Is it Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy?


Is sex safe during pregnancy?

Will it harm the baby if we have intercourse?

Which sex positions are safe during pregnancy?

These are some of the questions you feel embarrassed to ask even your gyno. Don’t worry; we are here to help you out even with those ‘ahem’ questions.

sex during pregnancy

So how is it been? I guess a missed period accompanied by a few early signs of pregnancy made you all curious to find out and confirm the big question… Once you make sure if you are carrying a tiny life inside you, it is obvious that you must have made the announcement and you would have started to prepare yourself to begin the journey of motherhood. It sure comes with a lot of questions and doubts.

“Can I have sex during this phase”- is one of the top questions that bother you once you know you are pregnant. So can you have sex during your pregnancy? Let us find out.

You might already find the early symptoms stressful, and sex is a question that bothers most couples. Moreover, we have lots of alarming sirens that keep beeping every now and then, so ladies are scared to even think about sex at this point.

I can imagine how being in your shoes can be! Your smooth flowing sex life gets hampered, eventually giving no physical satisfaction. However it doesn’t have to be so.

How does it feel to have sex during pregnancy?

Why is it that I have lost interest in sex from the time I conceived? Why do I have an increased libido? These are two questions women have at this juncture.

  • For a few expecting ladies, sex can be on their mind all the time. It is because of the increased flow of blood to the pelvic area. While few complain that they feel discomfort or feel full after the act.
  • It also is a possibility that clitoris become less sensitive during pregnancy for most women. In common instances, women don’t reach orgasms with ease while expecting.
  • Sex can be painful for a few ladies while they are carrying a baby. In that case, opt for positions where in deep penetration does not take place.
  • It will be completely normal to be feeling like not having sex. A set of reasons hold you back from having sex. Intercourse is not only a part of sex, you may choose to have foreplay, massaging, masturbation, cuddle with each other if at all intercourse is something that your body doesn’t allow as it undergoes tremendous changes and your mental state fluctuates.

You can also read about 5 ways to beat mood swings during pregnancy.

Problems you might face in sexual life during pregnancy:

Although both of you decide upon having a family, things don’t necessarily flow in your favor as the symptoms of pregnancy like nausea, fatigue, sore breasts and other symptoms like back pain, weight gain, hormonal imbalance become obstacles in your sexual life.

A number of physical changes and emotions take over and as a consequence the sexual desires get hampered. Your thoughts play an important role too. Getting too nervous, stressed out about anything related to your pregnancy also interfere with your sex life.

Does having sex harm the baby?

Can sex cause miscarriage in early pregnancy?

Will I miscarry if I have sex during pregnancy?

If you are a first time expectant, you might worry if having intercourse might harm the baby! The answer is: NO.

Having sex isn’t a reason of miscarriage or causing harm to the baby. This phobia is the strongest reason why women tend to avoid having sex in most scenarios. Our body is naturally designed in a way to protect the baby, the amniotic sac and thick walls of the uterus protect the baby. The mucus plug remains shut. The baby won’t feel discomfort while you are having sex, in any position.

Benefits of sex during pregnancy:

Do you know? Having sex during the course of pregnancy prevents pre-mature labor! This is one of the best of the benefits of sex during pregnancy.

Congratulations! You have entered a phase where you can have sex to your heart’s content without worrying about taking precautions or contraceptives, without the fear of getting pregnant as you already are pregnant 😛

There is no reason to discontinue having sex when you are pregnant. As far as you have a normal pregnancy, you can have sex as per your comfort level. Some women might have an urge to have more sex while some claim it to be the last thing they want. The fact is, you may continue being sexually active, for some women have sex until the time their water breaks.

In fact, you can have sex without bothering about using condoms, pills and any other contraceptives, which means natural sex, the best thing on earth (although using a condom will minimize the risk of STDs).

Maintain hygiene, both of you. Listen to your instincts, if you feel like having sex and will be good with it, you may go ahead.

What positions are safe during pregnancy?

That moment, when you are full of sexual urge as you look at your partner! Lady, you are so much craving to have a gala time that you just can’t wait anymore. Your libido can be credited to the estrogen, progesterone levels rise. This causes rapid blood flow to the entire pelvic region, and you may experience lubricated vagina, sensitive breasts and nipples.

Did you know that most women reach the peak of sexual desires during months 4 to 6 as they have already crossed critical pregnancy symptoms as they reach these months? So, the news is, you can plan your ‘Babymoon’ at your favorite destination during these pregnancy months 😛

Make sure to speak to your doctor about travelling and necessary precautions, medical necessities to be carried while you are baby mooning.

The growing belly would lessen your comfort while having sex in the missionary position after a few months.

Listing positions that may not discomfort you while you’re pregnant:

  • Spooning Position

This is one safe position where in you and your partner lie sideways, male partner behind the female partner. It won’t cause deep penetration, however you can let the penetration happen as per your choice.

  • You on top

Yet another position that both of you can enjoy fearlessly. In this position, male partner lies down on the bed, whereas the female partner can control the movements as she sits on top of him.

  • Edge of the bed position

The male partner has to kneel and the female partner has to lie to the edge of the bed with her legs downwards. The penetration has to be in such an angle that no pressure is laid on to your abdomen.

  • Reverse Cow girl position

There will be no reason to worry when you are on top. This will be just like ‘Woman on top’ position just that you won’t be facing him. That way you can have a great love making session as he would not get cautious looking at your big belly.

  • On the chair position

Another great position as the penetration depth can be controlled. Let him sit on a chair, you can sit on his lap facing him or reverse with your back facing him as per your comfort. Choose a living room and satisfy all your fetishes.

In what cases should you avoid having sex?

Most of the gynecologists suggest avoiding sex during first and last trimester. For your information, there were times when women only went for their first check up after the 1st or 2nd trimester. That too, to find out how many months more to go for the labor.

In most cases, they suggest so because the first trimester is a critical period, and they want you to be safe. And in the third trimester, they suggest so as there are risks like pre term labor, breaking of water associated with it. I recommend you follow as they instruct because in some cases, they might also suggest not to have intercourse due to some or the other severity.

It will be always good to be crystal clear and not be shy of discussing sex talk with your doctor.

Your gynecologist is the right person to tell you if you are having a normal pregnancy and whether you can have sex.

Apart from that, in some circumstances, it is recommended you avoid sex or consult your healthcare expert about your queries. They are as mentioned below.

  • Bleeding

Avoid having sex if at all you are bleeding during pregnancy. This could be a sign of a complication, visit your gynecologist immediately (regardless of whether it is an implantation spotting; however in most cases, one cannot rule out pregnancy before implantation occurs).

You can also read whether spotting during pregnancy is normal.

  • Abdominal Cramps

It is best not to have sex when you’re facing abdominal cramps or pains. Having sex at such point of time may add to the discomfort.  They might just be mild cramps, contractions or false pains. Speak to your doctor if at all you find it abnormal.

  • Vaginal discomfort

Do not have intercourse if at all there’s any sort of discomfort under there. It may be a vaginitis or some infection. Get it treated right away.

  • Others

Leaking water, cervical incompetence, expecting twins, history of premature birth, history of miscarriage and placenta praevia –  in all cases as listed, please follow as instructed by your healthcare expert.

If at all your gynecologist shows a red light, get up close and personal with your partner to adopt ways that satisfy your physical needs.

My partner seems to be uninterested, what do I do?

Though sex is safe during pregnancy, it is obvious for your partner to face turn offs due to several reasons.

  • Fear that they might hurt the baby
  • They might worry about baby and your health
  • Bothering thoughts about baby being able to see what you do
  • They may find it stressing as they foresee parent-hood and how they will handle things
Precautions to be taken for sex during pregnancy:
  • You may choose to continue positions that you feel comfortable.
  • Keep in mind not to pressurize the abdomen and avoid deep penetration.
  • It is advisable to continue with gentle sex and not vigorous.
  • Experiment with positions as per your ease and comfort provided, gently.
  • Always clean your genitals/private parts after having unprotected sex as a safety measure.
  • Using lubricants or gels for easy penetration may cause irritation, do get a prescription from an expert before using it during pregnancy.
  • For every product/medication that you choose or already take, it is best to consult your gynecologist.
  • Always clear your doubts and queries, because it is better to know that to worry due to not having all the facts.

I am pretty sure that this article on sex during pregnancy was informative and helped you to clear your doubts.

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