Dry Ginger Coffee or Chukku Kaappi Recipe for Babies This Monsoon


Monsoon is here and so is the cold and cough. Here is the step by step dry ginger coffee recipe for babies and kids.

Anshika is having a blast here in Kerala with her grand parents. No restrictions , lots of pampering and plenty of attention. As its raining heavily day and night, she has contracted cold, cough and congestion. So thought of making this dry ginger coffee or chukku kaappi for her.

Though adults can have this herbal concoction with a little bit of coffee powder, my version here is without coffee powder so that it could be given for babies from 10 months and above. So ready to make chukku kaappi or dry ginger coffee for babies this monsoon in 5 minutes?

dry ginger coffee

Dry ginger coffee benefits:

Chukku kaappi or dry ginger coffee what I have made is a combo of just 4 simple ingredients – Dry ginger / Chukku , jaggery, tulsi leaves and pepper corns. Dry ginger or chukku as its called is an excellent respiratory and digestive stimulant. Pepper soothes the throat and nostrils. Tulsi provides the protection against virus , soothes the tummy and has healing properties. Jaggery sweetens this herbal concoction while providing a natural source of iron.

chukku kaappi or dry ginger coffee for babies

chukku kaappi for babies

dry ginger coffee

 chukku kaappi or ginger coffee for babies

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Dry Ginger Coffee or Chukku Kaappi
  • Dry Ginger / Chukku - 1 inch piece
  • Tulsi leaves - 6 to 7
  • Pepper corns - 2
  • Jaggery - 1 block
  • Water - 1 cup
  1. Crush dry ginger and pepper corn roughly. No need to grind to fine powder
  2. Tear tulsi leaves into small pieces with hands
  3. Boil a cup of water with jaggery .
  4. Once it completely dissolves , add the crushed dry ginger and pepper corns
  5. Let it boil such that the essence is oozed out into the jaggery water
  6. Now add the tulsi leaves and simmer it until its wilted
  7. Switch off the gas and sieve the mixture to get the dry ginger coffee or chukku kaappi
1. For toddlers above 2 years , a pinch of coffee powder can be used to give the aroma and taste
2. You can add other spices like cinnamon and cloves too
This dry ginger coffee or chukku kaappi can be given 2 teaspoons every 4 hours for babies above 10 months. Make sure a fresh batch is made every day to be effective against colds and coughs .

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful remedy for colds! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I have had this and it is lovely .. especially if you have a soar throat it works 🙂