Nalpamaradi Kera Thailam for Babies and Kids


nalpamaradi kera thailam for babies

Today’s product review is about Nalpamaradi Kera Thailam for babies and kids.

In Kerala, Ayurvedic oils and the massages play an important role in pregnancy phase as well as in the baby care.

One fine day I noticed rashes in my baby’s neck and arm folding. The pediatric dermatologist we consulted confirmed it to be Eczema. The doctor suggested mild tropical cortisone and it was effective. Everything went fine till my trip to Cochin.

I must admit the fact that apart from being the best city in Kerala, Cochin is famous for mosquitoes as well. So, every time I take my daughter to my native, she will have a lot of mosquito bites on her arms and leg. Since she has eczema, these would later develop into rashes and marks (everlasting ones!!)

I tried her cortisone cream again but alas, it didn’t work this time. Marks on my little one’s body were definitely a concern for me.

A dear friend of mine (Sreeja) suggested this Nalpamaradi kerathailam to me as she had found it effective on her toddler. We brought it from a pharmacy nearby and started using it for massaging my daughter.

Woohoo… it worked!


nalpamaradi kera thailam for baby massage

Nalpamaradi kera thailam comes in a plastic bottle just like any other Ayurvedic oil. It is slightly thicker than coconut oil and is yellowish in color. The smell is not strong.

Ingredients of Nalpamaradi Tailam:

Nalpamaradi kera tailam has coconut oil as the base. ‘Nalpamara’ refers to the ‘naal’ (four) types of tree barks. ‘Kera’ refers to coconut oil. Other ingredients include chandana, triphala, kushta, manjishta to name a few.

The above combination of herbs, oil and liquid are heated till the oil is prepared, filtered.

Nalpamaradi oil is prepared with the same combination though the coconut oil base is replaced with sesame oil(til ka tel).

Price: Rs.107 for 200 ml

How to use Nalpamaradi Kera Thailam for babies?

Nalpamaradi Kerathailam oil is meant to be used for external application only. For babies, massage it 15 to 30 minutes before bath. Wash off with water and soap. Nalpamaradi Kerathailam can be used for a very long period of time or as advised by doctor.

I checked with one of my friends who hail from an Ayurvedic doctor’s family about this oil. According to her, it could be used for infant baby massaging on a regular basis.

Benefits of Nalpamaradi Kera Thailam for babies and kids:

nalpamardi kera thailam_benefits

  • Used in the treatment of skin diseases with itching such as eczema, herpes, dermatitis and allergic skin diseases such as ring worm infestation
  • Used as baby massage oil, to relieve any minor skin conditions
  • To improve fairness and skin complexion, since it contains turmeric and sandalwood


  • Made from organic ingredients
  • Moisturizes skin well
  • Affordable price
  • No harmful chemicals or paraben
  • Not very greasy, washes off easily with water and soap
  • Available in most Ayurvedic medical shops or online Ayurvedic stores
  • Good for treating skin irritations like eczema, ringworm, sunburn etc


As it contains turmeric, it will leave a stain on your clothes. Ensure that you keep a separate towel to wipe yourself post bathing/washing off the oil.

My Experience:

We have been using it for the past one month for my daughter.

The marks in her hands are all gone in a month’s time and we are left with a few milder marks on her legs.

As I already mentioned, the oil leaves a stain on clothes as it has turmeric. Hence make sure babies don’t go sit on couches or touch other dresses once they are massaged.

Will I recommend the product?

A big yes.

This is one of the best Ayurvedic products for babies that I have ever come across. You can use it as a massaging oil for your little ones as well as for you.

Even if you don’t have any skin irritational conditions you could still use the oil for a well moisturized skin as well as to prevent rashes and dry skin.

P.S: Mommies – The oil contains sandal, turmeric (like in Santoor ad). Who knows may be we will all turn Santoor mommies by regular use of this 🙂

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Further reading:

Have you used Nalpamaradi Kerathailam for your baby ? Which massage oil do you use for your baby? How do you find it? Share with us in comments.


About Author

A working mom who balances both her professional as well as personal life, Roshni tries to be a best friend to her 2 year old Lynette, fondly called as Linu. She along with her husband try to bring up their little one in the best possible way.


  1. Hi roshni,
    I found ur post to be very useful.. Its really interesting. After using olive oil my daughter became too dark, as I stopped using she’s been better comparatively. Can I use this oil to regain her original complexion ?will this help.. Nd if yes? What has to be mixed with this oil ?pls rep.. Thankyou

    • Hi Roshini…

      Eff article… Can we apply Nalpamaradi kerathailam for baby’s body??

      could you share the diff between nalpamaradi kerathailam and Lakshadi kerathailam…which one s effective

  2. Hi mam,
    My daughter is 3 now. I wanna ask that if this oil will be effective on her complexion. She was fairer before now getting wheatish.

  3. Hi,
    what oil should use for my 2 months pre mature baby girl for fairness? Is there anything else in ayurveda to increase colour of babies

  4. Hi, I’m Brinda, my wishes for ur blog, I accidentally jumped into it and now so happy the accident happened. It helps me in many ways.
    I have a baby boy who is 3 months now. Reading ur blog, I’m using Nalpamaradi Kera thailam and Lakshadi Kera thailam for his body massage. I’m using virgin coconut oil for his hair though. My mil told me since the thailam contains turmeric, it may prevent his moustache, beard and body hair growth in future? Is it so? Can I use it or not?

  5. Hello roshni. My son is 1.3 years old n having severe eczema. I wanna try dis oil for him.i live in chandigarh. From which online site can i get this. Thanks a lot. .:)

  6. Thanks. Useful article. I was using almond oil for baby hair to toe massage. After read your article want to try this oil to my 2 months old baby.

    Can I apply on her face this oil? What about hair massage? As her skin is dry can I use daily and wash with soap?

  7. hi roshini

    I have a doubt whether this oil could be used in winter season also, becz nowadays its very chill, so its safe to use on 2 and half year girl and 5 year boy

  8. Hai sangeetha my daughter was 10 months baby can I use the oil for fairness .where I can get this product pls suggest me the location in Bangalore

  9. Hello Roshini,
    Very happy hear from you about Nalpamaradi oil for babies.My son is 9 mnths old suffering from eczema.He is on cortisone.he has it on neck foldings and specially on the cheeks.It is better wit cortisone.But as soon as i sto,eczema come back.I would like too knw if Nalpamaradi oil is safe to use on my babies face,hair and genitals.Pls reply
    Thnks in advance

  10. Hi Roshini,
    I’m having lot of stretchmarks after delivery. Can u suggest me wat can I do for tat. Can I try this oil or any other product is good like palmers, bio oil.

  11. Hi roshini..
    I ad been using bipha nalpamaradi thilam to ma little one from one month and I wanna share this to all mommies dat ma babies skin tone changed completely,…she was wheatish and in one month she s become fair dis oil was jus superb magic….?i was worried so much thank yo somuch roshini….guess this ll be useful to new mommies?

    • Roshni Mathew on


      Am glad the post helped you !
      Like I replied for the last comment, I have started using it for myself too now 😉
      Love to the lil one!

      Roshni 🙂

  12. Hi I bought this oil along with Lakhadi oil. My baby’s cheek was bite by Mosquitos and I used this oil and how magic it was totally vanished within one day. My baby skin shines. Thank u Roshini for your wonderful article as I’m investing more on to control Mosquitos and felt very bad after seeing my baby when he was got bite. After using this my baby had an considerable skin texture change. And now I’m fan of Al kottakal n Vaidyaratna products

    • Roshni Mathew on

      Thanks a lot Archana !
      Glad that the review article helped you 🙂
      The oil is very good for dry skin related issues. I have started using it for myself as well 🙂


  13. Hi Roshini ,
    Can this oil be applied to my two months baby boy as it contains turmeric elders says it restricts the growth of beard and moustache later when they grew up. Is it true.
    I’m very eager in buying this oil. Pls reply me soon.

    • Roshni Mathew on


      It can be used for yr LO, no matter what his age is. Hair growth depends a lot on genes. You may apply it, no problem!

      Thanks for going thru 🙂


      • Hey dear I wana ask about complexion for my it the same oil called nalpamaradi keram??? I m worried about her complexion ….she was v v fair wen she was born till 1 mnth after that she z bcomin wheatish…… Thnx a lot.

  14. Suchithra Hormese on

    I used nalpamaradhi keratailam for my son from 2 months of age to two years. For my second child, I have been using it since day 7 of her birth. It effectively prevents rashes, skin dryness and gives a shine to the skin. It can be continued more than 2 years too but by son keeps moving around while bath now and am scared he’ll slip &fall. A definite must have for babies since it is devoid of chemicals n gives good results. I find it in kottakal shops in chennai as well. Google for kottakkal shops near your locations- they have a good network. Not sure about online availability though.

    • Roshni Mathew on

      Thank you so much for going through 🙂 also when us parents comment so , others would feel very confident to use the product. Thanks once again 🙂

  15. Thanks roshini very helpful article..
    I av ordered bipha nalpamaradi kera thailum….coz I didn’t get other brand from online…can I use it…plz reply…my lo s 8 months old…

    • Roshni Mathew on

      Hi Sangeetha,
      I havent really tried this brand. U can check by applying a little and then go ahead. As its an ayurvedic product it won’t be harmful for sure. I have tried vaidyarathnam, kottaykal and santhigiri.. All these 3 brands are good. But I prefer vaidyarathnam more. Hope this helps
      Thanks for going through the article 🙂

  16. hii … i do support u roshni….. bcz im also using this oil since my cupcake was 45 days old….he had medium complexion wen he was born…nw he is 10 months…have a good complexion with smooth skin texture….bt im using different brand named nagarjuna ..:)

    • Roshni Mathew on

      Hi Devi,

      Thanks for going through 🙂

      The brands that I have tried are Kottakkal,Vaidyarathnam and Santhigiri . All three were equally good.


    • Roshni Mathew on

      Hi Saranya,

      Thanks for going through.
      More than the complexion, I feel it helps in reducing the eczema marks and skin irritations related. I would not suggest in using it as a fairness treatment oil for babies .


  17. Your Comment
    hi roshini,
    Is this thaila could be used for adults or only for babies let me knw plz

  18. Your Comment
    hi dear roshini,
    I felt very much happy by seeing ur article but my daughter is 22days baby she is dark in her complexion can i apply this oil for her will this oil help in improving her skin complexion by making her skin tone fairer is this is too early to apply or is this right time to appy does it has any side effects

    • Roshni Ann Mathew on

      Hi Chandana,

      You can use it for infants with no doubt. And the baby is now 25 days old right ? The ingredients in the oil are not at all harmful for the baby . I have noticed that in the initial weeks, around this time babies tend to get a bit darker and it goes off and they retain their complexion in the upcoming weeks. Hope thats the case here too. And I hope otherwise its a bit too early to worry about the babies complexion . (Rather we should not be worried at all ). Thanks for going through the article and happy parenting 🙂
      Love to the lil munchkin!!

  19. Roshni Mathew on


    You should be able to get it in Are you in India? If so just let me know the exact location. I will see whether a kottakal ayurvedic shop is there.

    Thanks fr going thru 🙂
    Take care!!

  20. Hello Roshni,

    Great job dear,Thanks for sharing the information,Could you please share where i can buy this product in online?share website if you knows….

  21. Hi Meena,

    Thanks for going through the article .

    The oil has turmeric and sandal in it and that probably could be a reason that it is used for fairness tretaments as well.

    But if you check with me for an opinion , for a 4 months old baby , just take care for her breast feeding and by 6 months start giving her solids including all the nutritious food required as per the babies age.

    And also the complexion of babies is determined by the genes. My daughter turned slightly dark in between which was brought back after I started using this. Hope this helps you .

    Thank you 🙂

  22. Hi Tina,

    Thanks for the comment .

    The difference between Nalpamaradhi kera thailam and nalpamaradhi thailam is that the latter uses sesame oil as the base. Both are equally good and could be used for babies. The review though is about Nalpamaradhi kera thailam..

    Also do read about eczema as answered by one of our doctors here if you wish to .

    (Vol.2 Reader’s Queries on Eczema, Low Weight and Eating Habits of Baby)

    Thanks and Happy Parenting 🙂

  23. Lovely blog post .thank you roshni for this blog lil baby girl is 18mnths now.she has eczema .tried almost every oil ..but still there..but during her early stage i used nalpammarathi worked well with her but when that bottle got over we bought nalpamarathi kera thailam.what is the differencebtween the two?nalpamarathi thailam n nalpamaradhi kera thailam.
    Do reply wen time permits

  24. HI what oil should use for my 4 month baby girl for fairness? Is there anything else in ayurveda to increase colour of babies

  25. Hello roshni,

    Grt post..very informative one..
    I had used lakshadi keram for gokul. .
    nowadays he wont allow me to apply oil. .all he says is (amma little pls) when I take the bottle:-D

    • I know Geethu 🙂 its one of those plz let mamma do this for u tasks. I wonder till when I ll be able to continue the massaging for linu.. One fine day she ll also say .. Enough mamma ! 🙂

  26. Hi Roshini,
    A very good review.I have not used any pre-bath massage oils for Rithvik other than our coconut oil till date, but after reading ur review about this oil, I wish I would have 🙁 ..but now its too late.He is two now.Nowadays he don’t even allow me to apply moisturizing cream …oofaah 🙂

    • Thanks JL!!

      Lucky you that baby is fine without moisturizers. Cant even think of that for Linu as she has extremely dry skin .. I have bottles of Cetaphil at home for her always. 🙂

  27. Hello Rosh..

    Wonderful writing !!

    I had been using this oil for my daughter from her second month till she turned one. It’s very much suitable for massaging. Used the Kottakkal brand. But I hate the stains part. A few of her pretty frocks got those stains. Thankfully, they went off after 2-3 washes 🙂

    • Thanks karthika 🙂

      Thats the only negative point I could think of.. Linu’s towel got stained.. Luckily not a dress till now !

  28. Thanks roshni, i will definitely use this oil to my twins. N aftr reading dis article, i got confidence to use this. Thank u again….

    • Savita,

      Twins are double joy 🙂 I always wanted to have twins !! Very happy to know that the article helped you for choosing this oil for the Lil ones 🙂

      Take care and love to the cutie pies 🙂

  29. Dear roshni its really a good message.i also bought this oil but i am waiting fot my babe to complete one yr.nw i get the confidence sure i will use this.thank you so rose

    • Hi Rose,

      Glad that you liked the article. This oil can be used for infants also. Its a good prebath massaging oil.

      Happy parenting and love to the Lil one 🙂

    • The one I have reviewed is vaidyarathnam, but kottakal is also equally good 🙂 I have tried both depending on the availability. Let me know if you find it difficult to get one ,Neha ! Thanks 🙂

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