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My daughter’s summer vacation just began and like any other child, Anshika got bored within a few days due to lack of interesting activities. Since the past few days, she has been constantly nagging me to take her to play areas and parks. Frequent visits to indoor play areas is not pocket-friendly and the summer heat is so scorching, that going outdoors is not even an option!

Indoor activities like watching TV, cartoons and mobile games could all be fun, but as a mother I wanted her to have fun with minimal screen time. 

Camlin Painting Kit MakingLearningFun

Being interested in arts and crafts, I thought engaging Anshika in painting, drawing etc. could be a great idea. 

Not only art is engaging for kids, the art activities help in improving the motor skills, boosts self-confidence, relieves stress and encourages creative thinking.  It is pocket-friendly and the output of each art activity is something to cherish or save as a keepsake.

As a mom blogger I always go through other parents’ reviews and suggestions before buying anything for Anshika. So after going through so many online reviews, I finally ordered online the painting kit from Camlin and gifted her as a surprise.

Camlin Painting Kit
Camlin Painting Kit

The Camlin Painting Kit comes in a yellow transparent packet and contains:

  • A box of Oil Pastels – 12 shades
  • A box of Colour Pencils -12 shades
  • A box of Water Colour Cakes – 24 shades
  • A box of Sparkle Glue Tubes – 6 shades
  • A box of Wax Crayons – 12 shades and 
  • A Drawing Book 
Camlin Painting Kit Items Oil pastels Color pencils Water color cakes Sparkle Glue tubes and wax crayons

That is more than enough for a young artist to bud! I should also mention that all the stationery products from Camlin are toxin-free, making it safe for even younger kids. I must say an ideal gift for my little one!

Anshika was excited and the first question she asked me holding the painting kit was – ‘So what shall I start with?’

It did not take even a second for me to answer, ‘you know a small cute house with a tree on the side, clouds, sun and crows. Mumma will help you too!’ 

The 7-year-old in front of me was jumping with joy and excitement to do coloring together with Mumma. I must confess, the inner child in me was more excited than my own child. 

On the floor she laid all the box sets and chose her favourite Wax Crayons box and I approved her choice as Wax Crayons can give the required texture for the scenery we have chosen. As she is a beginner, I also felt that using crayons first from the kit will boost her confidence to move forward and use Water Colour and Oil Pastels in a better way. 

Camlin Painting Kit Drawing Outline

I joined her as she drew the outline of what she had in mind. Going through the Camlin crayons, water colors and oil pastels I felt that the inner child in me felt nostalgic. 

Camlin was the first Geometry box I possessed as a school student. The new Camlin Geometry Box in the Maths class was always a show off scene for me like any other student my age then. How time passes by, but the trusted quality, good packaging are still Camlin’s highlights. 

As I got out of my memory lane, Anshika had already started coloring. The dark green grass, the pale green grass pavement, the brown trunked tree, the white clouds, the peeking yellow sun all started appearing just like magic in front of our eyes. 

Camlin painting kit wax crayons

Choosing the art colours and then gradually helping her with coloring, this became such a great stress buster for me too. For us mother daughter duo, we had created something together filled with colors and fun, all thanks to Camlin.

I have decided that we will be indulging in more such creative moments together in her vacation time to recreate this magic. 

Camlin Painting Kit Finished Painting

For me buying the Camlin painting kit and helping Anshika to explore her creative side is the best thing I have done in this vacation.

Encouraging her to do paintings not only improves her creative side, but also improves her concentration. Each time she finishes an art work and experiments with the different types of oil pastels or poster colours and the textures they produce, we are exploring together so many possibilities to get more creative. It is boosting her self esteem too.

Indulging her in art works with Camlin art colours also gives me guilt free ‘me-time’ as I don’t have to leave her in front of TV to buy that few minutes for myself. I consider this as a win-win for any parent.

I can’t wait to see what we will create the next time using Camlin Poster Colours or Oil Pastels – a market place might be? Yes, it’s on the cards!

I hope your child’s vacation has started too. How do you plan to entertain your kid this vacation using Camlin stationery products? Do let me know in comments. 


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