Trying To Conceive – 14 Must Do Things Beforehand


Are you trying to get pregnant? Trying to conceive? All set to start the new phase of your life? Wait!

Here are the 14 must do things before you plan to conceive.

The moment you know you are carrying, you will all of a sudden become conscious about what you eat, how you sleep and even what you see and hear, because you just can’t stand any negatives happening to the lovely bundle of joy that is taking form inside your womb.

But often we forget that our body needs that extra care even before getting pregnant.

trying to conceive

The first few weeks of pregnancy are very critical. But most of us will be confirming a pregnancy in our 2nd month and by this time your baby has already started taking form in your uterus. You can refer to the 11 symptoms of pregnancy before missed period you might fail to notice.

14 Must do things before trying to conceive:

When you decide to start a family, it is always good to do certain things much before you conceive so that you can prepare both physically and mentally for a healthy pregnancy.

When you are mentally and physically prepared to welcome a new member to your family, there is more chance of getting pregnant. Your whole pregnancy phase would be smoother and your baby will be much healthier.

Below are the ways you should prepare/consider yourself before getting pregnant. These are the 14 best tips for getting pregnant and have a healthy baby by taking proper care of yourself.

trying to conceive

#1. Make the decision thoughtfully

Starting a family should be a combined decision of both the husband and wife. The last thing we want is a baby born at a not so welcome time. This can put mental pressure on the parents and the baby too.

So consider your career, finance, family and everything that matters to you before you nod a yes to make love for a baby.

#2. Make your periods regular

This applies to all ladies whether planning to get pregnant or not. Periods should be regular and if you have irregular periods please do consult a doctor and get it corrected.

Irregular periods can mean much more than you think. It can be an indication of a much complex problem in some cases.

I personally know many people who had irregular periods, extreme tummy cramps and abnormal bleedings during their periods. They ignored it and later struggled to get pregnant because of this.

(This is a special request from me to all the mothers who have adolescent daughters. Please ask your girls regularly if they see anything abnormal in their menstrual cycle and if yes please get it checked at the earliest.)

#3. Stop contraceptives and bring back your regular periods

Yes I know you will do that when you plan to get pregnant. But here I am talking about hormonal contraceptives.

Most of the ladies will go back to normal periods once they toss their pill. But for some, because of the hormonal changes, things may not work as expected.

So stop using your birth control pill and if things are not turning out as it should be, then please consult a doctor.

#4. Know you ovulation date

Knowing when you ovulate is very important when you are desperately waiting to get pregnant.

Ovulation occurs about two weeks before the start of your next period. If you have a menstrual cycle of 28 days, then your date of ovulation is around the 14th day of your menstrual cycle. This is the time you are most fertile and so your chances of getting pregnant is also high.

Gynecologists recommend this factor as one of the tips to get pregnant faster naturally.

You can also refer to the simple guide on home pregnancy tests.

#5. Get a preconception checkup

This is really important if you are on certain medicines or have a family history of some hereditary diseases or conditions.

Do a preconception checkup with your doctor. Tell him the medicines you are taking, as some are unsafe during pregnancy. Also let him know your family history and do the needful precautions to have a healthy baby.

The whole idea of a preconception checkup is to make sure that the mom is fit for a normal pregnancy. If you are having any medical conditions that can become a barrier to your healthy pregnancy, this is the time to sort it out.

Some people even go for genetic carrier screening to make sure that their babies are safe from genetic diseases like sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis etc.

#6. Take folic acid or prenatal vitamins or supplements

Consult a doctor and start folic acid or prenatal vitamins. Taking folic acid 1 to 2 months before conceiving and during the first trimester helps to decrease the chances of birth defects in your baby.

Get your blood checked for hemoglobin, consult your doctor and start iron supplements if required.

#7. Follow healthy eating habits

If you are skipping breakfast, eating junk food and having your dinner with more junk foods at the middle of the night, then it is time to change it.

Healthy eating is a must for pregnant ladies and it should start even before you conceive. This can help you to get rid of any vitamin or mineral deficiencies you are having and make your body cleaner.

Check for mercury content in the seafood you eat. Avoid fish that are high in mercury content.

#8. Quit the bad habits

If you are addicted to smoking, drinking or drugs, quit it first and then go for a baby.

You may be well aware of the side effects of smoking and drinking. Such bad habits will be a reason for birth defects and can affect the health of your baby.

#9. Check your weight

If you are overweight or underweight do bring your weight to a normal level.

Being over weight can make it difficult for you to conceive. Also pregnancy complications can occur due to over weight.

If you are underweight and not gaining proper weight during pregnancy then it can be a reason for an underweight baby.

In short always aim for a healthy body mass index.

#10. Limit or avoid caffeine

There is always a debate on caffeine intake and miscarriages. So instead of taking risk avoid caffeine and choose healthy drinks like fruit juices.

#11. Get vaccinated

You don’t want a chicken pox or other diseases during your pregnancy. This can affect your growing baby. So consult with your doctor and decide if you are in risk of getting any diseases and get vaccinated if required.

#12. Avoid infections and environmental risks/ occupational diseases.

 If you work in a place were you are exposed to radiations or harmful chemicals, then this can have negative impact on your pregnancy. So take proper precautions while working in such environments. The best thing is to avoid such risks.

Avoid infections so that you don’t fall sick.

#13. Visit your dentist

 You may feel this as a weird advice but researches say that dental hygiene and pregnancy complications are closely related. A good oral health can reduce the chances of miscarriage, preterm birth etc.

So pay a visit to your dentist and aim for a good oral health before you conceive.

#14. Good-bye to high heels

This was the first thing I did when I planned to conceive.

I am a big fan of high heel shoes. But I am also aware of the side effects of using high heels and how much it can affect my posture and back.

Hence I opted for flats and this may be one reason why I had very less back pains during and after pregnancy. And of course I always feared of miscarriage from falling off a high heel.

Hope this article on the 14 things to consider when you are trying to conceive was of help.

How did you prepare your body for welcoming a baby? Did you start taking prenatal supplements even before getting pregnant? Did you ditch the heels like I did? Please do share your experience in the comments.

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  1. i was unable to bear children and i discover a testimony through the internet and now i am happy because on facebook i found the man who help me for good and now am eight months pregnant and he told me that antelope give birth without losing a child, on facebook (Oduduwa Ajakaye)

    • Thanks for dropping by Pooja.

      Periods are still regarded as kind of embarrassing secret and people don’t see it as a natural process that happens to every girl child. This is one reason why girls don’t share their period problems with anyone and then later they have to run around visiting doctors to correct it.But by that time they will be too late to get it corrected.

      My amma is also very much concerned about my periods.:-) Lucky us. 🙂

  2. Good one Anu.

    I would like to add a 15th point here, which is daily workout. Trying to walk as much as possible and avoid the auto rides for shorter distances. Daily walking improved the entire health and keep the metabolism up and running.

    And workouts in the form of household work, like sweeping and mopping the floor. This also helps in keeping the weight in limits and bending down gives an exercise to abdomen.

  3. Roshni Mathew on

    Good one Anu 🙂

    The points like preconception check up and all is mostly not done 🙂 but as u mentioned we should visit a gynec or even a physician to make sure we are healthy, before planning for a baby 🙂

    • Yes Roshni majority of the ladies don’t even think of preparing themselves for conceiving. Staying healthy is must for a healthy baby.
      preconception checkup is a must,especially if you are having any illness or a family history of certain diseases.

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