora Khan’s Diet, Exercise and Fitness Regimes


Malaika arora fitnessThis post gives you the detailed information about model turned actress – mom Malaika Arora’s fitness, diet and exercise routines. Malaika has maintained her svelt figure post baby birth.

As moms ,we always have a mantra we love to chant ; the “ I don’t have time for anything , completely drained out day and night! “ and “ Huh I am a mother now , what is the need to take care of myself ? “. But let’s take a look at the various actresses , and the way they have maintained themselves post baby birth too. I know that they have assistance/ help for anything and everything right from maids, hairdressers, designers and what not ? Hmmm .. We can’t afford to live their life , but can’t we take a lesson or two from their life in terms of their fitness ? Difficult but not impossible !

Ok , shall we get some inspiration then from Malaika’s fit and healthy life? Get set ready !


  1. Stays hydrated throughout the day with coconut water, vegetable juices and water
  2. Consumes green tea
  3. Eats small frequent meals instead of 3 main meals
  4. No fried/ high salt / high in oil food
  5. Believes in cooking with extra virgin olive oil in moderation
  6. Weakness – Cravings for sweets and often induges in jaggery sweet or tea cake
  7. Early dinner by 7.30 pm
  8. No carbs at night


  • Post wakeup – 1 glass of warm water with honey and lime
  • After 30 minutes – 1 bottle water
  • Breakfast – Multi grain toast with egg whites / poha / idli / a bowl of fruits
  • Workout in the gym / yoga
  • Post workout – egg whites , banana and protein shake
  • Mid day snack – vegetable juice with amla / egg whites / brown bread toasts
  • Lunch – brown rice / jowar or bajra rotis + chicken , fish , green veggies/ sprouts , dal etc
  • Evening snack – 1 peanut butter sandwich or any midday snack
  • Dinner – grilled salmon / soups / steamed veggies / salads
  • Late night hunger pangs – carrot / orange / dry fruits like figs, almonds, apricots


  • Works out thrice a week – squats, kickboxing , free weights , medicine balls and body weight
  • Yoga

Do let me know if Malaikas fitness and diet tips inspired you in some way or the other 🙂

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