32 Fun Filled Baby Shower Games (with 2 FREE printable games)


Looking for fun filled games that can rock your/your close friend’s baby shower party?

Today let’s look into 32 baby shower games that can make a baby shower more happening. Also download two free printable baby shower games with answers.

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32 Unique baby shower games and ideas:

The essence of a party is the atmosphere there; let it be a birthday party, bachelorette party or a baby shower. Of all the functions I have attended, one of my favorites is baby shower.

Organizing games for baby showers can increase the fun factor of the whole party. Here is a list of tried and proven successful games to entertain one and all at your baby shower party.

  • Mommy v/s Daddy games

 Let the competition be between the to be mommy and daddy. Here are a few options to entertain the to be parents.

#1. Dress the baby

dress the baby doll

Give a doll to each of the parents to be and blindfold them. Give a dress, socks, diaper and pacifier to each. Ask them to dress the doll. Check whether they did it rightly.

Yes, daddy might tend to do it the other way round 😛 and whoever finishes it first in the right way wins.

Of course when we played I won, though I am kind of sure if we are to do the same now he would easily win. Have you checked my earlier post on how daddies can help mommies in baby care?

#2. Let the mom and dad answer

Prepare a set of questions about their pregnancy journey, or like when did you find out that you were going to have a baby? Or whom did you tell first etc. Let us see if both the to-be parents will give same answers or completely contradictory answers. It will be fun.

#3. Identify from childhood photo

identify from childhood photot

Ask all the guests to bring their childhood pictures to the party. One of the guests should collect them, divide it equally and give to the parents to be to identify each photo. Whoever identifies more photos correctly wins.

#4. Bring out the mind questioner

A piece of paper again for the parents to be. Now ask them questions like, who should the baby look like? Whose eyes? Whose boldness? Whose cooking skills?  It’s easy to make such 20 plus questions. Lets bring out what is in their mind. It will be a lot of fun. 🙂

Well, yes I understand it’s been too many games for the parents to be. I thought let them have some fun first. Ok now moving onto more games for the guests.

#5. Guess the tummy size

I loved this one. Ask the guests to guess the tummy size of the mommy to be. Whoever guesses it correct wins the game. Note that you reveal the correct tummy size after every guest has got a chance to guess.

#6. Passing the dirty diaper

Pass a diaper with some messy chocolate stain. Ask the mommy to be to play some nursery rhymes or lullabies and switch it off occasionally. Whoever has the diaper when the music stops would go out of the game. Yes, this is a baby shower version of the very old favorite pass the parcel.

#7. Bingo

Baby shower bingo

The only difference from the normal bingo is that instead of numbers, we would use baby items. There are free bingo printable sites from where you can print the bingo tickets if you provide the items. A few items that you can include in the bingo list are pacifier, baby mat, pram, baby bottles, crib, baby monitor, blanket, changing table, high chair etc. These are just few examples to give you an idea of the baby items.

#8. Pictionary

Yes, it is the same old pictionary game. Divide the guests into teams. And let them give a member of each other’s team a baby related word to be drawn. This is going to be fun because the not so artistic people like me would miserably fail.

#9. Keep the pacifier correctly

Stick a baby pic on the wall. Blindfold the guests one by one. Give a pacifier to the blindfolded people and ask them to keep it correctly on baby’s mouth. Sounds easy, though getting done is a bit difficult.

#10. Dumb Charades

Divide into 2 teams. Choose a member from one group and the mom or dad can secretly tell a kids movie name to him/her.  Let this member from the team do only actions to convey the name of the movie and try to make the team members identify the movie names. The team that identifies the maximum number of movie names is the winner.

The hosts or guest of honor can decide if a movie is not a kid’s movie or not. Be careful while you choose the movie name 🙂

#11. Memory game

Get a list of baby items in a tray and ask the mummy to be to exhibit the items to all the teams. Remember not to mention the names though.  Now take the tray away and give the guests 30 seconds to write down the names of the items.

The fun part when we played this was, most of the items were not even familiar to the guests, they being either bachelors or couples who were yet to parents 🙂

#12. Rhymes quiz

Ask the guests to fill in the blanks for the nursery rhymes.
For example :Itsy bitsy spider, climb up the________. Or, Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eating her ____ and ____ .

Similarly you could choose any number of rhymes and let the guests fill up the blanks.

Download your free printable baby shower rhymes quiz with answers.

#13. Taste and tell

Make a puree of any baby food. Let the guests taste and confirm the ingredients. Make sure the item has a little of everything in it, that no one identifies all the ingredients rightly.

#14. Choose the baby name

Divide into teams and in a minutes’ time write as many names as possible.  Whichever team comes up with the maximum names wins the game.

The parents to be can give alphabet suggestion or can ask for gender specific names.

#15. Kiss the teddy, then the lady!!

This game I suggest can be done when the baby shower is held among your close friends. And also it has to be a co-ed baby shower.

So the game goes like this: Let the mummy (lets hope that she is unaware of this game) stand in the middle. Now the mommy can open each of the gifts and whoever gave the gift should raise their hand. Pass the teddy bear to them. Ask them to kiss the teddy bear.

One person should be there to see where the teddy is kissed. Once all the gifts are opened, that person will read out where all the teddy bear was kissed. Now comes the surprise part, the daddy to be should kiss his beautiful wife where all the guests kissed the teddy. The guests should be already informed about the game.

Poor dad to be.. 🙂

#16. Guess the price

It’s simple. Pass on a pen and paper to all the guests including the parents to be. Lets check who can guess the price of baby items like one packet baby diaper, baby soap etc. that is displayed by the party host.                             

You can probably have 20 to 30 baby items listed on the paper for this game.

#17. Baby Animal Game

Divide into teams and ask the guests to write down what the baby animals are called. Like, the baby of a Lion is called what? Answer-cub,

Click to get a free printable baby shower baby animal game.

#18. Scramble

The same scramble game, only rule is all the words must be baby related. For example, aybb-baby, edarip-diaper.

#19. Make baby names

Divide into teams and ask the guests to choose baby names using alphabets from the parents to be as well as the sibling’s names .The mom to be can approve the names and whichever team gets more thumps up from the mom to be wins. This way in fact, we are helping the parents to be get a few suggestion for the soon to be born star.

You can also read about things to be kept in mind while choosing a name for your baby.

#20. Collect the pins

This is an icebreaker game.

As soon as the guests reach, give them all a diaper pin each. Let them pin it to their tops or shirts. Once all the guests arrive, announce that during the baby shower no one should say the word baby. And if you find someone saying the word, you may collect his or her diaper pin. Finally whoever has collected the maximum number of pins would win the game.

#21. Burst the balloons

Divide into multiple teams and each team should have at least 3 couples each. Ask them to stand in a row and give a set of balloon to each team.

Partner 1 of the first couple in each team should blow the balloon, tie it and pass it on to partner 2 and he or she should burst it as soon as possible. Only once the first couple burst the balloon the same process will be repeated by the second couple and likewise the third couple also should follow. Whichever team finishes bursting all the given balloons first wins the game.

#22. Treasure hunt

Before the guests arrive, hide a few baby items in and around the house/party hall. Give the guest papers with clues written in it to find out the hidden baby items. The clue could be a riddle or puzzle or anything. Let the search begin and whoever finds the maximum number of treasures in the stipulated time wins.

#23. Guess the dress size

guess the dress size

Divide into teams and show few baby dresses to each team. They need to identify the dress size correctly. Various sizes that you can use could be like newborn, preemie, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months so on till may be 36 months. Whichever team does the maximum number of correct guesses wins the game.

#24. Guess who is the cute baby

Show celebrity kids’ pictures to the opposite team and let them identify who the little celebrity kid is.

#25. Baby words anthakshari

Write a few words on paper chits and put it in a box. Let each team pick a word at a time and they need to sing a song with the given word in the first sentence. It is very similar to Anthakshari, but the songs you sing should be rhymes or baby related songs.

Example: If the word is ‘down’, we can sing the song-‘London Bridge is falling down.’
Similarly you can try any lullaby songs as well for this game.

#26. Guess the gender

There is no winner for this game. This is just a time pass fun activity. Predict the baby’s gender and write it on a piece of paper. Just take a count at the end and lets see how many are saying it is a boy/gal!

#27. Name the cartoon character

Divide the guests into 3-4 teams and show them pics of cartoon characters one at a time. If a team member knows the cartoon character let them raise hands. The team that raises the hand first gets the chance to answer first. The team that identifies the maximum cartoon characters wins the game.

#28. Name-movie-animal-thing

It’s the same old name-place-animal-thing game with a twist. But for names you can mention only cartoon characters. Movie- any baby movie name, Animal -baby animal and thing baby items.

Example: For the letter T- Tom, Toy Story, Tadpole, Toy 🙂 See its simple!

#29. Master Chef

Practically, doing a master chef sort of game is time consuming. So this is just the other way round. Write the names of a few baby food dishes in a paper, like ragi porridge, upma, or any finger foods that could be given to a baby less than one year old. Let each team take a paper. Let them write down the ingredients.

Every single ingredient counts, so do not forget to write salt, water, oil, butter etc.

#30. Word search

baby shower word search

Pic credit

It is our old word search game itself, but this time search for word related to baby.

#31. Baby shower trivia game

Prepare a multiple choice baby trivia quiz. Let all guests and the parents to be answer the questions. Let us see who has better knowledge about babies.

#32. Please the mommy

This is the jackpot game. Say, you get extra points!

The teams get points for a talent exhibited. You will be given 5 minutes to prepare and you can present a skit, a group song, a dance or anything of that sort and the mommy to be the judge 🙂 Please her and win the game!

These are a few baby shower games that you can try. Modify them a bit and try accordingly for other parties as well, like birthday parties. I am sure it will be loads of fun and fun!

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Did you have a baby shower? What were the baby shower games then and which one was your favorite? Do let me know in comments.

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