20 Benefits of Almond Oil for Baby Massage


Trying to make up your mind about which oil to use to massage your precious bundle of joy?

If yes, then we can make it easy for you, as we know that any choice related to your baby can involve more research than buying a house or a car 😛

Have you tried almond oil or badam tel for massaging your baby?

If not, know about the benefits of almond oil through today’s post and am sure you will switch to almond oil for massaging your baby 🙂

benefits of almond oil for baby massage

Baby massage is an age-old tradition that most of the parents follow. Regular baby massage, if done properly, has numerous benefits.

Baby massage is important for psycho, social and physiological growth of the baby.

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Different kinds of oils for baby massaging:

There is a lot of discussion among parents to choose the right massaging oil for their babies.

Different kinds of oil are used in various parts of the country. Coconut oil, mustard oil, pure ghee, almond oil are all used for massaging babies depending on the climatic conditions of the place.

Now let’s shine the spotlight on the benefits of almond oil and what makes it an ideal oil for massaging babies.

Almond oil for baby massage:

Almond oil or badam tel is widely used for massaging babies due to its many beneficiary properties.

Almond oil is rich in Vitamins (A, D, E), fatty acids (linoleic acid, oleic acid and ursolic acid) and a few minerals (zinc, calcium, potassium, and magnesium).

There are two varieties of almond oil: sweet and bitter. Sweet almond oil is more popular than the bitter one.

Properties of sweet almond oil

  • Low viscosity – Being very light and thin oil, almond oil spreads easily
  • Penetrates into skin very effectively thus making it ideal for massaging
  • Has light but pleasant scent
  • Sweet in taste
  • Rich in many nutrients
  • Less greasy
  • Edible

20 Benefits of almond oil for baby that makes it the best oil for massage:

Let us take a look at the benefits of almond oil for baby massage.

Benefits of almond oil for skin: 

Using almond oil for massaging your baby can be a good solution for many skin problems your baby has.

#1. A natural emollient

Rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid, almond oil makes a great natural emollient for softening and nourishing skin.

#2. Helps moisturize baby skin

Since it is light, it does not clog your baby’s pores. It helps moisturizing the skin and thus can also be applied before and after giving bath to baby.

#3. Reduces skin inflammation

Almond oil does not treat skin diseases completely but due to the presence of ursolic and oleic acids; it reduces skin inflammation and heals skin cells.

#4. Good for eczema and other skin allergy

It relieves skin itching and prevents further development of the diseases like eczema, psoriasis or any other forms of skin infections/ allergy.

#5. Helps repair dry skin

The fatty acids and vitamin A and E in almond oil helps to repair dry skin.

#6. Makes skin smooth and glowing

Regular massage using almond oil results in bright and glowing skin. It makes the skin smooth and elastic.  It also improves the skin complexion to some extent.

#7. Good for chapped skin

Almond oil can be used during winters as well to treat chapped skin. You can even replace your hand and foot cream with almond oil.

Benefits of almond oil for hair and scalp: 

Almond oil is not just good for your skin but also for hair due to a high content of vitamin D and magnesium.

#8. Promotes hair growth

Sweet almond oil benefits for hair include longer, stronger, smoother and shinier hair and prevention of hair fall.

#9. Lush eyelashes

Massaging with almond oil can also result in beautiful growth of eyelashes in babies with thin eyelashes. Take care you don’t allow oil to enter eyes.

#10. Removes dandruff and cradle crap

Almond oil can also be used for dandruff removal and for treating cradle cap (greasy yellow or brown scales which may also appear on face, ears, neck, eyes, and nappy area or on skin folds) in babies.

#11. Fatty acids in the almond oil prevent scalp inflammation and helps remove the dead cells.

Benefits of almond oil for the entire body:

#12. Good for nails

Regular massage with almond oil helps to make the nails strong and shiny as almond oil also contains good amount of zinc and potassium along with vitamin D and E.

#13. Strengthens muscles

Massaging with almond oil on a regular basis strengthens the muscles.

#14. Helps baby sleep better

It also relieves strained muscles and relaxes the sore muscles in your baby’s body. This helps your baby to sleep for longer time.

#15. Good for blood circulation

Massaging with almond oil improves blood circulation. Improved blood circulation in turn improves distribution of oxygen and nutrients to different body parts.

#16. Good for brain and nerves

Almond oil also nourishes brain and nervous system.

#17. Favorable for bone development

High in vitamin D and minerals like calcium, massaging your baby daily with almond oil is also favorable for healthy development of bones.

#18. Boosts immunity

In addition to the above benefits, almond oil also boosts immunity and help in eliminating toxins from the body.

#19. Is edible

Also since it is edible, you do not have to worry about your baby accidentally ingesting it.

#20.Helps reduce indigestion

Massaging your baby’s tummy gently with sweet almond oil reduces chances of indigestion.

These are the 20 wonders that almond oil can do to your baby.

Knowing these benefits of almond oil for baby, I hope you have reached a conclusion about which oil to be used for baby massaging 🙂

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Precautions to be taken while using almond oil for babies:

  • Babies who have allergy towards nuts should consult your pediatrician before using almond oil. There are chances that almond oil can trigger an allergic reaction in your baby’s skin if nut allergy runs in your family. You can also read on Signs and Symptoms of Allergy in Babies
  • If you are using any baby oil for the first time, do a patch test on your baby first and wait for 2- 3 days to confirm he is not allergic to the particular oil.
  • Don’t allow almond oil or any type of massage oils to enter baby’s eyes or nostrils.
  • Always go for good quality almond oil and look for expiry date too. You can also read Is It Safe to Massage Baby During Cold and Cough?

Do you use almond oil for your baby massaging? Which brand of almond oil do you use for baby massage? How do you find it for massaging baby? What are the visible benefits?

Share your experiences and views in the comments below. Share this article with your dear ones to make them aware of the benefits of almond oil for baby massage.


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  1. Smitha Davanam on

    From the day 4 of my baby born… We using sweet almond oil baby massage oil from Kama Ayurveda… Now she z ten months n her skin is so nice and glowing.. When used this especially in winter it makes baby body so warm n nice and suitable even in summer as its so gentle warm feeling after bath n before bath both suitable n not just suitable it’s more good than any other Oil. Loved the kama Ayurveda sweet Almond oil packing too. Easy to pour in direct hands n apply and no mess. It won’t get any oil color on dress too and so nice sweet smell like spa feeling.. My baby n even me use it daily twice before n after bath n before bed time massage too. Hope it helps you my honest feedback about sweet almond oil and my personal suggestion of the brand for this oil makes you easy to decide the oil and brand.

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