Nasobuddy Nasal Aspirator Review


Today I introduce to you a nasal aspirator named Nasobuddy.

Sleepless nights, cranky baby, irritated you, trying-to-console-but-inconsolable-baby! This is the scene of your baby’s cold and cough where in the baby is unable to sleep or breathe properly.

The hardened mucus causes 99% of the nasal congestion along with the chest congestion that is associated with cough. Poor baby suffers even to get a little sleep, you too!

It’s said breast milk can help baby hydrate enough to moisturize even the nasal tract. But the baby’s nose is so blocked that he or she even rejects breast milk.

You get the best of the nasal bulbs available in the market which works on batteries, electricity and what not! The mere sight of the nasal bulbs which makes buzzing sound, irritates the baby and he even yells at the top of his lungs.

All such similar experiences and desire to discover the perfect nasal aspirator gave birth to Nasobuddy, an initiative by Sreenath, a dentist turned entrepreneur at One7Healthcare.


Sreenath and his wife as new parents had gone through tough times during their baby’s cold and cough. He was suggested a manual nasal aspirator or snot sucker by his cousin in U.S which proved to be effective in clearing the baby’s nose.

As the product was not available in India, Sreenath had to order it from U.S giving a heavy shipping fee. The hardships were fruitful. The nasal aspirator was so helpful for his child that he wanted to develop such manual nasal aspirators in India. That’s how the One7Healthcare startup was formed.

Lets see how Nasobuddy can fare your baby during cold.


  • Removes mucus, helps baby to breathe, feed and sleep better
  • Safe and easy to use design
  • Doctor recommended



Nasobuddy comes in a handy package. The package consists of the nasal aspirator with collecting tube, cap with filter, soft tube and yellow mouthpiece. Instruction slip/FAQ notes, 5 hygienic filters and the nasal aspirator are also included.


How to use Nasobuddy the proper way?


Pour a few drops of pediatric saline solution in your baby’s nostrils. This helps to loosen the mucus.

The collecting tube’s tip has to be placed against the baby’s nostril. It should be kept in such a way that the baby’s nose is sealed.

Put the other end (yellow) mouthpiece on to your lips and inhale as if you are sucking the air in. The mucus from baby’s nose will be taken out in this way and collected in the tube.


Instructions for cleaning Nasobuddy nasal aspirator:

Dispose the used filter. Using soap and water wash the collecting tube. Once dried snap the pieces together. Use a fresh filter for the next usage.

PROS of Nasobuddy:

  • Can be used for the age range of 0 – 5 years
  • Quite handy and easy usage
  • Portable and travel friendly
  • Safe to use on babies as its recommended by doctors
  • No irritation of the inner lining of nostrils as there is no insertion of tube into the nasal tract
  • The mucus from the baby is prevented by the hygienic filters provided. Hence there is no chance of passing cold from baby to the mother or vice versa.
  • Affordable price
  • Effective in clearing out mucus
  • Baby’s attention could be on you as you are handling the mouthpiece
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to de assemble and wash
  • The filters are disposable. So hygiene is taken care of
  • All parts of the nasal aspirator can be bought separately
  • Easily available in online stores


Nothing I can think of.

You might have the initial hiccups of using this nasal aspirator. But the guide provided and the step by step instructions could help you a lot.

Will I recommend Nasobuddy? Obviously yes!

A must have in your baby’s first aid kit as you never know when your baby will be down with cold or cough. I have already kept it in my 3 year old’s medicine kit.

How can you buy it?

Nasobuddy was launched in Tamil nadu and is available in pediatric hospitals and clinics. You can buy it from the official website. It is also available in Amazon and snapdeal stores.


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