Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Child – 10 Step Guide


How to choose the perfect name for your child?

How to finally end up in a name that would be unique for your little one?

How to select a name from the tons of baby names in the world?

Our 10 step guide will help you to make this task easier.

Seems like Shakespeare was less interested in what a person is called 😛

 But I would say there is definitely so much in a name!

choosing the name for child

 A name is the only thing that you carry with you from your birth till your last day and may be beyond. You are known by your name and it is your identity.

A name can even give a hint of what you are, your culture, background and even your country of origin. Name is definitely the ‘gift’ that we give to our children. So there is of course a lot in a name!

No wonder that finding the perfect name for the child tops the list for every parent. And finding the right name is a huge task.

With so much in a name, no wonder that finding the perfect name for the child tops the list of every parent. And believe me finding the right name is a huge task. I have gone through it 🙂

 In the olden days this was fairly an easy task as the options available were limited.

The name would either be of a person you have known and admired or name of your grandfather, grandmother, a family member or characters from mythology.

But nowadays trend has changed.

10 step guide to help finding the perfect name for your child:

With lots of options available just with a click on the Google search button, confusion over what name to choose just can’t be ruled out.

So how do you simplify this task? Here is a 10-step guide to select the apt name for your munchkin.

 #1. List down

This is the first step. As and when you come across a good name, make it a habit to list it down somewhere.

Even if you are not an expectant parent, it can always come handy to someone in the family. Suggestions are something that every expectant parent asks for.

 #2. Research thoroughly

 Go through the web, books, get suggestions from family and friends. Sit together to finalize a name.

You can select a name based on alphabet, numerology, religion etc. There are n numbers of websites to give you a lot of options.

#3. Different is in being unique

The rat race these days is to choose a unique and different name. However while doing so, choose a name that has a meaning as well.

 #4. A part of mom and dads’ name

It’s a trend these days to see if there is a name that would be part of both the parents’ name.

You can try to work out a combination of both your names but ensure that the name has a meaning and sounds good and not funny.

#5. Rhyme with the sibling’s name

If the child has a sibling, you can choose a name that will match with the older sibling.

 #6. Don’t go by the trends

Something that’s ‘in’ today will be outdated tomorrow.

Don’t choose a name just because it’s a trend these days. Choose wisely.

Concentrate on the meaning of the name and how would it sound like when it’s called out.

 #7. Should sound good with the surname

Choose a name that you think will suit your family and that will go well with the surname you will be using.

If the name you select sounds funny or awkward when combined with the surname then you should rule it out.

 #8. No lengthy names

Don’t select a too lengthy name. Later it will become a burden when it comes to filling passports, forms and other certificates.

#9. Choose a name that you both agree upon

There will be lots of suggestions made. A name that either of you disagree upon should be ruled out.

 #10. Spell and pronounce the name correctly

A misspelt name leads to inappropriate pronunciation that can cause lot of problem and confusion in the long run.

Ensure that the name is easy to pronounce and everyone pronounces it correctly. The last thing you would want is your child correcting everyone on how to pronounce his or her name.

Hope you liked my 10 step guide for finding the perfect name for your child.

Whats your child’s name? How did you finalise it? Was it per mythology, grandparents name, trend, parents name combined or was it just a mutual coincidence?

I would like to hear about it friends!


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  1. Thanks is an identity.hope this write up helps new parents to choose a right name for their little one

  2. Hi Saumya,

    So glad to see your tips on choose perfect name for kids. Before deciding a baby name every parent must once think that name should innovative, unique and different from others. So as a parent we must more conscious about to choose names for our babies that helps to shine their names in the future.

    Here you amazingly provide tips to choose best name for child which is very much helpful.
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