14 Fun and Unique Birthday Party Themes for Kids of All Ages


fun and unique birthday party themes for kidsDo you remember your childhood birthday parties ? I remember mine. We used to have a small birthday celebration at house where in our relatives and friends would be called for a delicious lunch/ sadya and sweets would be distributed in school. It could also be an evening get together party where in cake cutting followed by dinner would be arranged. Times changed and birthdays too!! Now we have birthday parties, party themes, return gifts, DJs and what not for our kids !! In today’s post I have compiled 14 fun and unique birthday party themes for kids of all ages.

14 Fun and Unique Birthday Party Themes for Kids of All Ages:

  1. Barbie 

Girls and barbies !! So why not a birthday theme based on barbie for your doll? Check out the barbie themed birthday bash by Swapna from The Mom Views for her daughter Samaira. I loved the pretty balloon decorations which has not gone overboard with only pinks yet gives us all the needed flavor of a barbie themed birthday party!!

  1. Bugs

Let me ask you is your kiddo fond of bugs? Yeah there is a birthday theme on that too. A giant caterpillar cake, ants on a log snacks, spider eggs, lady bugs as return gifts and much more for birthday party !! You don’t believe me ? Check out how beautifully Nathan and Kathy from Nathan and Kathy’s Blog has done the entire birthday party of their 6 year old son based on the bug theme .

  1. Disney Cars


Boys and cars ? Disney Car theme is any boy’s dream for his birthday party. Want to make this dream a reality for your little boy ? Take a look at the disney car themed birthday party by Alicia from Making Time for Mommy for her boys with a very innovative car cake, car return gifts , games and much more !!

  1. Farm Animals


Is your kid fond of animals ? I am sure he /she is . Why don’t you throw a farm animal themed birthday for your little one ? Here Tonya from The Waxhonian Chronicles has shown a beautiful farm animal themed party she and her hubby had for their daughter Lottie’s birthday. Don’t you wanna grab those hanging balloons?

  1. Hot Air Balloon


A birthday theme based on hot air balloon ? Did you just say Oh my God? I did and you will too if you see this gorgeous vintage hot air balloon themed party by Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous for her daughter. I just love everything about this party ..

  1. Mermaid

Looking for a perfect Mermaid theme ? Take a look at the fab mermaid birthday themed party thrown by Lydia from Huckleberrylove for her 4 year old Evie. The whole combo of pink, white and blue, the cake, the oysters with pearls cookies and much more.. Don’t they look cute and creative ?

  1. Mickey, Minnie and Friends

Poornima from A Spoonful of Ideas has made sure that the essence of Mickey, Minnie and friends is present in each and everything of the birthday party. Aren’t the Mickey and Minnie ears lovely and cute ?

  1. Party Animals

Party Animal Theme-Thebusybudgetingmama1

Party animals would be fun isn’t ? Why not a birthday bash based on this theme ? Find out how Natalie from Busybudgetingmama threw a party animal themed birthday party for her kids Sophia and Sienne. Must say,the dessert table caught 100% of my attention , just loved it !!

  1. Pirates


Is your kiddo fond of Jack Sparrow and his gang ? Oh yes pirate theme is just for that little brat’s big birthday bash.

Check out how faboloulsy Anna  from the Imagination Tree has created the pirate themed birthday bash for her daughter Pop that too using recycled materials.

10. Rainbow


Your little one is the rainbow of your life isn’t ? Why not throw a beautiful vibrant rainbow themed birthday party for his/ her big day ? Vibrant, colorful and Creativity at its best I can say about this theme. Check out the rainbow themed party by Debbie from One Little Project for her daughter . I am in love with the rainbow kitchen counter she has put up.

11. Red Ball 

red ball_theme

Yet another beautiful and gorgeous birthday theme, It’s the red ball . Check out the red ball themed party for Levis second  birthday by Jess from The Macs. I loved the red ball detailing in each and every thing used in the party and must say those cup cakes are inviting

12. Safari


Why not take your little one for a jungle safari on his birthday ? Its adventurous , its fun and its more fun. Safari themed birthday for Zachary by Crystal from A pumpkin & A Princess is super fabulous !!  Favour boxes are my favourite here !!

13.  Spiderman 

Ask any kid who his super hero is. I am definitely sure spider man comes at the top of his list. Why dont we think about the spider man theme then ? All blue and reds ?? Awesome isn’t? Please don’t miss out the spider man themed birthday party by Kimberly from A Night Owl Blog for her son.

14.   Zoo Animals

 zoo animal theme

Check out the zoo themed birthday party arranged by Dana from Danaspinkribbon for her little one Ryan’s first birthday . Wanna grab those animal cookies like I do ??

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  1. Hi……I am a mother of a5year old boy…his birthday is on 15 September..I am from Jaisalmer ,Rajasthan…a place where we don’t get latest and exciting stuff…could you please suggest an idea for how to decorate and what all games I could make them play….and what can be included in menu

    • Yes Ankita .. Let all the babies and kids have dress code of smileys.. Tshirts with big smiles on it .. Give a smiley tag for everyone who attends. Make a photo with a smiley and let children pick the smiley blindfolded. Make smileys out of potato for the menu along with lemon water, ice creams also in the shape of smileys 🙂 As return gifts give everyone piggy banks and pencil pouches in the shape of smileys which are plenty available in the market.

      Cake you can make a big smiley in any color you want 🙂 Hope this helps …

  2. Each theme is more awesome than other. It’s really hard to choose one for another. Still scrolling through different themes you’ve presented the rainbow drew my attention more. Perhaps I know my daughter loves colors much and this would definitely make her more happier. It’s very attractive indeed.

  3. All the ideas are very good. But I think little difficult to implement it in India.I have experienced that all the kids makes lot of halla-gullas during birthday parties. It is very difficult to control them. ………

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