Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose in Babies and Toddlers


Stuffy nose is very common problem in kids and adults. In this post I share a few home remedies for stuffy nose in babies and toddlers.

I have given safe alternatives to treat the nasal congestion problem without using the regular medicines. Here are 4 ways to get the blocked nose cleared so you and your little breathe better and feel good.

home remedies for stuffy nose

4 Safe home remedies for stuffy nose in babies and kids:

Nasal congestion, stuffy nose, blocked nose happens when there is swelling in the nasal cavity, leading of accumulation of mucus thereby blocking the free flow of air. It could also be caused by inflamed blood vessels in your baby’s sinuses. In both the conditions, it becomes difficult to breath normally. This condition is normally accompanied by cold, sinusitis, bronchitis problems and allergic respiratory issues.

#1. Steam inhalation – pediatricians’ favorite tip

Steam inhalation is a method of introducing warm, moist air/steam into the lungs via the nose and throat for healing the inflamed sinuses. It is definitely one of the most effective remedies.

Most of the people use commercially available steam inhaler or steamers.

Instructions for using steam inhalers:

Pour hot water into the bowl (which comes as part of the steamer) and switch it on in baby’s room. The steam will help to unblock the stuffed nose. I do not suggest covering the head as most babies do not like their head covered as it is discomforting for them.

If you have a toddler above 1.5 years, make him or her bow down at least 1.5 feet above the bowl and start inhaling the warm air.  Make sure to read the instructions on proper usage of the steam inhalers you have.

Trust me the steam works well without covering the head too. A humidifier and nasal saline drops can work well too.

What if you don’t have a steamer?

In case you don’t have a steamer or the baby is not okay with steamer, you can also use hot shower in your bathroom.

Run the hot water shower for several minutes so that steam builds up in the bathroom. Breathe in the soothing vapors. Repeat twice daily until the baby breathes normally.

Precautions : 

  • When using this treatment with children or elderly people make sure that they do not burn themselves by getting too close to the bowl / steamer. Do take care and exercise precaution
  • Close monitoring of baby and toddler is required when the steamer or hot shower is ON
  • Do change the water every time you use the steamer

#2. Eucalyptus Oil / Nilgiri ka tail

eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil has astonishing decongesting and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties make it an amazing product for solving the stuffy nose problem. Do try to get a good quality of nilgiri oil  or nilgiri ka tel.

There are 3 ways to use the oil :

  • You can put a few drops (1 to 2) of eucalyptus oil in a cotton cloth / cotton swab and make the kid inhale the aroma/ vapors. One can also put a few drops on the bed sheet. This tip can be used for 10 months+ babies as well.
  • I also apply a very small amount (2 drops) of oil on the back and chest area. It really helps them to breathe better. Apply the oil only for toddlers above 1 year. Do note that when you apply the oil it has a slight burning effect. So apply a very little quantity and do check if your baby’s skin is okay with it. If not, discontinue the use.
  • One can also add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the steamer while taking the steam.

#3. Sip warm water and soups

If you have started weaning, do try to increase the fluid intake by offering warm liquids, semi solid item for your toddler. You can serve soups, porridges along with milk to the babies.

You can refer to the 7 healthy soup recipes for babies.

In If your baby is on breastfeed, do breastfeed more often to the baby during his stuffed nose, cold and cough.

#4. Acupressure point or area  for nasal congestion

acupressure points

I had attended one session from Baba Ramdev’s disciple long back and he had shared the information regarding acupressure for unblocking the nose. I use this point for myself as well as for my kids and it does work 🙂

Place your index finger on either side of the nose at the widest part, and gently press for a few seconds; you can press this point 3-4 times in one cycle. Use a gentle pressure only. Pressing on this area, provides instant relief. You can use this technique up to 3-4 times in a day.

Please note that this acupressure point should be applied only to toddlers above 1.5 years.

You can also try to use the Nasobuddy nasal aspirator for unblocking the stuffy nose in babies.

Parents please note that these are the home remedies for stuffy nose in babies and toddlers that can help to cure and reduce the problem. Please do take advice from the pediatrician if things are not getting better.

Further reading:

Have you had difficult experiences with your lil one’s blocked nose? What are the home remedies that you use when your little one is suffering from congested nose? Do share with me in the comments section. It will be useful for the community too.

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  1. Hi Neha

    Your remedies like ajwain kada and Omam water is really helpful for my baby she is 7 months old.

    Thank you
    Rupali Iyer

  2. Thank u for the information. . I have one doubt. I used to put eucalyptus drops near by him.. bt after a few hours he again gets troubled with closed nose. Wht should I do.. Please give ur suggestion

  3. Thanks for great information Neha. Can you suggest something for 1 month old baby cold and cough remedies?

    • Hello Pranir ,

      You can massge with ajwain & garlic infused oil.

      Steam inhalation may also help.

      & you can ask the mom to consume ginger , ajwain kadha.

      Hope it helps.


    • Hello Mehr,

      Apologies for the delayed reponse.

      I would suggest to observe the signs and identify what triggers the asthma .

      You can try ways to boost his immune system by giving amla /tulsi . Eliminating a certain kinds for foods may also help.

      Please do consult a good doctor and work on a long term treatment to eliminate the disease.

      Take Care & Thanks

      • Thank you ,madam , for giving sugestion.madam my baby is suffering with stuffy nose , my baby’ s age 9 months maadm , one time giving mother’s milk drop in baby nose ,then lightly change . Once again thanks madam .Any spell mistakes , sorry madam.

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