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Remember the promising digital parenting app eKAVACH I had written some time back?

eKAVACH has launched its PRO version with additional features. If I compare the earlier and advanced version, I can see that the safety of children in both physical as well as virtual space, is now being taken care of in the eKAVACH PRO version.

Features and Updates of eKAVACH PRO:

We will see the updates of eKAVACH PRO along with the old features in detail and how it can value add to our parenting phase.

Lets have a quick recap of the features of eKAVACH Version 1.

  • Intelligent Web Filtering:  Gives insight to your child’s online activity
  • Application Management: To know about the apps used by the child and usage time
  • Access Control: Helps you to choose to block sites, set appropriate limits and enable safe search
  • Real-time alerts: Looks for questionable activities and sends an instant notification to your phone
  • Smartphone Notifications & Dashboard: Real time notifications to your phone the moment any boundaries set by you have been breached by your child.
  • Multi user and flexible family definition: With the ability to customize each child’s internet experience you can monitor and control as many devices as you need.
  • Safe Search: Provides Safe Search across all popular browsers and also through a list of Search apps. Apps supported by eKAVACH are Yahoo, Bing and Google.

In addition to the above mentioned features, eKAVACH PRO has these 9 updates as mentioned below.

Ekavach PRO

 1. Heartbeat:

ekavach Screenshot - Device HeartBeat

With this heart beat feature, the physical location of the child along with geo location is made known to the  parent in terms of alerts. Parents can be assured of the child’s safety and can take timely actions too.

2. Offline alerts:

Ekavach PRO

Often it happens that the network fluctuates while commuting or roaming.

The feature ‘offline alerts’ provided in eKAVACH PRO sends SMS alerts to the parents when internet connection is not available. The alerts can be customized and segregated into categories like urgent, alert and information.

3. Family Time:

Family Time Ekavach PRO

Have you seen dining table conversations in many families where the children are busy chatting or browsing while the family members talk?

Most of the time, none of the family members come to know what the child is browsing about.

The feature ‘family time’ blocks all internet applications during family time like a dinner. It also ensures the adequate rest required by children as the apps/ internet connection seize to function after sleep time and until wake up time.

4. More control over applications:

Screenshot_Application Management ekavach

Now a days apps are created like crazy for each and every thing. Moreover most of them are free to download.

With the eKAVACH PRO, parents now have the access to the app store. They can know about the downloads by their child, detailed information about the app, specify time limit for app usage, block, permit or even check whether it’s a real requirement for their child as well.

5. View dashboard stats of your child’s online activities:

Screenshot-Main Setting MenuNow you can analyse the sites visited by your child, apps downloaded and the trends of his online activities from the dashboard.

Blocked Internet Activity_ekavach

6. Remotely manage activities:

Screenshot-Website Access Management

The eKAVACH PRO app can now be accessed from anywhere and anytime. With this ‘remote access’ feature, now parents need not be around the child anymore to ensure online safety and security.

 7. Categorization:

Screenshot-Safe Browing Content Filtering

There are certain sites like adult videos, social communities which have age restricted view. But still kids under the age of 18 use them on a daily basis as fake credentials can be provided during sign up.

With the ‘categorization’ feature, parents can allow only certain categories and block the others. Notifications are received when the child tries to access the blocked categories.

8. Emergency child notification to parents:

The eKAVACH PRO has emergency child notifications that can be send to parents in case of emergencies. Such predefined SOS messages along with the Geo coordinates can be send with the simple click of a button.

9. Communication with parents:

Children can now stay in touch with their parents as messages can be send with this eKAVACH app anytime of the day just like conventional mobile messages.

How to download eKAVACH PRO?

Having read all these amazing features of eKAVACH PRO, you might be wondering how to download it.

eKAVACH PRO is free to download from Google play store. It is compatible with android devices on OS version 4.0 and above.

You can download parental application on your device and child application on child’s device to ensure complete safety and security.

 Stay alert, stay safe and ensure safety with eKAVACH PRO!!


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  1. A digital parenting app….seems to be a great choice for tech enthusiast parents. I have never used any app like this before but now after reading details of the app on your site, I am getting interested in the same. I will definitely try out EKavach Pro. Thanks a lot for the info.

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